15 Clever Ways to Spend Less Money This Month

15 Clever Ways to Spend Less Money This Month

Ways to Spend Less Money: Are you the one who wonder where your hard earned money go at the end of the month? If yes, well, it may be the time to re-evaluate your spending habit and adopt clever ways to spend less money and save up mores. Saving money is really important as it provides you a safety net of an emergency while making you financially sound. Apart from that, spending money in a smarter way can keep you away from stressing out over money management. So, try saving up more money and spend less in clever ways.

There are lots of tips you can adapt to spend less this month. These ideas range from reframing the way you manage your finance to practical food and gadgets buying tips. So, for everyone who is tired of ending every month with no ideas on where the money went, we have come up with 17 clever ways to spend less money this month and save up more.

15 Clever Ways to Spend Less Money This Month

  1. Develop a budget and keep daily and weekly spending record:

To save up the money and spend less, it is very important to develop a budget using your net income. A common mistake people make is developing a budget off gross income and plan for money which they don’t even possess. So, first of all, remember to make a budget off the net income and plan the spending accordingly.

Secondly, making a habit of keeping track of your spending records can really help you think about your spending behavior. In doing so, keep a daily spending record for one month. At the end of each day just write down how much you spend on that particular day and for what purpose. Accumulate the records and make a budget for every month in a similar way.

  1. Stop unnecessary shopping:

Next tip to spending less money would be to stop unnecessary shopping. This month, try buying the things that you actually need rather than going for impulsive or spur- of- the –moment buying. Stop the habit of strolling through the shops and picking up anything that strikes your mind. Rather, make a list of things that you actually need and start strolling the mall to get that thing at less price. All in all, shopping should be a planned act, rather than impulsive.


  1. Pay with cash only:

Researchers have shown that consumers buy at least 30 percent more products if they are in a store with a credit card or debit card. This is completely true as consumers get impulsive and non-cautious if they have credit cards in their pocket. So, one best tip to buy less is to leave the credit card at home or at work and buy only with cash. Never jump to impulsive buying taking credit from the bank or from friends as well in that matter.

  1. Turn out the lights:

Might seem very illogical to few, but shutting off lights in unused rooms can definitely save a few rupees here and there. Though the return might not be mind-blowing, as a civil citizen it’s your duty as well as responsibility to save up energy more as well. Make the habit of flicking the switch with each change in the location and save up money as well as energy. With the little efforts from thousands of people, the energy threshold can increase.

  1. Switch to energy efficient bulbs:

I am sure you have seemed lots of television advertisements of bulbs that claim they are more energy efficient. Well, there are few brands of lights that are really efficient. They might be expensive than their traditional counterparts, but they definitely pay off in long run. For example, LED bulbs and CFL bulbs require less energy to light. It might sound crazy, but replacing as many as 5 lights in your house can help you save up to Rs 300 every month. So, this month, try replacing your bulbs with energy efficient bulbs and see the difference.

  1. Watch morning shows for movies:

If you are planning for movies this month, try hitting up the morning shows on the weekends. In Nepal, most of the theaters give concession on tickets for morning shows and if you are attempting saving up more, then you must hit the shows during the morning. Similarly, try smuggling in healthier snacks rather than going for overpriced cartoon of popcorn and expensive combo meal packs. Crazy it may sound, but if you watch the movies in the morning, then you can save up to Rs. 250 with every movie and if you go to the movie twice in a month, you can save 500 a month easily.

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  1. Walk to work or use public transportation:

If you own your own motorcycle or car and use it to go to your work, then I am sure you spend around 1000 rupees just on gasoline. So, to save this money, you can use public transportation or if your workstation is near, you can lace up a pair of sneaks and walk to your work. Not only walking to your work or nearby supermarket provide health benefits, it is also cost effective.

  1. Cook your own meal:

Having the meal in expensive restaurants is definitely costly. So, if you are up for saving money, then you need to quit having expensive meals. Rather, cook your meal daily. If you cook the meal once a day rather than spending it in restaurants, you can save lots of money every day.

  1. Buy in bulk:

Yet another clever way to save up extra few bucks is to shop in bulk quantity. Buy items from beans to beets in bulk and stock up for a month and make sure you use up what you have in stock before buying another bulk quantity. This way you can save up few bucks while you need not hit the mall regularly as well. So, make sure you buy items in bulk quantity.

  1. Be brand flexible; try frugality:

Brand loyalty might sometimes cause you a lot of money. For example, if you always buy a Livi’s jeans, it obviously cost more. If you are up for saving money, you need to be flexible in choosing brand. Why not go for brands that are cheaper yet of high quality. This way, you can save few bucks monthly. You need to adopt frugality and be economical.

  1. Bring your lunch to work:

Bringing homemade lunch to work and avoiding expensive lunch can actually save you quite a lot of money. For example, if you buy lunch ever workday for 6 days at Rs. 100, that’s Rs. 2400 a month and a whopping 28000 a year. Enough money to take yourself to a vacation. If you start saving up that money and pack your own lunch box you can save almost 70 percent of that money. So, isn’t this enough to sway you to start packing your own home made lunch to work!!

  1. Put the certain percentage of your paycheck into saving:

Every month as soon you get your paycheck, figure out your expenditure for a month and set some money aside into savings. If you set your budget to be 50 percent of your salary, set at least 25 percent of your income into savings and do not use it unless extremely needed. If you do this every month, you can have quite a lot of money at the end of the year.

  1. Cancel magazines and newspaper subscriptions and use apps for reading news:

Today, you can easily read newspaper and magazines online with the single click in your smartphones, so why pay more for magazines and newspaper! The local newspaper costs about Rs. 500 monthly, and if you read the newspaper online, then 500 can be easily saved every month. If you do this every month, at the end of the year you will have 6000 saved which is enough for a small trip to some new place.

  1. Have a buy nothing week:

If you are attempting to save money this month, have a Buy Nothing Week when you need to be loyal to yourself and do not make any unnecessary buying. If you see any pretty dress, just hold on to your pledge and walk away. You would get disappointed initially, but at the end of the month, you will be amazed at your saving. So, go for Buy Nothing Week once a month for saving extra bucks every month.

  1. Compare costs of major items before actually buying- do your due diligence, shop around before making the major purchase:

Lastly, to spend economically and save as much as possible, you need to do your due diligence and shop around, compare costs and make that purchase decision. Sometimes the same product’s price might differ from one shop to next shop, so stroll around few shops before actually buying the products.

The end result of adopting these simple yet clever ways is you end up saving extra few bucks at the end of the month. Use these easy and clever tips and make yourself richer at the end of the month.

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