Wanna Say ‘I am Sorry’ – 6 Ways on How to Apologize to Your Boyfriend


Wanna Say ‘I am Sorry’ – 6 Ways on How to Apologize (Saying Sorry) to Your Boyfriend

All the arguments offer us the opportunity to find the light, even when it comes to fighting with our boyfriend. When we decide that it is the time to take the high leap and make an effort to take responsibility, we can see the relationship grow and bloom again. It is quite a harsh truth but many of us would agree with me. And it is the fact that all relationships have their seasons which will eventually change, so they can never stay the same way. As we grow and develop with the changes we go through the problem in our relationship as well.

When we learn to get through these problems, we can use these moments of misunderstanding to learn how to build positivity in our relationship. Emotions are the driving key behind relationships and if you want to have a steady one, you need to learn how to make the good use of the key and build a good relationship. You can have a lot of arguments with your boyfriend and he should not always be the one who is wrong. You can be wrong too but no matter who is wrong and right, you need to let go of the ego and prides so that this relation of yours can flourish.

So, here are 6 ways on how to apologize to your boyfriend and turn your fights into a lovely thing.

Want to Say ‘I am Sorry’ – 6 Ways on How to Apologize to Your Boyfriend

1. Find the silver lining

For almost all the time, arguments happen because of miscommunications or the communication gap.  To be honest, it is hard to understand a person’s intentions all the time, and on the other side, they are also trying to figure out your intentions too. That makes it more complicated too. The fact is sometimes you get low on words and you don’t have anything to say or cannot speak what we actually want to say. You get angry, frustrated and when these emotions mix up, a hurricane forms which leads us to do a lot of misunderstanding and drama.

camping boyfriend girlfriend
with lover

So to solve the problem, what you can do is figure out the problem initially and talk about what you actually wanted to say. Whatever might be the reason, you need to point it out so that the other person will understand it. Once you find out why the misunderstanding took place in the first place, you won’t repeat it again and again. If both of you keep on blaming each other for the problems, then it will keep on repeating and you won’t be able to figure out a good direction.

2. Reward of settlement

A symbol of your empathy for his feelings can be most beneficial. It does not have to be expensive or luxurious. You can always make him a sorry card or get him a simple t-shirt or anything. You can buy him a cake which is sweet enough to melt down his anger or a book. What you should remember is this gift should bring positivity in the environment. Do not buy things just for the sake of buying it.

gift to girlfriend by boyfriend picture


This gift should be the medium so that you guys can connect with each other. You can always think about what he wanted for a very long time, it could make his day. He would be happy to know that you remembered what he had said. You can also think about what he actually likes to do and what would fit him. For a guy who loves cricket won’t be happy to see football because he never liked it. So you also need to understand him to gift him something.

3. A romantic dinner

They say, the man heart is through his stomach and I do not know if that is true or people have been using it for no reason. But let’s conform to that at the moment.

cooking special food together boyfriend girlfriend
cooking special food together boyfriend girlfriend

You can always cook his favorite meal or even plan a candle light dinner at his favorite restaurant. Even if you are not the best cook of the world, you can always make an effort to show him that you have tried. If you just act like nothing has ever happened and just go on with life as if you do not care then you will never be able to resolve the problem which will eventually the cause of your break up. That is why you need to act fast and properly. You can try to cook and if you are really horrible at it, you can take help from your friends. It is always better to set up a romantic ambiance so that the moments will be remembered. When you are having good food and the environment is nice, you can apologize for what has happened and solve the problem.


4. Admit that you are wrong!

Just because you guys are not bringing up the problem and doing formal talks does not mean that the problem is solved or you can cover it up and get away with it. The fights that you have are like a wound if left untreated will cause problems later in life. So you need to verbalize or talk about what you feel or what you did. This gives you both to talk about the problems openly. If you think that such confrontations are not really important, then you are getting it totally wrong.

boyfriend and girlfriend kissing image
boyfriend and girlfriend kissing image

Talking and communicating will help you grow and understand each other. Being hormonal or having mood swings and throwing tantrums are normal when girls are on that part of the month, but that does not mean you do it every time. You should learn from your mistakes and think about what your partner might have felt. And yes, if you are not at your time of the month and keep on being hormonal for no particular reason, that will cause a lot of problem in the future for you too. Nobody will take you seriously when you are actually worried. Your problems will be labeled hormonal and that is when you relation starts to crack and fall apart.

5. Do something that makes you both laugh

Now, this is the time that you need to think and take action. What is that thing that makes you both laugh? What did you do when you guys could not hold up the tear from your laughter? You can always think about a comedy movie or talk about your aunt who was annoying, do the funny dance, send him a funny picture, anything. Laughing will release the tension and lighten up the mood.

Love Letter to Lover in Nepali Boyfriend, girlfriend lover
Love Letter to Lover in Nepali

When you are laughing and having a great time, you can think without getting angry. As we grow, we tend to be more serious about life, but sometimes you have to loosen up and enjoy. There are even laugh yoga classes where you need to laugh. This is good for health and your relation as well.

6. Take accountability for something you did in the past and apologize

It can be nice to ask for forgiveness for things that happened way far back too. Maybe it still comes up once in a while or maybe you just never did apologize for it. It is good to tell him that you have understood and have now changed for good and working on yourself. It is nice to get in the habit of saying sorry or asking for forgiveness or expressing regret. People around you can also learn and you can be a good example for them as well. We are not perfect and will never be. Life gets hard as we grow and that will start confusing us more. But we learn to take responsibility for our actions and we work on them till we figure it out.

boyfriend and girlfriend on conflicts
boyfriend and girlfriend

We should also remember that we will have many ups and down in our relationship and will face a lot of confusion, so we need to think about our gestures and thoughts and become conscious when it starts to become negative. This negativity will be shown in your actions and the words you speak which will affect your partner as well. So you need to take time for yourselves to calm you down. Sometimes you can avoid and prevent misunderstandings by making a time for yourself only. This will help you to understand others as well. Real women take responsibility for their words and the actions they do.

Also please understand that I’m not saying that everything is your mistake. If you do feel like your fights are due to an unhealthy relation, mental or physical abuse, please do seek help as soon as possible.

Do not ever blame yourself for an abusive and failed relationship. Abusive relationships can trick us to make us think we are doing something wrong because such behaviors can break down self-esteem and confidence. Words are very strong and need to be said carefully.

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