How to Communicate : 7 Ways to Make Conversation with Anyone


How to Make a Conversation : 7 Ways to Make Conversation with Anyone

The first question, when you think about your partners how much of us know how the conversation went? What was the first word that has ever spoken? The conversation we have links. And we are the metals who forms these links. When we began to form conversation and keep on talking , we make the metal links stronger and stronger until we built a world wide web of conversations. A conversation gives you a whole new perspective and opens up a gate for knowing another person. A conversation has two sides : it can either make war or make peace. A fine conversation defines who we are as a human race. Think about the people you know now and to a point they were a complete stranger until you had that one conversation to know everything about them.We can imagine how lucky a radio presenter can be. They talk to millions of people without even knowing them , without facing them. They get 30 second to make an impression and every single time they make sure that these 30 seconds counts .And that’s how they leave a smile on their visitors. Here are the seven different ways to make a conversation.

1) First word – floodgate:

Strangers they  are everywhere, every nooks and corner of where ever you go. My mother has always taught me , well maybe every mother have taught their children to never to talk to the strangers. But I beg to differ. Every stranger comes with an opportunity , knowledge, and experiences. When you start a simple conversation , you can come in contact with the qualities the stranger possess. One word is the key to open a floodgate. A simple hey , hello can open the ways to know people and interact with them. What worst can happen? They won’t talk to you , well they are not talking to right now. So be a sport and open up the first word to start a floodgate.

Ways to Make Conversation with Anyone

2) Skip the small talks.

Talking to a stranger can have its own time limits. It can get complicated when you start a conversation with hey , how are you? , I am fine , what are up to? , same old days , what is up with you? Here you are going waste the most crucial part of conversation and waste the vital time. So you have to gather all the enthusiasm , positivity, and energy and ask a really personal question. The answer might be really interesting. You don’t know how much people are willing to share their experiences. You just have to ask!! But do not ask a negative question that can ruin your image . Ask something like “ interesting name, who kept it for you?” , “ how long has it been since you are here in the city?” and so on. And you have to trust me on this , you will get answers that are starting for your metal links.


3) Find me too words:

When you are talking with a person you always have to remember to keep a positivity with them. When you are talking , don’t keep the negativity with what they say. For example “ where are you from?” “ I am from Kathmandu” “ I hate Kathmandu”. This will ruin your links . When you are talking to the people , avoid the points you have the disagreement on and start a conversation where you two can match up. You can build up a good relation when two people match on what they say. And suddenly the conversation becomes the lot easier because you both are on the same side of the path.

4) Pay a unique compliment:

I read somewhere , people will forget what you said , what you do but they will never forget how you made them feel.There are also people who are immune to such compliments just like me . I am a pro to compliments immunity. Not that I don’t like being complimented , I believe that you should make them feel that they matter in our lives . When you make them feel so, they are automatically smiling without being complimented.

5) Ask for Opinions:

We all have opinions on every single thing and we want them to be heard.And opinions are meant to be asked generic topics. In a room full of people ,  if someone comes to me and ask “ what is your opinion on the rising oil crisis and its effect on the political instability of our country?” and I am like what is this. I have this feeling of failing if I give an answer to that question. And should not happen. Every time you find the asked opinion as a test , you won’t freely be able to answer it. You will always take a step back and wish to be unnoticed.  The opinions should be more generic like how do you like the movie? , how do you like your coffee? This will be helpful to open up a simple conversation.


6) Be present:

“Where is the Wi-Fi? “ , “ I can multitask, keep talking”, “ the internet connection is slow.” When you do this , you will bring a distance connection or no connection at all. Be wholeheartedly into the conversation and don’t forget to make an eye contact. When you are making an eye contact , you two will build up a connection which can foster speeches. Remember what they say because when you don’t listen to what they say , they feel disgraced. When you don’t remember their best friends name , their birthdays , their recent incident, what is the use of talking ? I feel disheartened when I am talking to people and tell them about what had happened with my dog and they be like, “ you have a dog?” I stop the conversation immediately because I feel they don’t listen to what I am saying.

7) Make effort :

After following the six mentioned points above , you have to continuously keep making an effort. It is not that you make a conversation with a person at one point and next time , you don’t care about what they are doing. To maintain a good relation with the person , keep talking about what you did today and what is your plans. Don’t be like “ I am going to watch series now , talk to you later” , “ I am going to play the video game , good night” . Don’t. If you want to keep a relation , keep making an effort regularly.

So here are the 7 ways to keep a conversation and these will help you to build up relations with people. The world is full of strangers but not until you start the first word with positive energy!!

Writer: Susaan Basel



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