30 Ways on How to Celebrate Nepali New Year 2078 Eve at Home

30 Ways on How to Celebrate New Year 2078 Eve at Home

The English new year 2078 is near. Some of you have already made your New Year eve plan while some still have to make. Generally, it depends on person to person how they want to make their New Year eve an interesting one.

If you are planning to celebrate your New Year eve at home, then here are the best ideas for you to make your upcoming New Year eve, one of the best one of your life.

New Year is near to us. I still cannot believe that 10th month of the year has already passed and I still cannot figure out how I spent all these months doing nothing fruitful. Kidding!

This year has been a roller coaster ride and it brings me down the memory lane of new people I met and relationships I have build up. Personally, I am not an outdoor person and I prefer staying at home and doing things rather than going out on the sun and draining all the energies I have left in me.

I think most of the person is similar to the way I believe about staying at home and enjoying to the fullest.

Let’s face it, we all had plans and we all thought of going somewhere really peaceful, getting our picture clicked and enjoying. But, we could not figure out where to go and how to get to the places which meets our expectation and is not far and is not expensive and give us that 5 star effect.

Well, hold on!! You know that criteria do not match to the places nearby and you do not want to go to far places. The simple solution is staying at home, bring your friends and enjoy. I think that’s the simplest way to celebrate and since New Year is right around the corner, why don’t you try out these stuffs:


30 Ways on How to Celebrate New Year 2078 Eve at Home

  1. Friends get together

frineds get togther

frineds get togther

One of the best things to do on the New Year eve is to organize the get-together party with friends. You might be the busy whole year with your career and works to achieve your personal goals. So, the best time to organize a get-together party among friends is New Year Eve and this time let you choose at the home.

Home can be the best place if you are tired of restaurants and cafes shop. Generally, you will have more bonding at home. Organizing a party, arranging all the stuff together, and helping each other in cooking can make your friendship stronger which can’t be if you will be in any of the town restaurants. So, this can be the best ideas for your upcoming New Year eve.

2. Small family party

If you want to celebrate your New Year Eve with your family members, then you don’t need to go somewhere else. Your home can be your best location. You can celebrate at your home with a small party among your family members.

This will help to increase the family bonding and gives the sense of togetherness among family members. This can be the best time to forgive and forget the past and start a new year with happiness and love.

3. Organizing a party

family get toghter

family get toghter

If you are really fond of organizing a party and love to gather more and more people, then this upcoming New Year eve can be the best time for you to make your fond true.

Obviously, a party can be the event in this New Year eve to make it fun. You can organize the dance party with a local DJ at your home with some of your friends. This can be the best way to make your New Year eve great.

4. Watching movies

If you love watching movies, then you can make a list of movies you want to watch. Then, get ready with popcorn. You can prepare popcorn at your home. With a popcorn, you can watch your favorite movies with your loved one.

5. A candle light dinner

This can be the best idea for the couple who usually want to spend their quality time with their partner. So, if you don’t have enough time to go outing, you can have a candlelight dinner with your partner and spend the quality time for the last time of this year.

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How to Celebrate New Year Eve at Home – Top 10 Ways

6. Analyzing the past

analyzing the past year

analyzing the past year

As New year is coming and you might be hoping for the best moments in your life in the upcoming year, but unless you analyze your past mistake, you can’t expect a good tomorrow.

So, this New Year eve can be the best time for you to analyze your works for this year. What are the things you accomplished and what you did wrong? Make a list of this and then, you can recover your mistake and the next year, you will be aware before doing the same mistakes. This lead to your personality development.

7. A concert

New Year eve is the best time to show the skills like singing, playing guitar and drum set among the family members and friends. You can organize a small concert at your home with your friends and family to show your ability to sing. If you have a band, then this is the best idea to perform a concert with your band in this upcoming New Year eve.

8. Collecting albums

collecting albums

collecting albums

One of the interesting things you can do in this New Year eve is to collect the photos of your moments of this year. It will help you to recall all your beautiful moments and make you feel happy.

Looking at the photos of your own can be the best time to see yourself and get that happy moment back. You can make an album for this year so that in future you can show to your children and describe it. I am sure everybody children love to hear their father story.

9. Making a new year resolution

Happy New year resolutions

Happy New year Resolutions

If you are not fond of parties and get together, then you can just make a New Year resolution. This will help you to make a plan for achieving your goals this year.

Setting a new goal can boost your self-estimate and you will act accordingly. You can also gather with your families and friends and make a list of all of New Year resolutions of all so that at the end of the year you can analyze your commitments.


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10. Making a favorite dish

Favourite dish

Favourite dish

If you love cooking and usually want to try new food items, then this New Year eve, you can cook your favorite dish, invite your friends and families and enjoy with them. You can show your cooking skills and you can celebrate New Year eve with your families and friends, a perfect plan for the food lovers.

Ways to celebrate New Year at home

  1. Make a Dinner at home:

Holidays are the ideal time for the restaurants to increase their meal prices, as many families tend to dine out in the restaurants. Restaurants are usually over booked in this period and one has to stand in a line to get seated. Hence, instead of going out for dinner, this year you can celebrate your holidays by dinning at home.

All one needs to do is to pick out a meal that everyone enjoys but you don’t have a luxury to enjoy it often, like mutton kabaab, Chicken Roast, Bangur sadeko, chicken chooila, chicken sekuwa etc. This family meal can turn into a New Year eve tradition.  And wait, that’s not all. You can enjoy and have a family time after a long period too.

We all are busy and tend to be focused in our works and we do not have time for family dinner and stuffs. But you can celebrate any day of the New Year and can make time for family dinner. Of course, there is going to be a holiday time and that is the perfect time to call out your friends and families to dinner and talk about things that you have had in mind for a long time.

  1. Holiday drinks and mock tail:

Holidays and drinks, that combo has been taking over for years and years now. And we do not have a problem with it. Of course, we should not because it’s new years where you can try out stuffs you did not do but in a limitation. Do not go overboard!

There are people with different drink choices and it might now match with one another. My age is valid for a drinking license but I still tend to pick out juices or soft drinks rather than any alcoholic drinks. And yes there are kids who often prefer cold drinks.

They are habituated with drinking cola water. This year you can celebrate by preparing fruity soda pop, sparkling grape juice, strawberry-kiwi sprinters, cranberry sparklers, and peppermint drinks, rather than treating them with regular soda water, whereas adults can enjoy regular drinks with or without alcohol.

For those adults who prefer non alcoholic beverages can enjoy drinks such as blue shoe, cherry cocktail, Gabbie’s Punch, Coconut Lavender Lemonade, Limeade Punch, Strawberry Mango Mock tail Recipe, and Watermelon Cooler.

Whereas for those adult who prefer alcoholic beverage can enjoy regular bear, wine, hard drinks etc. To make New Year more interesting adults can also prepare various cocktails such as Martini, sangria, Highball, old fashioned, mint julep, screwdriver etc.

  1. Family and friends Game Night:

Game is another form of celebration for family and friends. I remember playing with my siblings and also remember not winning because I had no idea of what I was actually playing or doing. But it was always a good time and I was having all the fun I need to treasure it in my memory.

In order to enjoy the New Year holiday, families can get together and have a family game night. One can invite all their relatives, friends and neighbors to celebrate New Year eve as a game night.

Different indoor as well as outdoor games can be enjoyed. Such indoor games include board games, card games and electronic games. The moral of the game is to welcome a New Year in a cheerful manner.

In order to make games much more meaningful and interesting there must be a provision of gifts to the winners. Adults can also enjoy adult games such as beer pong, tug of war etc.

Outdoor games include badminton, jenga, and tag; capture the flag, lawn twister, water balloon dodge ball, musical chair etc. and yes, the games you play must not always be perfect. The games you choose can be simple but when it is played with your loved ones, you have the best time ever and it will be carried in your heart for a long time.

You might still remember games you played with your friends when you were in school and how that memory gives you sense of pleasure and smile, every time you think about it. This new year bring out the same joy you had when you were a child and have fun playing games with your family and friends.

  1. Turn it into a Movie night:

I am a big movie person and every time I have free time, I go out for movies. It really gives me relaxation and enjoyment. But that’s not possible all the time, sometimes I have all the free time I need and no money and I cannot go out for movies.

We all are students and even if you are not, there will be a point where you would not want to waste money on watching movies which is not great at all. But what you can do this new year is save and yes watch movies at home.

Holidays are one of the favorable times to watch ones favorite movies along with your family and friends. Pop in a picture or a series that you already possess at home or rent a movie from Netflix that you all have wanted to watch.

And if you cannot access any of these, download it or buy a cd which is still available at local computer shops. Watching a picture can be just one aspect of your New Year’s Eve plans, or you can roll it into a movie marathon. During this time you can have and sip different refreshments that you have set for the night.

Or else make a big bowl of popcorn and finish it all by yourself, while watching your favorite picture or series. Thinking about it makes me happy, to be honest. I cannot wait for the holidays to start and watch all the movies I have waited to watch.

You can also use this time to look at old home videos and recall on good times. Depending on how many home videos you have, you can make it a feast time activity, or have them in performance throughout the night.

  1. Organize a fancy dress party for kids:

If you love your kids, then you will be doing everything for their happiness. Well yes, you won’t be able to enjoy a peaceful movie with your partner or friends but you can surely participate in activities for the kids. Kids are always fascinated by their cartoon stars or book characters.

Organizing a small fancy dress up party can be one of the ways to celebrate a New Year eve. Kids are asked to dress up as per their favorite cartoon stars and a ramp walk along music is organized to set moods.  You can also make it fascinating by setting colorful lights.

Different musical and dance programs can be organized to add glitters to the party. Photos and videos can be taken to make the party memorable.  You can call out their friends and their parents so all of you can enjoy at the party.

Everybody will have a great time at the party and later on can enjoy the dinner as well. To add upon, you can also watch movies of the kid’s choice so that they will be happy about the day.

  1. Countdown bags:

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1…Happy New  year . This is the favorite part of the new year . Well that’s for me actually. I have not quite stayed late till night for the count down but I did few times over couple of years.

We had a party in the neighborhood and we were all waiting for the countdown. At first I was not excited about it but later it turn out to be pretty well.

The joy of a new beginning makes us all excited and we grow more and more impatient. In order to make those behaviors much more exciting the concept of countdown bags can be used.


The concept of countdown bags is very simple, Fill small bags with different chocolates, clues and gifts to open up at every hour leading up to midnight. Make as many bags as you want depending on how early you want to start opening the bags. Some ideas for bag fillers include:

  • Chocolates
  • Gifts
  • Task: watch a movie, clean your room, eat ice cream, play a game, laugh, make a sound of an animal etc.
  • Candy
  • Try Again
  • Penalty or punishment
  1. Reflect on the precedent year and craft resolutions together:

Just about midnight or throughout the night in general, you and your folks can get together and recall over where the precedent year has taken each of you individually, and as whole family. You can talk about the high and lows that each individual faced, and enjoy ones achievement or share sorrow and pain.

After that, craft and share resolutions for the New Year and what you expect to achieve. You can even attempt to craft a resolution as a family and be each other’s responsible buddies to achieve them in future.

Sharing about ideas and opinions will get to help you know your friends and families and trace out the changes they have had over the years. You can also learn from your friends and families and tell them about your experiences and things you always wanted to say.

This will help you to broaden your aspect about different fields, learn about something new and teach people. This session will give you a new way to way to bond and have close relation with your loved ones.

  1. Construct your own New Year’s Eve decorations:

Decorating and being excited about new years is a fun way. Decorating your rooms will be fun and loving and a way to bond with your closed ones. You can also redesign how your room looks by changing and adding little stuff to your room.

You can also add wall stickers to your room to give it a new effect on the walls. You can also paint it and bring out your friends to help you paint the wall because that is going to be fun.

You can also construct your own party hats with some construction paper, thread and decorating supplies. You can also craft your own New Year’s Eve noisemakers by putting rice, confetti, and glitter inside empty water bottles. Simply weave on the cap and vibrate to loudly bring in the New Year. Think about creating a balloon drop for when the clock strikes midnight:

Simply puff up balloons, and create web around an overhead fan with some tape and wrapping paper.

Lay all the balloons inside the web, and let loose the balloons whenever you plan to ring in the New Year.

Family members can also collectively construct decoration in order to make it much more fun or organize a small competition among them.

And I hope you will have a great time doing it.

  1. Try New Recipe:

Food is the best thing you can think about when it comes to occasions. You can search the internet and try out different foods. The foods can come from different cultures as well. We humans always have a propensity to perform our daily chores in chronic order.

Most of us don’t prefer to deviate from our daily schedule. For e.g. us Nepali natives always have rice for our dinner.

So, this New Year eve, get yourself a chance to reach out for something new, by deviating from normal cousin to a new variant one. Try cooking something that you are unlikely to make it on your own; something that you prefer but never had guts to cook it on your own. To make things more interesting you can also invite likeminded friends to accompany you on your new plan.

It is always fun to have friends when you are likely to make a mockery out yourself. You can also check out our page where we have given over 20 different recipes you can try without having any troubles because these items are easily available in your house.

And do not forget to write about how the recipe was after you have tried it. You can comment in the comment section or write to us.

  1. Memory Board:

If you are planning to stay home alone approaching Year eve, than you can engage yourself in much more productive activities such as crafting memory board than living being unoccupied or unproductive. All you got to outdo the idle time is to make a list of stuff you accomplished this past year and hang it in your room.

The idea is to make a memory board of your favorite past year’s moments and relive them for yet another time. You can also prepare memory board consisting of do’s and don’ts to encourage yourself to achieve them in forthcoming year. Or prevent such behavior from recurring in approaching year. You can also do a DIY stuff so that it would look good in your room.

The memory board shall always act as an archived trophy to encourage individual to achieve his future goals.

  1. Organize a Treasure Hunt:

What on this earth shall be more amusing than an opportunity to engage oneself on an   adventurous treasures hunt? All you got to do to make this eve pleasing is to organize a treasure hunt around the house by putting clues beneath the couch, chair or tables.

Whoever finds the treasure first gets to dare anyone to do something or receives a gift hamper. You can also invite your acquaintances and associates to join you in your treasure hunt.

In order to make the hunt much more fascinating, clues must be prepared by providing great thoughts, make certain that clues are multifaceted, lingering and remarkable to decode.

  1. Read a Book:

It is factual that the majority of us take pleasure in the companionship of others during holidays. But it is equally important to acknowledge that we are not all meant to be an extrovert. Some of us are introvert in nature.

Who prefer their own space, and like to be alone in special days such as New Year eve. If you are an introvert and don’t favor social gathering and engineering than reading a new book this new year eve is one of the better ideas to spend your holidays.

Reading a book in a new year is quite handy and it is quite difficult over the hustle and bustle of all the festive season. However it is sometime nice to sit down and read a book in the evening for a little while.

You can also chill in a wine, or refreshing beverages while doing so.   Reading can give you ideas about stuffs you did not know or you had no idea about its existence. It can broaden your memory and help you in the future as well.

  1. Listen to music:

This is something that I personally prefer to do. I create a play list of popular songs released a year ago and play them in the evening to recall old memories.

Using an ear phone provides much more imminence to old memories. One can sit in a lawn or a balcony to enjoy the breeze and the chill of the wind. You can also enjoy the warmth of a hot coffee. Music, cold breezes, hot beverage and golden old memories all lead to pleasing evening.

If you are a musician then you can also play your musical instrument on similar setting, to enjoy the New Year eve. You can have a great time enjoying with your friends and families and singing your favorite songs and dancing to it.

  1. Reach out to an old friend or family:

Life is dynamic in nature; it never remains constant and changes with every fleeting moment. It is very important to live in the present and live for a future. However every now and then we become so busy with our lives that we often overlook about our past.

We fail to remember people, moments, places and happiness that was once so dear. So, this year instead of making new friends, a new memory a new happiness, why not spend on recalling old friends, their shared memories and reaching out to them.

This New Year reaches out to old friends, relatives or places that was once so dear to you. Those made your youth so fruitful and enlighten it with happiness. Spend this eve to unite with your past, to make a promise not to forget, to reconnect, rejoice and relive old days. To cherish, respect and enjoy the old memories.

  1. Have a Romantic Dinner:

Most of the couples have plans to spend their New Year eve away in a fancy restaurant. Instead of dinning at a fancy, expensive restaurant filled with complete strangers, you can take your candle light dinner to your home.

Set two plates on the table near by a window or in a balcony where you can enjoy the pleasing light of the shinning moon and the stars, feel fresh air and deem all other lights to enrich the light of a candle.

Instead of buying your loved one the meal she loves, cook it yourself to show your undivided love for your spouse. You can start by serving wine or any appetizer and then proceed for the main course.

Since, you will be alone and undistracted by the surroundings, you will have sufficient time to gaze into each other eyes to share your love for one another. You can conclude your date by having sweet deserts such as ice cream or cake.

  1. Account and Auditing:

Most of us don’t keep track of our bills. We pay them when they are due but do not keep tracks of our outflow. This New Year eve, you can establish a new trend of accounting and auditing last year dues.

Many people fall behind with their finances, either in paying bills or entering transactions in their financial software, or formulating income statement, or clearing their checkbook, or reviewing their budget.

So this year eve, you launch a new trend. You shall aim to collect all your bills and audit them to find out your annual expenses. You can even go through your earnings and calculate your annual saving.

Auditing provides you with a clear picture of your major expenses shows the area of expenses that could be minimized to increase savings and also helps you to identify profitable investments that have the potentiality to generate higher cash inflow.

  1. Throw a New Year eve Party:

When we think about New Year, the first thing that strikes our mind is having a ravishing party. All of us have once in our life been invited to a New Year party. So to those folks who are tired of attending others party can throw their own this year to remember.

Parties that we attend often lack such moment that we all crave that could have made the year to remember. Thus, to rectify such missed opportunity one can through his own party, and include all those activities that will make the party and year worth remembering.

When you through your own party, you can Dance the night away with your music player on full volume. You can also make a short video of good memories you would have with your friends and watch it later together, which can serve as a sweet trip down the memory lane.

  1. Clean out the House clutter:

Different business houses and retail store tend to provide heavy discount during New Year holidays. Businesses come up with dazzling ideas to increase their market share during holidays through various schemes.

Desire to increase their respective sales, creates a competitive environment among competing firms, which creates an idle environment for consumer to peg one competitor with another to achieve heavy discount.

Thus, this New Year eve, you can clean out the house clutter to create more space to bring in new products. It’s the perfect time in a year to get rid of unused, old and damaged products, and buy the new one.

While cleaning out the clutter one must be aware what to clear out, what to keep toss or donate. Similarly, it is equally important to plan your budget to control impulsive buying. On the contrary, it is important to be self aware, while buying products as it may be damaged or outdated, or have been schemed to clear stock.

Cleaning has always been a good thing to do because it clears our negative vibes and brings out the best in one self. There are so many people who tend to keep cleaning as one of their resolution.

And I think that it actually fruitful. When my room is all messed up I cannot think of any good ideas and cannot do anything. I tend to become more sensitive to allergies and skin problems. So I opt for cleaning once in a while so that I can breathe all the healthy nd good energies.

Different clutters that you could get rid off are as follows:

  1. Bathroom Clutter:

Include old towels, old makeup, worn out bath mats, old air freshener, shampoo etc)

  1. Living room Clutter:

Include dried flowers, newspaper, magazines, letters, mail, DVDs, expired medication, broken electronics, furniture, worn out batteries etc.

  1. Bedroom and wardrobe Clutter:

Include worn out sheets and bedding, old pillows, socks, stockings, worn out T-shirts, Outgrown clothes, unfit clothes, underwear etc.

  1. Kitchen Clutter:

Include cooking utensils, empty bottles, old spices, expired food, dull knives, table cloth etc.

  1. Personal Cluster:

Include lost earrings, hair oils, perfumes, sunglasses, broken gadgets, cell phones broken accessories, old receipts, tickets, old pencils, pens, bills etc.

  1.  Brainstorming:

What happened in past is likely to remain in past and what we live for is for our future. It is very important for a person to acknowledge, where he currently stands in his life and what he intends to become.

New Year is a perfect time for a thinker to determine various likely possibilities of his future. New Year brings a new hope to the people. The idea of new beginning always motivate people to set high standards and possibility for oneself

So, this year instead of going out and partying like there is no tomorrow, especially High school students can stay home, invite close friends and have a brainstorming session.

Friends can help each other by identify key attributes of one another. Can share their own views, ideas for the future, provide each other suggestions, provide honest strength and weaknesses of his friends, and also can offer help to rectify them.

Hence, this new year instead of partying, give yourself time to think, to create chance, to improve by working on your flaws. This new year, take a resolution to be a better person, better citizen and more often than not the best version of you. You can get a clear picture of who you are and how you can help other to become better as well.

  1. Make Sweet Deserts:

Consider making rice pudding, gajrela, an ice cream or other any desserts that you can make together as a family and eat throughout New Year’s Eve night.

You can get even more in the New Year’s spirit by making New Year’s specific desserts. For example, during Nepal sambat (Nepali New Year)  celebrated primarily by Newari tribe in Nepal, prepare cousins such as boiled eggs, smoked fish and rice wine.

Think about making cookies, toffee, or other desserts that you can make jointly as a family and eat all through New Year’s Eve night. You can get even more in the New Year’s spirit by making New Year’s particular desserts.

Through the internet, we can experience every culture’s food and there are lots of cultures who have different types of foods. They have New Year’s Eve desserts like Vasilopita which is a Greek New Year’s Eve cake baked with a coin hidden in the dough.

Whoever gets the part of cake with the coin will have good luck for the upcoming year. Make sure you are adult enough to try these because you certainly do not want a coin choking you up in New Year.

Marshmallow countdown skewers are another fun dessert thought. Each marshmallow has two or three numbers drawn on with edible ink, and you can eat the marshmallows as you count down to midnight.

And if you do not have any marshmallows, you can go healthy and eat fruits with numbers written on it. A cool thought for New Year’s Eve kid welcoming drinks are milk and cookie toasts.

The kids can join in on the New Year’s toasts by drinking their milk glasses together and also eating their cookies as they toast to the New Year. You can also try juices because I personally cannot digest milk at night. Anyways, the kids will have a good time and fun as well doing that.

New Year eve can also be taken as a golden opportunity to work together in a family kitchen. All family members can participate in preparing snacks or even can have a cookery competition among them.

I hope you will have a great time enjoying the occasion as well. If you liked our suggestions then please do write to us in the comment section. Do not forget to like and comment and share the article. We wish that you have all the happiness you want this year.


So, these are the top ten tips for everyone who is planning to celebrate the upcoming New Year eve at your home. Choose the best one from above and make your New Year eve a remarkable and the most wonderful one.

We hope the above ideas will work for you. If you have any other similar ideas, you can share your thoughts by commenting below. We will love to hear from you all. Hope you all the best for New Year eve and wish you all Happy New year.

May this year be the best year of your life?

Writer: Niraj Thapa Magar

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