10 Ways to Say Happy Birthday to Your Best Friends on Facebook With Wishes & Messages Collection

12) I regret this day only comes once a year but hey look on the bright side at least this day comes once a year. Happy birthday to you my dear friend.

Happy Birthday Wishes For a Friend

13) God has created you this day so that we will all rejoice and be glad. Happy birthday.

14) May God smoothens the path ahead of you and brings you joy, strength and peace to your heart. Happy birthday to you.

15) Hey sleepyhead, rise and shine, put a smile on your face and welcome this morning sunshine with all the love in your heart because it’s your birthday.

Happy Birthday Messages For a Friend

16) May God always walk besides you, awakens the faith in your heart and supplies all your needs and opens the door of opportunities for you. God bless you my friend. Happy birthday.

17) Even if your time is bad, I’ll be with you at all times, our friendship will always remain unchanged forever. A very happy birthday to you.

18) I have a treasure that’s more than every world’s wealth that’s you my friend. I give you a happy birthday with a fold hearted heart.


Happy Birthday Messages For a Friend

19) May you get the life full of love, full of moments of love, may you never have to face any sorrows, may joyful tomorrow come on your way always. A joyous birthday to you my dear friend.

20) I bow down to God, pray you achieve your goals, if any dark shadows ever comes your way, may God lights me to show you the way. Happy birthday to you.

21) Today is not only for you but also special for me because today my most dear friend came in this world. If this day hadn’t come, half of my happiness wouldn’t have existed. I’m very grateful to you my friend. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Messages For a Friend

22) Just like moon shines among millions of stats, you keep laughing, keep blooming ang keep shining among thousands and millions my friend. Happy birthday.

23) Once we meet we will never be separated, together this will be the promise of life, wish you long and lasting life. Happy birthday to you.

24) There comes a time once in a life when true friend is needed, when that time came in my life I found you near me now I never want to loose you, always be with me forever, happy birthday my friend.

Happy Birthday Quotes For a Friend

25) burn the candles, cut the cake, drink so much that your feet doesn’t stay on the floor, today is your day , enjoy yourself, happy birthday.

26) Congratulations to stay alive for another year. Happy birthday.


27) you are beautiful, intelligent, mature and sensible just like me. Lots of hugs and lots of love, happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Quotes For a Friend

28) May all your obstacles get cleared, happiness comes everyway, may your each day becomes beautiful, may everyday be your birthday. Happy birthday.

29) Friendship is like a sponge which sucks everything in itself and doesn’t allow anything out of it. My friend is the biggest sponge of my life . Happy birthday.

30) On the day u came in this world the heaven cried too, after all how could he not shed his tears , he lost his most beloved star. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Quotes For a Friend

31) Happy birthday to the most magnificent and beautiful person of my life, your one smile just makes my day. Happy birthday.

32) A lot of love to you wholeheartedly, you always get along with everyone, every moment you may have your own people, this is my wish for your birthday.

33) May you touch the peak of success in this new year of your life. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday SMS For a Friend

34) The most important thing of your birthday is that we could eat delicious food with delicious cakes, so may everyday be the day of your birthday. Happy birthday to you.

35) There’s no spirit like us, your the holy Spirit that I need constantly in my life. Congratulations to youon this best day. Happy birthday.

36) Your birthday weather reports that there won’t be any clouds in the sky, but there will be refreshing air and fragrance of your birthday cake. Happy birthday.


Happy Birthday SMS For a Friend

37) Let’s make a deal on this special day, you give me a treat of your birthday cake, I’ll give you a lot of blessings. Happy birthday.

38) May all your obstacles get cleared, your life keeps smiling, I hope your special day is full of fun and happiness. Happy birthday.

39) May God help you forget about all bad things, your troubles and tragedies that others have brought in your life. Enjoy this special day and look forward to a year full of smiles. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday SMS For a Friend

40) I wish you a peaceful life filled with joy of the Lord. Happy birthday.

41) I wish for you a full 365 days of joy. Happy birthday.

42) It your birthday, be greatly blessed, highly favored and deeply loved. Happy birthday.

43) Hey wake up to this beautiful day, conquer the world and happy birthday.

44) May God always help you to look on the bright side of life and be thankful and happy. Happy birthday.

45) May God always give you the strength to deal with what you think is unattainable. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Status For a Friend

46) May the fragrance of happiness, blossoms of hope and glow of peace always be with you. Happy birthday.

47) You made my life happy you taught me to live , you inspire me to move forward everyday, I give you all the blessings from the core of my heart. Happy birthday.

48) It doesn’t matter where you are or what your doing you were always there when I needed you, though we are not bound by blood but we are always tied by the strong thread of friendship. Happy birthday to you.

49) Even if your time is bad I’ll be with you at all times. Our friendship will remain the same forever. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Status For a Friend

50) If possible I would have dedicated you a day in the calendar and all the world would have been celebrating your day. May be now you have realized that I am your life friend. Happy birthday.

51) You are an unselfish and impartial person. You have taught me to differentiate between right and wrong, good and evil, always stay with me my friend. Happy birthday.

52) On this special day I’m thinking of so many good times we have spent together, you and I have been through so many thick and thin , I’ll always be there for you. You will always be close to my heart. Happy birthday.

53) Dear friend I am aiming to bring you every joy, peace and love high would spill over in your next birthday. Happy birthday to you my dear.

Happy Birthday Status For a Friend

54) My feelings are overwhelming in this auspicious day of your birthday. Happy birthday to you.

55) Infinite gifts of smiles, laughter and joy to you friend from me on your birthday.

56) Life is very short to dwell in your past and regret all your faults, so go ahead, move on and celebrate your birthday.

57) May you become the most gifted person in this whole universe, happy birthday.

58) happy birthday my dear friend, may new dreams reside in your eyes, may new hopes arise in your heart and may new joya come in your path.

Happy Birthday Status For a Friend

59) Sometimes fight sometimes fun, sometimes tear sometimes joy, a small ship of fun, tear, happiness and joy is called a friendship. Happy birthday to you.

60) Friendship is a feeling with no trues no lies, no food no bad. Happy birthday to you.

61) You’re my true friend who is better than thousands of relatives, happy birthday my precious friend.

62) Your happiness is the greatest punishment for your enemies so always keep smiling. May 365 days bring you Joy, smile and laughter. Happy birthday.

Text Msg for Making Happy Birthday Card For a Friend

63) May this sunrise of this special day brings you lot of patience, fearlessness and success. Happy birthday.

64) May this sunrise brings you the courage to achieve your goals, no goals are not unachievable fight with your heart. Happy birthday.

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