Happy Vijaya Dashami 2021 Quoting Cards For Facebook Friends


Get here a Happy Vijaya Dashami 2021 quoting cards for Facebook friends with much of flying kites pictures. It is Vijayadashami greeting cards images for the facebook user who want to share greeting cards with their friends and followers as well relatives. Get this greeting cards to share auspicious feelings and wishes to your Facebook friends and followers saying happy Vijayadashami 2021.

There are many kites flying in the sky during the Dashain festival all over Nepal. Kites are flying by especially children who have got a vacation in their school and colleges. It is very funny work to do. I love flying kites in the Dashain festival.

Hindu celebration of Dashain is the best celebration that is healthily invited over south Asia including Hindus nation, Nepal, India, Bangladesh and so on. This celebration, for the most part, falls in the English month September and October and goes on for 15 days.

Individuals come back from all parts of the world, and in the diverse parts of the nation to praise this greatest celebration. All administration workplaces and the workplaces of associations stay shut and the other did not have time in the day of the devouring of the praising Dashain.

The greatest celebration of Hindus, Dashain has its own criticalness, Dashain has its significant privilege vanquished by insidious devils. The essentialness of the festival of the Mass to praise the triumph of good over fiendishness. Others trust it’s an evil spirit Mahishasura on whom Durga goddess got triumph, while the other’s trust Ram’s triumph over Ravan.

Along these lines, the image of intensity, the goddess Durga is venerated at this celebration. One of the narratives of triumph as per Hindu fantasies uncovers that repulsiveness was spread by evil presence named ‘Mahisasur’ was slaughtered by goddess Durga.

What’s more, the steady fight among truth and malice was spoken to by the initial nine long periods of Dashain. At long last, the triumph of good over malevolence was suggested by the tenth day.


Another Hindu legend ‘Ramayana’ uncovers that Dashain means the triumph of Ram (goodness) over Ravan (temperance) with the favors of goddess Durga.

In the folklore brought solidarity, with the majority of their friends and family is the principle compel and the historical backdrop of Dashain can be separated by this reality. The reason is that they have Dashain as yet being praised for their escape.

This celebration is praised by the greater part of the Nepalese, regardless of what their position is, they observe Dashain with incredible satisfaction, this is the delightful piece of the Nepalese individuals.

Furthermore, the images of the confidence, to talk with the tongues of men in our general public from an assortment of positions to live. Yet, the truth of the matter is that the abundance of our personality and our pride.

Our folks and companions meet and offer the essence of the celebration, appreciate the minute and truly take part in the relationship, which is the best piece of this celebration.

Truth be told, it is an imperative angle to wish oneself to family companions, to offer their affection and thanks. It encourages us to to make our relationship more grounded and closer. You can’t exactly know how to make the welcome content, yet no issue today in this article, we have a few welcome for Dashain you can impart to your companions as an instant message on your Facebook post. Here they are

Send smiles with the correct time in each depiction of your unprecedented day. Have a huge amount of fun and an average Dashain. welcome the festival and have some great occasions.


The multi day before Dashain gives the likelihood of the good times with the sound of Ghanti and shimmers with the quality of Diya for the goddess Druga. Welcome to the honest to goodness celebrations of the significant day with open arms. Have an otherworldly Dashain …

The festival of tika and jamara have transformed into a point of convergence of fulfillment and prospering. Since the brilliant occasion of Dashain has come and the around is overflowing with happiness and love, here is the desire that this festival of wonderfulness will show the way, the astonishing shimmer of satisfaction that lives with you in the midst of the days to come. Chipper Dashain!!

Flying kites is one of the funny things to do in Dashain festival of Hindu community. Let’s do it… Why not do it….. It’s time to have flown kits in the sky……

Get a greeting cards saying happy Vijaya Dashami 2021…

Happy Dashain 2078 wishing Cards download here.

Happy Vijaya Dashami 2021 Quoting Cards For Facebook Friends

Vijayadashami ko Mangalmaya Shubhakamana Wishes

Happy Dashain Vijayadashami Greeting Wishing Quotes Wallpapers Wishes Messages SMS Pictures Photos Durga Navratri Nepal festival cards
Happy Dashain Vijayadashami Greeting Wishing Quotes Wallpapers Wishes Messages SMS Pictures Photos Durga Navratri Nepal festival cards

Grab this wonder greeting cards in this auspicious time of Dashain to wish your feeling with your Facebook friends and followers.

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