Veterinary Colleges in Nepal


Veterinary Colleges in Nepal

Veterinary Colleges in Nepal: – Veterinary is the branch of science which deals with the study of animals. It is the most prestigious course which is more expensive after a law in the world. The course is for 5 years. In Nepal, It is called as the latest course. Earlier, only fewer students were used to study veterinary science in Nepal. But with its broad scope and importance, it has become the most studied course nowadays. In this present time, many girls are studying this course. In earlier days, people used to study 15 months (JTA) and used to treat the animals.

In Village areas JTA treats the animals and in-fact in the governmental animal hospital, JTA treat the animals. Nepal is developing rapidly in the field of Agriculture. SO, there is need of more agriculturist and veterinary doctors. Many diseases are being emerged in animals and they are being transferred to a human. Diseases like bird-flu, bovine tuberculosis, and many parasitic diseases are transferred in human.

So, veterinarians are required in this field. Many people are involved in animal farming as it gives more profit.  Also, many people come back from foreign and start doing animal rearing. We can obtain milk, meat, dung, skin, a horn from animals which are in great use. Many medicines for human beings are being made from animals. So, with this increasing demand of veterinarian, many colleges are being opened in Nepal which is providing quality education for the production of a future veterinarian.

Colleges Of Veterinary Science in Nepal

1. Jagadamba Medical Institute;

It is the private college offering veterinary JTA with affiliation from CTEVT in Nepal. It lies in Rajbiraj-5, Saptari, Sagarmatha. For the course of junior technician course in veterinary, it offered 40 seats per year. By taking the entrance exam, it accepts the students for this course. The course is suitable for SEE students and the duration, of course, is 18 months.

2. Aarati technical institute;

It is the private college offering JTA veterinary which is situated in Salyan-2 Kalanga. It is affiliated from CTEVT in Nepal. It offered 40 seats per year.

3. All Nepal college of technical education;

This college has been a pioneer institute for over the last five years. It is situated in Swarswotinagar-6, chahabil, Kathmandu. It is the college affiliated from CTEVT.

4. Chitwan Academy for technical education;

This College is offering JTA veterinary with 40 seats of students. It is situated in Doorsanchar road Bharatpur- 10 Chitwan.


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5. Deuti technical training institute;

Deuti technical training institute is located in Birendranagar, Surkhet. It was established in 2064 B.S., recognized by Nepal health technical council. With affiliation from CTEVT, it is offering JTA veterinary.

6. Madan Bhandari Memorial Academy Nepal (MBMAN);

It is a non- profit making Non- Governmental social organization established in 1993 A.D. The organization is committed to providing the possible opportunities of employment to the deprived people in the community. It is offering JTA veterinary course with 40 seats with an affiliation from CTEVT. It is located in Urlabari-6 Jhapa, Mechi.

7. Siddhartha Multi Technical Institute;

It is established in 2054. It offers Vet, JTA program with affiliation from CTEVT. It is located in Tansen- 1 Palpa.

8. Gorkha science and technical education;

GOSTEC Gorkha is an educational cooperative college established in Gorkha district. It is offering JTA Veterinary in affiliation with CTEVT. It is recognized by Nepal health professional council.

9. Dailekh Technical Institute;

It is situated in Narayani- 1 dailekh , Bheri. It is offering 40 seats in JTA veterinary science with affiliation from CTEVT. It is recognized by Nepal health professional council.

10. Mirror Institue;

This Institute is offering 40 seats in JTA veterinary with affiliation from CTEVT. It is situated in Surkhet, Bheri.

11. RGM Technical Education Institute;

It is offering JTA veterinary course for 18 months in affiliation with CTEVT. It is located in Tulsipur, Dang.

12. Bangalamukhi Multiple Technical Institute;

It was established in 2054 B.S. In affiliation with CTEVT, it is offering 40 seats in JTA veterinary. It is located in New Bus Park- 8, Itahari of Sunsari district.

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13. Nepal polytechnic institution( NPI);

NPI is located in Bharatpur, Chitwan. It was established in 1996 A.D. It is the first public limited company registered under Nepal company act 2021 B.S. It is affiliated to CTEVT and Purbanchal University. It aims to produce the low to high human resources in the field of agriculture, animal science, and engineering in different disciplines. It is providing JTA in veterinary for 15 months. It is providing 40 seats to study veterinary course. It has its 2 building in Chitwan. It is the choice of many students who want to get a quality education in private sector.

Nepal polytechnic institute
Nepal polytechnic institute

Above are the veterinary colleges providing the diploma in veterinary (JTA).

Veterinary colleges providing the 5 years Bachelor

Now, the veterinary colleges providing the 5 years bachelor courses in Nepal are;

1. Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU);

It is a public agricultural university which was established in Rampur, Chitwan in 2010 A.D. it was created by the Parliament of Nepal merging two constituent campuses of Tribhuvan University; the Rampur Agriculture campus of agriculture of IAAS and Forestry campus Hetauda. The university offers agricultural development and promotes agricultural and veterinary education in Nepal. It promotes research in agriculture, forestry and veterinary and allied disciplines. It aims to raise the socio-economic conditions of people in the society through research, teaching and various extension programs. The University provides the undergraduate, Graduate and Ph.D. programs in agricultures and veterinary sciences in Rampur campus and undergraduate forestry program in Forestry campus, Hetauda. The Rampur campus offers 4- year Ag, 5 years vsc. & A.H., 4 years bachelor in fisheries.


It also offers 2 years master program in agriculture, veterinary and also Ph.D. programs. The Forestry campus of Hetauda has technical certificate level and bachelor in forestry programs. The education programs are supported by developmental activities and quality research. Also, the Campus is planning to start Masters and Ph.D. programs in forestry and additional programs such as climate change, biotechnology, Biodiversity etc. Rampur campus has 140 faculty members and 55 members in Hetauda, forestry campus. The campus consists of 800+ undergraduate students, 200+ post graduate students, and 50 Ph.D. students in different courses in Agriculture, veterinary and aquaculture courses.

Rampur campus has an area of 280 ha whereas Hetauda campus has an area of 95 ha. The university is involved in various research and developmental activities in support of national and international institutions. The post graduate scholars are contributing thesis research by increasing their interest and activities in harvest technology, biodiversity conservation, and local innovation to enhance sustainable farming systems. Presently, various classrooms, farm buildings, laboratories, students hostel and faculty members residential areas need renovation, it is a new university so it has various works to do in the development of quality education.

rampur campus
Rampur campus

For the study, the agriculture, veterinary and aquaculture in Rampur campus, student have to pass the entrance exam held in Magh and they should secure good marks, actually, the entrance exam of Rampur campus is waited by many students in Nepal. 4500-500 students give the exam of agriculture every year. There are 50 seats in Veterinary, 150 students for BSc Ag, 15 students for Bsc. fisheries.  Students who have passed SLC or equivalent and completed 10+2/ I.Sc./ Agricultural Science/ Agricultural Science/ A level (with at least 100 marks of ENGLISH and BIOLOGY, 50 marks of MATHS, Physics, and Chemistry ) obtaining not less than 50% ( girls- 45%) can apply for these courses.

As well, there is maize research Centre in Rampur campus. There are separate agriculture and veterinary buildings on the campus. The environments of Rampur campus is very nice and people around are so friendly.


2. IAAS ( Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science);

IAAS is the college offering bachelor in agriculture and animal Science in affiliation with Tribhuvan University. It was established in 1972 in Rampur, Chitwan as a constituent institute of T.U. Nepal government under education ministry department, made a policy in 2010 to establish Agriculture and Forestry University ( AFU)  which takes the physical properties and other assets in an agreement. IAAS dean office was shifted to Kathmandu in 2011. It is continuing its programs and activities from dean office, Sanepa. It is working to strengthen its quality education.

IAAS bhairahwa
IAAS bhairahwa

The colleges come under IAAS which are in Lamjung and Bhairahwa. In Bhairahwa, the courses offered are Bachelor in Agriculture and Bachelor of Veterinary Science. And, in Lamjung, the course offered is the bachelor in Agriculture.

3. IAAS, Bhairahwa;

The College is situated in Paklihawa, Bhairahwa. It is the good institution with good environment and fine quality of education. The quality of education should be improved. There is hostel facility for boys and girls. If there are large numbers of new comers especially girls then, they have to live in rent room outside the college. Actually, the college is situated in Nepal- India border. it takes 15 minutes to reach Sunauli, a border area by foot. There is one police station in the locality. The majority of people are Gurung, Magar, Limbu etc.

There is a big gate at the entrance of the college. it has a big ground inside where the students organize various programs. In college, there are 3 hostels for girls and 2 hostels for boys. There are 600/700 students in a college. There is also a quarter for teachers and staffs as well. There are students union related to 3 political parties. There is an advantage of being in a group. The seniors provide the reading materials, suggest about the materials and help the juniors in need. There is also canteen inside the canteen which runs under the tender agreement. There are temples inside the college. In fact, Bhirahwa is the 2nd hottest place of Nepal. In this place, there is a load-shedding problem. There is an animal farm in the college for the practice of students. There are labs of each practical subject. All the administrative activities of the college are coordinated by dean office. Many subjects of agriculture and veterinary coincide and if possible they are attached at the same classroom. There is a facility of teaching the students through the projector. There are many trees inside the college locality. There are many fields provided for the practical education of agricultural students. In the farm, animals like cow, buffalo, sheep, goat, pig etc are reared.

For veterinary studying students, there is an animal hospital opened recently where the students can practice. The villagers bring their ill animals in the hospital or they call the students at their home. The surrounding of the college is so warm, beautiful and clean. There are qualified and talented teachers in the college. There is a practical education in each course of veterinary. It has semester academic education.

Every year, 4000-4500 students give the entrance exam of agriculture and veterinary science and only a few students got admission in the college. Altogether 108 students are selected to study agriculture, in Paklihawa, 63 students get admission and in Lamjung, 103 students get admission in agriculture whereas there are 50 seats for students studying veterinary science. For veterinary studying student, they will write Dr. before their name after completing the undergraduate study.

4. Himalayan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology (HICAST);  

HICAST is the private college providing courses in agriculture and veterinary science. It was established in 25th may 2000 A.D. It is providing bachelor in agriculture and veterinary science and masters in Agri-business, Meat Technology, Dairy technology, commercial Horticulture, Sustainable agriculture and climate change. Its motto is to bring the agriculture revolution through quality education. It is located in Kalanki Kathmandu. Previously, it was located in Bhaktapur but it has been shifted to Kalanki next to Bhat-Bhateni supermarket. There are approximately 600 students in the college. It has its experimental farms in Baande Guan, Lalitpur, and Kritipur Municipality. Near the Kritipur city, new educational buildings are going to build soon. In Bachelor in veterinary science and Animal Husbandry, it is providing 50 seats where as it is providing 96 seats with 5 scholarship.

The website of the college is Also, for veterinary students, the college provides various animal hospitals for their practice. There is well-managed laboratories, farms and sound environment for the quality education.

So, there are many veterinary colleges in Nepal providing quality education as some are governmental colleges and some are private.


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