Parijat : Very Creative Female Writer of Nepal with List of Books/Creations

Get here some facts, information, and biography about Parijat. Read here about famous persons of the Nepal in terms Sahitya Kar. Find here Parijat short biography, a famous personalities of Nepal. Find here short biography of Nepali writer Parijat. Her full name is BlSHNU DEVI WAIBA. 

Parijat : Very Creative Female Writer of Nepal with List of Books/Creations


Popularly known as Parijat in the literary world, she was born in Darjeeling, India in 1937. She began her literary career with “Dharti” while she was studying in Kathmandu. Besides being a brilliant writer of novels, stories, poems, articles etc, she also led the “Ralfa Movement” in 1966. Inclined towards progressive idealism since 1973, she was dedicated to this great cause till she passed away on April 17, 1993 at the age of 56.

Several of her works like “Shirish Ko Phool”, “Paribhasit Ankha”, Aadim  Desh”Prathibha” “Aadhi Aakash” and the like would remain unforgettable for all time to come. She received Madan Puraskar, Ganki Basundhara Puraskar and the Best Manuscript Award for her contribution in the field of Nepalese literature.


Parijat (Bishanu kumari waida) wrote the book “Sirish ko Phool”. Parijat used to write poems when she was a child. She first published a poem in a magazine called ‘Dharti’ in 2013 B.S. after that she wrote poems, stories, assays and novels. In all her workers she depicted the life and struggle of down trodden people. Among all her workers, the novels that she wrote made her immortal. He famous novels are ‘Sirish Ko Phool’, ‘Mahattahim’, ‘bains ko Manchhe’, ‘Toribari Ra Sapanaharu,’ Antarmukhi’ etc. her poems are collected under title ‘Aakanhchha and stories under ‘Sadak Ra Pratibha’ and ‘Aadim Desh’.

She was one of the leaders of ‘Ralfaism’ in Nepali literature which aimed to get rid of orthodox practice and conservative ideas prevalent in society. She was one of the founders of progressive writers’ association. She was the chairperson of ‘Akhil Nepal Mahila Mahasangha’. ‘Bandi Sahitya Niyon and Indreni Sanskritik Samaj’. This way she contributed a lot in the field of Nepalese literature. She died on 5th of Baisakh 2050 B.S. however, her deeds, her writing will remain forever like the fragrance of Parijat flower. 


List of Literature creation or books of Writer Parijat

  • शिरिषको फूल Shirish Ko Phool (The Blue Mimosa)
  • महत्ताहिन Mahattahin
  • परिभाषित आँखाहरु Paribhasit Aankhaharu
  • बैशको मान्छे Baishko Manche
  • तोरीबारी, बाटा, र सपनाहरु Toribari, Bata Ra Sapanaharu
  • अन्तर्मुखी Antarmukhi
  • उसले रोजेको बाटो Usle Rojeko Bato
  • पर्खाल भित्र र बाहिर Parkhal Bhitra Ra Bahira
  • अनिदो पहाड संगै Anido Pahadsangai
  • बोनी Boni
Short story
  • मैले नजन्माएको छोरो Maile Najanmayeko Choro
Short story collections
  • आदिम देश Aadim Desh
  • सडक र प्रतिभा Sadak Ra Pratibha
  • साल्गीको बलात्कृत आँसु Salgiko Balatkrit Aashu
  • बधशाला जाँदा आउँदा Badhsala Jadaa Aunda
Poem collections
  • आकांक्षा Akanksha
  • पारिजातका कविता Parijat Ka Kavita
  • बैशालु वर्तमान Baisalu Bartaman
Memoir essays
  • धूपी, सल्ला र लालीगुराँसको फेदमा Dhupi Salla Ra Laliguransko Fedma
  • एउटा चित्रमय सुरुवात Auta Chitramay Shuruwat
  • अध्ययन र संघर्ष Aadhyayan Ra Sangharsha

Parijat passed away on April 17, 1993 at the age of 56.

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