50 Valentine’s Rose Day 2021 SMS in Hindi for Girlfriend Lover

I am very excited to know that we’re committed as boyfriend and lady friend to the following step will acquire the Lord’s blessing. I am looking ahead to nowadays and give you greater than you deserve. I like you.

I am glad due to you. Because I have you ever through my aspect. Because you alone make my experience that the entirety will move nicely. I love you.

You’re the girl who stole my coronary heart and for that I like you. I really like your character, I really like you. Happy Valentine’s.

I’m considering you each 2d because I like you. Ultimately, I could be waiting for you as constantly, I might be ready to make you happy.

I might give something to be with you currently. I omit you and I desire to have you ever again in my arms. I like you, my lady friend.

I in no way concept I would fall in love as I cherished you; I like you extra than myself, happy Valentine’s.

Love changed into born in my coronary heart because of you. I know how tremendous it’s far to like a person. I like you, my lady friend.


You’re my love, you’re making me snigger without realizing it, you are making me satisfied always, Have a glad Valentine’s my lady friend.

I can not believe each person extra than you. Once I see you my heart beats extra, my eyes enlighten, I love you, my female friend.

In view that I saw you, I knew you had been for me. Considering the fact that I kissed your lips I knew I’d now not move. Those meant to be with me for the relaxation of your Days.

When I see you, I see a lovely lady that I want to spend an entire life with. You captured my coronary heart, I give you my love.

I never an idea I’d locate authentic love until I met you. Thank you for teaching me what love is, for displaying that existence is lovely. , Have a satisfied Valentine’s Day!

I’m just satisfied to peer you. Simplest with a kiss I forget about what bothers me and what issues me. You’re the one that gives my life which means and pleasure.

In my eyes best you exist. In my existence only you have the important thing to my heart. My female friend. I love you, my Day isn’t complete if we aren’t collectively.

You are the most important to me. In case you want me, regardless of what time of Day, I could be there to support, care and love you.


I like you so much that I nevertheless take into account the flavor of our first kiss, the warmth of our first embrace, the perfume you delivered that Day. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Most effective you inspire me to be higher, no longer to lose, to maintain mountain climbing to reach my dreams. Thanks for loving me a lot.

Given that we’re collective, the Days have ended up glad and excellent Days. Just because you’re in them. Only due to the fact I like you. Have a glad Valentine’s Day!

It can not be your past love, but I need a lot to be remaining. With you, I love you and do not want to overlook something or anyone inside the global.

Amongst all, I chose you and I’m glad which you have chosen me too. My love has been reciprocated. My stunning girlfriend, I love you, I will live with you all the time.

I fall in love with you every Day we spent collectively, each time you smile, every time you examine me. I love you and I will in no way prevent loving you.

Another female like you do no longer exist in the world. So I take care, protect you and love you due to the fact I do no longer need to lose you, Have a glad Valentine’s Day my love.

I cannot specify in phrases what you suggest to me. However, I can best say, my coronary heart beats for you, just for you, I understand what love is.

I might do whatever for you because you bring new which means to my life. I am hoping to usually be the only who makes you smile. Have a glad Valentine’s Day!

Out of all of the frogs you’ve kissed you’ve got eventually discovered me, your prince, I will honor and cherish you every Valentine one million instances over. I like you, sweetie.


Having you as a female friend this Valentine is sincerely something I may be proud of, you’re my domestic and the only I want to spend every second of my lifestyles with. I really like you, pricey.

You’re the nice girlfriend in the world, you no longer best display me you care, but you furthermore might show me how lots and also you in no way get uninterested in it. Thank you for being my unique Valentine these Days.

Because you are adorable, smooth, honest and sensible. For that, I love you, Have a glad Valentine’s Day.

The arena wouldn’t be livable without a smile as lovely as your my girlfriend; you are making things better from the sound of your voice, wishing you an unforgettable Valentine.

There is nothing sweeter than your smooth love, I dated different girls in the past, however, none of them suits your character. I’m indeed fortunate to be your Valentine.

Kiss is what makes me overlook all of the bad and go away it at the back of. Thanks for current and for being a part of my existence.

I hope at some point to trade your title from my female friend to formally my sweetheart, my lifestyles and the one I vow my devotion to. Happy Valentines my queen!

You bring Valentines a brand new that means every time I have a good time it with you and with that I’m confident it’ll be forever with us. Glad Valentines my princess.

I will never be too busy to find time for you because every moment we percentage makes me a better guy, nowadays is Valentine so be prepared to journey with me.

Today’s Valentine Day vow to my female friend is that I can do everything inside my energy in no way to permit her pass. My coronary heart has determined where it belongs that’s with you.

Your smile can heal depressed thoughts that could be a purpose why I constantly like having you round; I can not wait until I have you ever as my bride. Happy Valentine, love.

Every Valentine Day is an opportunity for me to expose you how special you are to me among other ladies; I have a blueprint of how I can smash you silly.

All my activities are on maintenance for the following 24 hours of Valentine; I intend for us to spend nowadays on my own to make the best of the season.

Spending nowadays’s Valentine with you is all that I have been thinking about all month; my friends say that I’m a happier guy due to the fact I have you in my lifestyles.

The majority idea you were loopy for falling in love with me; time justified that you made the right choice. I like you because you see potentials that others do no longer understand.

Happy Valentine’s Day, lady friend, the importance of Valentine is to place a smile on people’s faces and heat their hearts with love. I love you a lot.

And as it’s miles said, by no means underestimate the strength of words, there are few messages to percentage with your lady friend and sweetheart this 15 August 1945, rekindling the lifestyles into your love!

Every second I have spent with you have got been unique I’m wishing you a Have a glad Valentine’s Rose Day 2020

Have a satisfied Valentine’s Day to the most unique character in my existence. You are my love, my heart, and my joy.

Loving you is my project. Being with you is my reason. I’m satisfied to give you my all. Happy Valentine’s Day!

You are my one and most effective Valentine and that I would love to desire you the very fine in this unique Day. Have a glad Valentine’s Rose Day 2020

Friendship is a promise made within the heart. Silent. Unwritten. Unbreakable by means of distance. Unchangeable with the aid of time. It’s adorable to have u as one! Have a glad Valentine’s Day!

I need to have been born below a lucky megastar, to discover a friend as exceptional as you are. I’m able to comply with the rainbow to the quit in case you promise to remain my buddy! Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m happy that i’ve someone unique in my existence which may be there by my facet each time I want the most. Have a glad Valentine’s Day!

I don’t understand why Cupid was chosen to represent Valentine’s Day. When I reflect on consideration on romance, the final issue on my mind is a brief, obese toddler coming at me with a weapon.

Don’t leave me ever because it might spoil my coronary heart happy Valentine’s Day darling.

I like you and that is something that I can not say sufficient. Have a satisfied Valentine’s Day

I really like you from the bottom of my coronary heart and I hate you due to the fact I can not do whatever without your guide.

I love my eyes while you look at them I love my call at the same time as you are saying it I like my coronary heart even as you locate it irresistible I like my lifestyles even as you are in it.

Love is like a cloud… love is like a dream… love is one word and the whole thing in among… love is a fairytale come actually… b’coz I found love when I discovered you. Satisfied Valentines Day.

We’ve known every other, for a long time, but I never genuinely observed, all the magic on your eyes, i’ve been around you, a thousand instances before, and you have usually been a friend to me, but now I am wanting extra reflect consideration on it.

My lifestyles’ stunning words I ever read. We promise in keeping with our hopes and perform consistently with our fears. Have a satisfied Valentine’s Day!

Correct time or terrible times, i’ll always be there to cheer you up, or just to maintain your hand and say, I know how you feel and that I care for me. Have a satisfied Valentine’s Day!

Without you, life is black, not white without you the sector has no hope no light without you I cannot go left or right without you I lose my sight that, ks my dear I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Right time or horrific instances, i’ll constantly be there to cheer you up, or just to preserve your hand and say I know how you experience and I care for me. Have a satisfied Valentine’s Day!

Affection is lacking somebody at some thing point you’re separated! But some way or some other inclination heat inside on the grounds that you’re shut in a heart. As we can be, Have a satisfied Valentine’s Day!

Loving you is my task. Being with you is my purpose. I’m satisfied to provide you my all. Have a satisfied Valentine’s Day!

Love is warmness… you’re candy… when lips are meet every different. Then love is entire…Have a satisfied Valentine’s Day!

Love is just too vulnerable a word for what I experience for you one lifestyle is simply too small a time to specific how madly I am in love with you.

Love is like playing the piano. First, you have to discover ways to play with the aid of the regulations, then you definately ought to forget about the rules and lay from your heart.

Actual love is tough to find it’s in the heart and now not in the thoughts the love in my heart is proper because it came the Day I saw you.

Valentine only a few words to tell you the way I really like you I have cherished you for the reason that first Day I noticed you whenever that became.

Loving you is my mission. Being with you is my motive. I’m satisfied to give you my all. Have a satisfied Valentine’s Day!

I’m thinking of you each second, now not as it’s Valentine’s Day, however additionally in other 364 Days of the yr.

After I take a glance back on the matters I’m glad that I found you. Wishing you the excellent Valentine’s Day.

My love for you is real and it would make me do unreal things wishing you the high-quality on Valentine’s Day.

From the moment I heard first love tale, then I started out seeking out you, even I don’t recognize how blind I used to be for you. However, it’s additionally very true that actual fans finally meet somewhere. Desire you a happy Valentine’s Day!

Every Single Day, I fall in love with you and it would be all the time happy Valentine’s Day

Your love is the essence by using which I am prompted and it’s the force that I strive for to maintain my coronary heart beating.

You are my dream come actually. The cause I see the good in lifestyles and aspire to hold dreaming.

My fondness for you grows as your appetite for me becomes more insatiable over time.

Your smile is the highlight of each Day and your intimacy is the reward of every evening.

Never doubt that I am right here for you. My devotion is an agreement signed with my phrases and commemorated with the aid of my heart.

Being selfish for me isn’t a difficulty due to the fact the very center of my being is committed to loving you to a selfless stop.

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