50 Valentine’s Rose Day 2021 SMS in Hindi for Girlfriend Lover

I wish to god that I may be reborn 1,000,000 instances, simply so I will fall in love with you in each and each one among them.

Sometimes I snort even if there may be no around considering all of the funny matters that you do simply to make me satisfied.

This Valentine’s Day I lengthy to your candy kisses, your heat embody, and the magic that binds our hearts collectively.

I’m happy you have got me as your boyfriend due to the fact now I realize you’ll be cherished the manner you should for Valentine’s Day.

If I needed to select whether or not to breathe or to love you, I might use my remaining breath to tell you that… I like you.

A Day full of kisses, a week filled with romance, a month packed with love, a year filled with bliss and a lifetime filled with glad recollections. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Have a satisfied Valentine’s Day!

You’re the whole thing to me, you’re the entirety that I see, with you is wherein I need to be. Have a satisfied Valentine’s Day sweetheart!


Cupid’s arrow struck my coronary heart and led me to you. Have a glad Valentine’s Day my love!

You are my everything and I can’t genuinely live without you. Happy Valentine’s Day darling!

Wishing you a Valentine’s Day full of affection, romance, and horny mind about me. Have a satisfied Valentine’s Day child!

All I need is to preserve you in my hands all the time and never let you go. Have a glad Valentine’s Day honey!

You and me, the way the way it must be, collectively all the time until eternity.

You are outstanding and fulfill my life with this lovely feeling since I noticed you I favored you and also you caught me among the partitions of your coronary heart, you’re beautiful and do no longer realize how I am keen on.

Whilst we’re together I experience that I am a prisoner of your love, I’m so glad that my existence is in your hands you do not mind feeling that I am no longer loose due to the fact I need to keep chained on your coronary heart.

I have a completely unique vicinity reserved in my coronary heart for you and no person can take this region. May additionally this night of love brings laden of happiness in our lives. Have a satisfied Valentine’s Day, my love, my female friend.


I never imagined how brilliant love is when one actually loves is aware of no egoism, you will constantly be a person vital in my existence, I always desired to find, that come to my existence is like touching the sky as it always appears not possible to have a person like you, now that I have now not will never will let you cross of my existence.

You are the bride I love and why I’m inclined to lose my singleness and freedom I continually had earlier than I met you, now I simply want to stay our love.

Because you have become my girlfriend. I see lifestyles thru the eyes of love, so I’m satisfied that we love so passionately.

I made the great choice of my existence to put my eyes on you, now I most effective live for you, my queen. I like you. Have a satisfied Valentine’s Day.

I do not need more tests to find out if your love is what I wanted in my life because we modified my existence, my lady friend. Happy Valentine’s my love.

What I most need in lifestyles it’s miles to simply accept to live together a good way to awaken each Day beside you and deal with you want a queen.

How difficult may be as simple because the heart and mind are in sync, I like you now not handiest with the heart, I also do it with the thoughts. Thank you for being my amazing love

To me you will always be the female who policies my existence, simply to listen to your voice I experience that my coronary heart beating so difficult, I’m a slave for your love. Have a glad Valentine’s Day.

I felt my existence changed into dull and emotionless but now you are the engine that encourages me to be the happiest man because i have the affection that you deliver me each Day. Have a satisfied Valentine’s Day my love.

Love of my heart, I feel your every look is like lightning that goes directly to my heart. You are the love of my existence.


I do now not care whether or not there’s every person in the world extra stunning than you, I simply understand that I love you and I’m able to continually be around you, Have a satisfied Valentine’s my lady.

All that matters is that we usually stay collectively, no matter if we’ve got issues, any hurricane we are able to overcome because nobody can separate us. Our love will always be forever. I like you.

I in no way imagined it to be pals. Now that we’re buddies I hold thanking God for allowing us to be together and simply pray that our love will continually stay in our hearts, Have a glad Valentine’s Day my love.

For me there is not anything can degree my feelings for you because they’re so huge they can’t match in my heart. Nowadays I will say that existence has rewarded me with the satisfactory girlfriend inside the global. I like you a lot.

When I’m with you I’d come up with my coronary heart to know that the whole lot stunning that I’m living with you is real. I like you, my princess.

Each Day I express my love in lots of ways however everybody knows how tons I adore you. Have a glad Valentine’s Day my girlfriend.

I by no means met someone like you, with a massive coronary heart, a glance, simple and above all to love me as i’m. Each Day I feel my love for you grows increasingly more, Have a satisfied Valentine’s Day.

I cannot give an explanation for how satisfied you made me in the Day you said which you conventional to be my lady friend. That afternoon I felt I will touch the stars, I like you.

You’re God’s blessing firsthand. On this Day I want to vow you, eternal love, constantly be by means of your side and walk together hand in hand on this avenue known as existence. I like you and I can love you till the Day I die. Have a satisfied Valentine’s Day my love.

Thank my life each Day for all the joys and exquisite moments which you give me. You are my mild that illuminates my route. I recognize that your smile is the best factor in my lifestyles, I love you, my lady friend.

I’m living so many moments of happiness with you, I would really like to stop time to stay with you for all time. Happy Valentine’s Day.

I am a believer and I assume the lord created us because we are made for every other and in no way permit everyone or something separate us. Have a glad Valentine’s Day love.

You are a treasure that has been in my hand I will care, guard and love you forever.

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