50 Valentine’s Rose Day 2021 SMS in Hindi for Girlfriend Lover

44. valentines day special sms in Hindi language

Subah hote hi jab duniya abada hoti hai,
Aankh khulate hi apaki yad ati hai,
khushiyon ke phul ho apake anchala mein,
ye mere honthon pe pahali fariyad hoti hai.

I recall myself to be the luckiest female in this earth and it’s best because I have located the most precious jewel in this international. It’s you, my love. You’re the handiest element that looks true on me.

Whilst we kiss, I experience the exhilaration of being on a roller coaster or just like the sky full of fireworks at the fourth of July. Happy Valentine’s Day, and thanks for making my life an journey!

The manner you have a look at me once I sit in the front of the replicate… your smile after I capture you unaware noticing me… these small matters show how much you adore me more than any words can specific.

The primary time you touched me, I felt love or even now the sensation of hysteria and exhilaration stays the same whilst you come near me. The affection for you grows with each passing moment.

You always know precisely how I feel and you’re always there to make me sense better. You’re the first-rate element that has ever taken place to me and I thank god that I was given to satisfy you. I really like you.


45. valentines day special sms in Hindi language

phul banakar muskurana jindagi hai,
muskura ke gam bhulana jindagi hai,
milakar log khus hote hai to kya huwa,
bina mile dosti nibhana bhi jindagi hai..

46.  lovely SMS for phoolon ke naam in hindi language

khuda se kya mangu tere vasate,
sada khushiyan ho tere raste,
hansi tere chahare pe rahe is tarah,
khusbu phul ka sath nibhati hai jis tarah..
happy valentine’s day 2020

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47. lovely SMS for phoolon ke naam in hindi language

hamane har sam chiragon se saja rakhi hai,
magar sarta hawaon se laga rakhi hai.
Na jane kaun se raha se mere sain a jayen,
hamane har raha phulon se saja rakhi hai..
happy valentine’s day 2020

48.  lovely shayari for phoolon ke naam hindi mein

jo kagaza ke phulon mein khusbu dhundha jate hain,
jo chhoti chhoti khushiyon mein badha sukha pate hain,
jo apanon mein phariste dhundha lete hain,
aise hi log jindagi ji lete hain
happy valentine’s day 2020


As busy as we get, we need to be reminded that we’re still sweethearts. Valentine’s Day is a good Day for me to stop and comprehend how remarkable you make me sense. Have a glad Valentine’s Day.

The manner you wake me up and preserve me in your arms every morning makes for an extraordinary begin of my Day, and that I know you may constantly make me sense this special irrespective of how an awful lot we develop old.

No other dating in my life may want to compare to the affection we share. I’m enamored via your smooth contact and your ravishing romance. Happy Valentine’s Day to my fantastic love!

You walked in, and the sun broke thru the clouds. Abruptly, lifestyles turned into a worth living, and it became this massive journey. Thanks for being a part of my life.

Without your love, I feel incomplete, because it’s for you that made me the person I’m nowadays, so without you, I cannot feature. Have a glad Valentine’s Day!

49. Hindi messages for valentines’ day rose day

sina hai phaulada ka apana, phulon jaisa dil hai,
tana meinvindhyajala ka bala hai, mana mein tajamahala hai.
Dekar apanakhuna sinchate, des ki hamaphulvari,
bansi sebanduka banate ham wo prema pujari..
happy valentine’s day 2020

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50. good morning valentine’s rose day hindi shayari

phulon ne amrit ka jama bheja hain…
suraj ne gagana se salam bheja hain…
mubaarak ho apako nayi Subah…..
Tahe dil se hamane ye paigam bheja hain…
“suprabhata “

There was a flash of vivid lights and a part of the smoke and tune within the air whilst you walked in. Right away, I knew I had located my unique someone. Happy Valentine’s Day messages


I don’t recognize a way to write amazing messages in cards, however, I need to will let you recognize how special you’re to me. You are notable! Have a glad Valentine’s Rose Day!

The reassuring smile to your lips, the smooth contact of your arms, and the little ways in that you make me glad are what continues me alive each Day.

Love knows no boundaries apart from people who we impose on it, but we know not anything about limitations. It’s for Valentine’s Rose Day Every Day for us.

Falling in love is like looking at the stars. In case you pick one out of the billions and stare at it long enough all the others will soften away.

I may not say continually how special you are for me, I may not attain to you because I am busy, however, you are someone I honestly love and care for.

Heaps might also are available your life and heaps may work, but there could be one person on the earth who can supply away life for you and that’s me!

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You’re a haven for my heart, a safe haven for my soul. You are the cause I get away from bed each morning. I like you, Have a satisfied Valentine’s Rose Day!

We’ve got had a few awesome Valentine’s Days collectively, and I am looking forward to many more. I’ll prevent getting your undies by the time we’re in our eighty’s. Not due to the fact you might not look exact, I just can’t take the hazard of a coronary heart attack from the exhilaration.

Human beings can be traumatic. It’s why we’re the most effective couple I will stand to be around for longer than a brief time.

Whilst you open my present simply understand that it’s the idea that counts.

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I recognize you well sufficient to get you the right form of card for Valentine’s Day. I wasn’t capable of finding any that had been just proper for you once I checked out hallmark cards. Fortunately, I found one card that I realize you may love in my own wallet. Bet which card?

Whoever thought up the concept of Valentine’s Day likely did not anticipate human beings like us. We are unique. That’s what I really like approximately us.

More importantly than mastering what to get you for Valentine’s Day, i’ve found out what now not to get you for Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day! No critically, reason in case you’re now not glad, I sure as hell won’t be.

I did not need to sleep on the couch this Valentine’s Day, so I was given you the first-rate gift from Amazon.

Loving you is one of my desires come genuine. You are the knight that swept me off my feet! I love you so much!

I love you, this is something that I can’t say enough, for after I look at you I realize how perfect you’re and not anything that I do can ever be enough.

Love me and in no way leave me, for with a purpose to smash my coronary heart, we are perfect together

My love for you is so actual and it makes me want to do unreal such things as jumping on the clouds and mountain climbing at the rainbow. I really like you

Sturdy and candy, handsome and on hand, roguish and romantic, wild and first-rate, those are just a few of the words that describe you. Thank you for being my ideal man this Valentine’s Rose Day and every Day!

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Darling, have I advised you lately how lots you take my breath away just looking you walk with such beauty and beauty fills my coronary heart with love and choice for you. Happy Valentine’s Rose Day!

Your eyes are like a smoldering flame, your kiss is like a spark, and your include is sort of a blazing fireplace. Happy Valentine’s Rose Day to my pink warm lover!

Cupid shoots nicely for me! He hit you and me with ideal purpose.

You’re so candy. You are making me smile. You could my Day so vivid. I simply can’t see myself without you. I really like you a lot, child. Satisfied Valentines Day!

You’re the fine boyfriend ever. What extra ought to I wish you’re kind, good-looking and dependable. You’re absolutely the high-quality. Glad Valentines Day!

Earlier than I met you, I never knew what it became like so that you can look at someone and smile for no motive

On this Valentine’s Rose Day, I provide you with the key to my coronary heart. You’re the most beautiful and super lady I have ever met, and I would love to be able to be my Valentine.

The affection of a first-rate female such as you have made me the richest man inside the international. You’re substantially precious and I love you! Have a satisfied Valentine’s Rose Day.

The Day we met is a Day I’m able to cherish until the stop of time. I never feel as happy as I do whilst you are at my face.

A phrase to say, a phrase to listen even in your absence I sense you near our relationship is powerful, desire it goes long we are able to stay the identical till the existence goes on!

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I without you isn’t always me. You’re like the sun in my Days and a mood in my nights. You’re the mild of my existence.

My love for you is so sturdy and I cannot specify it in phrases. I can simply say that this life is just too quick if I begin expressing my love. Love you a lot, honey.

The fun of a curler coaster is what I sense after I kiss you. They are the maximum beautiful component ever came about to me. I love you

I send you masses of love, masses of hugs and tons of kisses in this lovely Day. May you live happy all your existence.

You’re the only who made my Valentine’s Rose Day unique and who gave it actually that means. Thanks for all the love you’ve got given me.

You walked in my existence and made it beautiful. Thank you, my love, for making my lifestyles worth dwelling. I really like you

A little flame lighting fixtures up in my heart whenever I see you. This is due to the fact I really like you.

The time I spend with you is my favored time. I love you for all of the stunning reminiscences you’ve got given me.

You are a chum to me, a friend who I would in no way ever want to lose. I really like you extra than whatever else in this world. Have a glad Valentine’s Rose Day.

When you need to talk, I can preserve your hand and concentrate on you. When you want to cry, I will lend you my shoulder. While you need to run away, I can run with you. Coz’ no different global maybe 1/2 the laugh, as my global is with you in it. Happy Valentine’s Rose Day!

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I recognize this present Day is supposed for girlfriends and boyfriends, however, I nonetheless want to wish you a Have a satisfied Valentine’s Rose Day due to the fact you’re a unique friend in my existence.

Who said Valentine’s Rose Day should best be for couples there’s a unique desire for a special person in my existence who has showered me with love, trust, admiration, and never-finishing aid. Have a glad Valentine’s Day my buddy. I am in love with the bond of friendship that we proportion. Happy Valentine’s Day to the dearest and nearest buddy in my life!

Valentine’s Day is super Days to allow the ones you love realize how special there. I want to will let you know which you are a special friend.

Do you already know what heartbreak and cheating have in common they don’t exist among buddies? Happy Valentine’s Day my exceptional buddy!

I by no means want a single day without you in my lifestyles to come or even if it does, I want that Day to be the closing Day of my lifestyles.

A single day without you is like a Day without sunshine, a single night without you is like a night without moonlight; my lifestyles without you is sort of a life without a soul.

Irrespective of how busy we get, we need to remember that we’re sweethearts all the time. In this special Valentine’s Day is I prevent and take time to recognize how terrific you make me since all of the time. Have a glad Valentine’s Day my love.

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Cupid shoots pretty properly for me! He hit you and me with an appropriate purpose and chose the best accomplice for me. Wishing to spend the rest of my lifestyles within this Valentine’s Day.

The phrase love cannot just describe what I sense for you. One existence is a complete little time to explicit how deeply I am in love with you. Live all the time.

I sense a bit flame in my heart that lit the USA and brightens my lifestyles each time I see you, due to the fact… I like you, honey!

As you walked into my lifestyles, the sun broke through the clouds and unexpectedly, existence started to seem well worth living, and it has become a huge adventure that maintains me going. I cannot thank you enough for being a part of my existence.

I curved as excessive on a mountain as I could, I included as deep in dew as I should, and I found these words… I love you!

Valentine’s Day charges lots when you have a girlfriend, but for you my love, it’s far definitely really worth it. You are the only one among a type and I am certain you’re made for me.

Each single second that I’m now not with you, tears in my eyes fill the sea blue…by means of mine forever my love.

You have got been created through god, best for me. Due to the fact he knew already that nobody can ever love you more than me!

Happy Valentine’s Day to the loveliest Valentine I should ever have wanted for. You’re my love, sweetheart and I am so glad that you are mine.

A girlfriend who is beautiful, smart, witty, fun, funny and pretty. Additionally crazy enough to exit with me. You’re the entirety that I ever needed for.

I’m nonetheless thinking about how I was given so fortunate to have you ever as my female friend. All my prayers are answered with you coming into my existence.

Happy Rose Day Images Greetings Cards
Happy Rose Day Greeting Cards

I cherish each single minute that I get to spend with you. I sense am so blessed and cannot thank god enough for giving me love so special.

The time that we spend together is usually cherished by means of me. You have to recognize that you are a first-rate Valentine. Stay mine all the time.

I feel I am the luckiest girl on the planet handiest because I have observed you, the most precious jewel of this international. Understanding that you are mine is the first-rate feeling ever. You’re the most effective element that appears desirable on me anytime.

I could not think of something else to put in writing on this unique card for you on this unique Day than the reality. And that is I really like you!

I do now not assume a great deal about something, I do not regularly suppose, but whenever I do, it is usually approximately you. You are constantly on my mind honey. I love you.

I really like the fact that I get to have you ever as my Valentine. I sense fortunate to have you ever. Have a glad Valentine’s Day!

I sense the happiest whenever I think about you, and I always keep taking into account you, due to the fact I love you. You’re always on my thoughts.

I have only one want in this Valentine’s Day. I need you to be my gift, wrapped up in a large bow. I’m able to preserve you safe all the time in my heart.

Your smile sets my heart on the fireplace. Your eyes soften my heart like ice. You’re making me feel tremendous amounts of emotions all on the identical time.

I’ve visible many angels in the sky, I have visible so much blizzard in July, I have additionally seen the celebrities falling aside, however, i’ve never seen anyone such as you. You’re special.

I love you currently, I love you nowadays, I really like you tomorrow, I like you the Day after, and I like you for all time, I like you for eternity.

I loved then you and I love you currently. I can’t consider doing whatever else, apart from loving you. You are my life. Happy Valentine’s Rose Day honey!

I cherished you when the solar was placing the Day past, I like you when the moon unfolds it’s mild tonight and I can love when the sun rises the following Day again. And this cycle with a repeat every single Day of my life. I can never forestall loving you ever.

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