Valentine’s Day Week List 2019 – Facts & Information About Valentine Week

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  1. Purpose day

Propose Day is the second day of the Valentine week beginning from February 7-14. In India, Propose day is praised on February 8, consistently. On this day substantial quantities of adolescents offer roses to propose their better half, beau, relative and companion.

Propose day is the second day of Valentine’s week which is praised with extraordinary excitement consistently on eighth of February by the adolescents, couples and in addition, other intrigued individuals of all ages gather. It is being commended for quite a long time in the western culture in any case; at present it has been begun celebrating in the modernized path in practically every districts of the nation.


Adolescents and other age amass individuals commend this uncommon day in their own particular manner to get the full appreciation of it. Young people propose to their valentines at this day in amazing approach to inspire their friends and family. They propose their valentines to express their adoration and fondness and additionally to be their valentines for eternity. Somebody propose it by sitting half on their knees with a pack of red roses close by. Somebody propose it by setting off to some well-known places in various ways. Somebody send a red rose basin with a welcome card, composed love proposition messages, and warm wishes, to the home of their valentine at a young hour in the morning. At this extraordinary day, all the portable systems and postal administrations wind up plainly occupied as everyone sends messages and blessings to their friends and family.

on this day you can approach your smash and disclose to them what you feel for them specifically. You propose to your cherished one. It is the second day of the v day week. Proposition ought to be made extraordinary by remembering the setting encompassing and endowments. This is essential on the off chance that you need to make a proposition to be engaged.

  1. Chocolate day

World Chocolate Day, alluded to, on a few occasions, as International Chocolate Day, is a yearly recognition that happens universally on 7 July. The festivity of the day incorporates the utilization of chocolate. A few references show that this day commands the acquaintance of chocolate with Europe in 1550.”  Numerous other chocolate day festivities exist, for example, National chocolate day in the United States on 28 October. Confusingly, the U.S. National Confectioners Association records 13 September as International Chocolate Day.

Other more particular chocolate-themed days are commanded all through the world and on different dates, including Bittersweet Chocolate Day on 10 Jan, Milk Chocolate Day on 28 July, White Chocolate Day on 22 Sep, Chocolate Chip Day on 15 May, Chocolate Ice Cream Day on 7 June, Chocolate Milk Shake Day on 12 Sep, and, obviously, Chocolate Covered Anything Day on 16 Dec.  References to World Chocolate Day being seen on 7 July have been recorded as ahead of schedule as 2009. on this day you can spread bliss offering chocolate to your precious ones. Also, to your friends and family sweetheart or spouses beau or husband you can give the extraordinary heart molded chocolates and blessings obviously.

National Chocolate Day History

National Chocolate Day commends chocolate and advances its medical advantages. Chocolate is a sugary treat produced using cacao seeds, which develop on cacao trees in the tropics. Seeds are expelled from their units and after that dried, simmered and ground into cocoa powder or glue, which is then blended with different fixings, for example, spreads, oils, sweeteners, drain and flour to deliver chocolate. Chocolate is a staple in the American eating routine, with offers of more than 21 billion dollars in 2014.

National Chocolate Day isn’t an official festival anyway, it was made by the National Confectioners Association. As per the Association’s website page, there are really 3 National Chocolate Days consistently, on July seventh, October 28th and December 28th.

4. Teddy day

In November 1902, President Theodore Roosevelt and some of his companions went on a chasing trek to Mississippi. Night-time of looking, Roosevelt and his gathering had not gone over any wild creatures. At long last, the gathering tracked down and encompassed a powerless bear. One of the aides requested that the president shoot the bear so he could win a chasing trophy. The president won’t, and news columnists all over the nation spread the narrative of Roosevelt’s kind demonstration.

Not long after this occurred, a well-known sketch artist named Clifford Berryman drew a toon in light of Roosevelt’s protection of the bear. At the point when a store proprietor in Brooklyn saw the toon, he chose to make toy bears offer in his shop. He approached president Roosevelt for consent to utilize the name “Teddy’s Bear” for his toys, as an indication of the bear Roosevelt had set free. These days, everybody knows these toys as Teddy Bears, however, few individuals realize that they were named after President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. November 14 has been assigned American Teddy Bear Day.

teddies are the cutest blessing to be given to your adored individual. They can be snuggled when we miss somebody. They can be hit upon when we are irate and furthermore we can cry our hearts out on them. On this day darlings give little and enormous teddy to their friends and family.

  1. Promise day

Guarantee Day is the fifth day of Valentine’s week which is praised yearly on eleventh of February by the general population of all ages gathering. Guarantee day is one of the exceptional days of the Valentine’s week which is commended each year as a customary occasion by promising each other for adoration and friendship.


Love dependably required care, consideration, and guarantee to be dependable and ever. Guarantee day is made for this reason to guarantee each other for genuine and everlastingly love and fondness. It conveys a development and fulfillment of the couples life. Couples feel capable and more warm to their friends and family. They turn out to be more capable, conferred than at any other time and guarantees generously to be as one and help each other forever and each great or awful circumstances.

Guarantee Day is praised in every one of the areas of the nation by the general population as one of the exceptional days of the Valentine week. Darlings welcome this day all the more healthily to guarantee each other for devotion, harmony in any terrible or great circumstances and also guarantee towed. They express each other with their genuine, profound and intimate romance which makes them ready to trust on their relationship like never before some time recently.

Guarantee brings every single one of the relationship all the nearer by fortifying their power of profound devotion and trust. Darlings and couples guarantee each other at this day by sending guarantee cards, grasping the hand of their friends and family in their own hand and numerous more ways. Some go to the darlings point and different celebrated spots to make their guarantees essential and special for eternity.

guarantees are anything but difficult to make however difficult to keep. It regards make guarantee however we ought to be great at communicating our adoration and love to our cherished one as opposed to making guarantees. In any case, there is a day called guarantee day in the weekdays of valentine. So make guarantees this guarantee day yet do satisfy the past ones to make your connection solid.

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