500 Happy Valentine Day Wishes & Messages For Husband From Wife in English

351. Our love is a miracle. You are the miracle of God in my life and I love you with all my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day, hubby.

352. For my husband every ‘I love you’. All kisses good morning, good night, and in between. Every challenge we have faced and dreamed we have seen has come true. Love you.

353. Every memory and milestone, every simple joy and unforgettable moment. They all mean a lot, because I share them with you as my husband, my partner, my friend. Happy Valentine’s Day.

354. Love is to share, and I am very happy to share mine with you. Happy Valentine’s Day. While you’re there, I’ll never be alone.

355. To the person that I love you, he came to my world, and my world became more beautiful, you smiled at me and my heart burned. Happy Valentine’s Day to my perfect partner.

356. You gave me your friendship and I knew what it was like to be really happy. Love you very much. Happy Valentine’s Day.

357. I love being married to you. I love the boy in you, the one with the big smile and the warm hugs that he says and does so many things that make life very funny. Wishing you heartily, a very Happy Valentine’s day.

358. I love the man you are: your strength, your friendship, your warmth and all the other things that make you special. I love everything about you and always will!

359. For my husband on Valentine’s Day. You are my life, my love, my best friend, my everything. I am so happy to share forever with you.

360. Love makes life a beautiful walk. Wherever we go, whatever we do. I want you to know that life is better for you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

361. For the special man with whom I got married Very often during the day, I think of you and I have every intention of telling you how much you mean to me. But then the nights get so hectic and, before I know it, the time is gone. That is why this ‘I love you’ could not wait, because it is for all those lost moments and innumerable times that I thought of you with love and I felt so fortunate to be your wife. Happy Valentine’s Day, hubby.

362. I love being married to you are you are my special blessing in our marriage, we share so many things that make us one in thought, spirit and love.

363. When I think about everything we share, I thank God, because he is the one who made us for each other and led us to the special love we have found. Love you, baby!!!

364. I feel blessed to be married to you because there is no one else with whom you prefer to spend eternity. Happy Valentine’s Day with love.

365. With love for my husband, It’s Valentine’s Day, and I just want to tell you how much I love being married to you and how much it means to be able to share with you all the joys and responsibilities of fatherhood.

366. You are a great support and love as a husband, as warm and affectionate as a father, and every day I realize how lucky I am to share life with you.

367. My husband, my soul mate I still melt when you look at me in a certain way. I get goose bumps when your fingers touch my neck. I feel my heart beat faster when you lean to kiss me. I still love what it feels like to love you. Happy Valentine’s Day with all my heart.

368. I love that you are my husband. Here are all the memories and laughter we have shared so far, and all the good times to come! Happy Valentine’s Day.

369. My husband, Our love turns daily moments into something special. Here are the memories we have made and those that are to come. Happy Valentine’s Day.

370. For my dear husband, knowing that I can count on your love means more to me than you can imagine. Happy Valentine’s Day with love to me forever Valentine.

371. You are the friend who keeps me focused when I feel they are pulling me in a thousand different directions. You are the man who can make my world look more wonderful instantly with just a kiss. To my wonderful husband, partner and friend, Happy Valentine’s Day.

372. I am fortunate wife in the world to get you. You are my everything. I am glad that you kept all the promises you have done with me in marriage. I just hope you will be romance king always. Happy Valentine’s day, my love.

373. You mean more to me than anything else in this world that can. You are my life, and you are the one I will always love. Happy Valentine’s Day.

374. Love makes memories happier. And I’m so glad to have you with whom to share them. Happy Valentine’s Day with all my heart.

375. I love that you are my best friend, I love the romance we share, and I love sharing everything with you, you mean the world to me. Happy Valentine’s Day.


376. You give and take care of yourself. You laugh and love You share and listen, and you touch so many hearts. You mean both Valentine’s Day and always.

377. I love to dream about our mornings, because you get even more wonderful and we get closer as time goes by. Above all, I love sharing my day with you, which I am so proud and fortunate to call the love of my life. Happy Valentine’s Day with all my heart.

378. I love your beautiful smile, your way of understanding, your help, your love and all the other wonderful things you are for me. Happy Valentine’s Day with all my heart

379. Our love is a blessing. I believe in you and in the strength of our love, knowing that you will always be by my side. I am writing to you to guide me, to be my touchstone and to help me stay focused.

380. With you, I have found my home, the place to which I belong. I thank God for you and for the beautiful life we share. Happy Valentine’s Day,

381. Respect and admire the way you spend so much time and yourself, because our happiness is important to you. You are a very special man and every day I realize how lucky I am to share life with you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

382. You still think you’re hot. I still love your smile. Still laugh at the nice things you say. I still need your hugs. I still wish your kiss. You still love when you touch me that way. You are the best.

383. I keep having fun just by staying at home, or when we are going to try something new. I keep falling in love more and more each year, and I’m glad to be married to you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

384. Every day, you show me how much strength, understanding and dedication you are. I am so happy to spend my life loving you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

385. From laughter and fun, to the challenges we overcome, to all the ways in which we help each other with comfort, support and love, I would not change any of that. Being on this trip with you is what makes my life so meaningful. I love you so much. Happy Valentine’s Day.

386. I love you, I need you and I cannot imagine a life without you. Sometimes, it really is that simple. Happy Valentine’s Day.

387. I love the way we understand each other. I love our sense of humor. I love how we are together for each other (especially when “there” is very close!) I love everything about us but especially you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

388. You are the one I love to go to new places and share funny adventures. You are with whom I love talking and going out with more than anyone. You are my best friend. And I love you with all my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day.

389. My husband, my Valentine. Thanks to you, I can share my life with the person with whom I can be serious, be silly and with whom I always feel comfortable. Missing you a lot honey, in this special day.

390. Thanks to you, I have the strength and the support to risk myself, make mistakes and be the person I should be. Because of you, I have my best friend, my soul mate, my incredible husband forever by my side. For you, life is incredible. Love you very much.

391. 348. You make the best times are better and the sweetest memories are sweeter. And I could not have more luck to have you in my life. Happy Valentine’s Day

392. Happy Valentine’s Day. You do not need a special occasion to tell you how important you are, but one of the best things about Valentine’s Day is the opportunity to repeat it. You want to say more than words could say.

393. Years later, I imagine that we still hold hands, we continue laughing and still completely in love. As we are now. Happy Valentine’s Day with love.

394. With you as my husband, there is always something exciting to look forward to. I love how we keep finding ways to try new things, go to new places and have new adventures. It is very fun to be together.

395. I cannot wait to see what is next for us, because every day I discover another new reason to love you even more. Happy Valentine’s Day.

396. The easy thing was to fall in love: intimate dinners, romantic getaways and deep conversations that lasted all night, but the best thing is to share the “every day” with you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

397. Putting feelings into words can be quite difficult, since only words cannot describe how I feel about you. Sometimes it can be just a look, a smile, a kiss, something that says a lot and gives me warmth and happiness. Happy Valentine’s Day my love.

398. The thoughts of love are with you on this special day and how you are so incredible. It is the perfect time to say that every moment that happens with you brings so much joy to the world that makes me so lucky to have you as my husband. You mean a lot in my life. Happy Valentine’s Day my love.

399. Feeling so happy in every way, a smile on my lips at the beginning of every day yearning to see you when we are apart, a jump in my steps and a song in my heart if this is the way my life means to be. So, honey, I know you were very destined to me! Happy Valentine’s Day.

400. I cannot believe how lucky my life was and that I found someone as kind as you to marry me.

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