500 Happy Valentine Day Wishes & Messages For Husband From Wife in English

201. I love your kisses, your tight hugs and cuddles . I love your smile and all your glamourous parts. While there are special days like this, then obviously, there will be special wishes like these. .Many love on Valentine’s Day for my dear husband.

202. You are more special to me than all the money in the world and I would not leave you for anything. Today is a special occasion to miss you, another opportunity to say I LOVE YOU! Happy Valentine day with love

203. The love we share is so special and charming. Every day I think about the luck I had to find you in the luck and that is you in my life. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to tell you how much I love you. I mean it, baby. Happy Valentine, my better half.

204. When we are together, we always gather special and unforgettable moments together. You mean so much to me , I love you more than ever. My best and warm wishes comes with love and better thoughts, especially for you. You mean a lot to me on this Valentine’s Day and throughout the year. Happy Valentine Day, sweetheart!!

205. As, you are the part of my life everyday seems to be joyous and full of happiness. Your love makes a big difference in my life. You are more than my husband. You are my life partner and my best friend. You mean everything to me, and I love you very much ..

206. You are my only true love and you always will be mine forever. My heart and I agree – You are the Valentine for me. I love you, sweetheart!!

207. On Valentine’s Day for my handsome husband, I hope you know each moment and each day, I love you more than words can say. By your side is where I want to be today and always! Happy Valentine Day, darling.

208. A love that never ends, a deep and true love that never gets apart, a love that brings so much happiness and bliss, that is the love I feel for you. I’m sending you this special Valentine wishes to tell you how much I love you. Happy Valentine Day, my love!!!

209. For my husband on Valentine’s Day, I am sending so many kisses and hugs from the core of my heart. I’m glad you’re my special Valentine … I love you and I know I always will. Lots of love. Happy Valentine, Hubby.

210. I am sending warm wishes with all the love of the world for my husband. This is a special moment for hearts, flowers and romantic words, but the best part is that it gives me the opportunity to say how special you are to me. Happy Valentine Day, hubby.

211. I am sending my sweet wishes from the depth of my heart because I know that you were special from the beginning and I hope we never apart as what may be the situation be. Happy Valentine’s Day my love. Lots of kisses and tight hug for you.

212. We were still madly in love with each other despite of spending a lot of time together. Baby, I pray to god that may we be together for seven life’s and I know we will be more happier with each other. With a lot of love on Valentine’s Day, dear. I’m so lucky that I have you.

213. Here is a special valentine wish for you as you are very special for me. I hope it shows how much I care and love you and I always will, too. I am sending it to you with much love, much more than words and wishes of happiness can say in this and every day. Happy Valentine’s Day with lots of love.

214. You are the love of my life and my heart belongs to you! Happy Valentine Day, Honey!!! My heart belongs to you and your heart belongs to me, on Valentine’s Day and always.

215. You make my life shine in different ways, and I know that I will love you for all my life because being with you is my favorite moment, and now and always, I’m so glad you’re mine and I am yours because I would never compare anyone with you and with the love we share. Happy Valentine’s Day, hubby with all my love.

216. This wish comes from my heart with all my love, especially to say that you will always be my Valentine and I love you more every day and up to my last breathe. I love you until the moon and back … I’m all yours! And I hope you know! Have a fantastic day!

217. I am sure you would know, that you are the only one for me if you could really read my heart … and that I love you so much! A lot of love with all my heart. Happy Valentine Day, darling!!

218. You make my heart jump with joy, you make me happy in every way … That’s why this day, you’re on your way to Valentine’s Day! Have the happiest Valentine’s Day with lots of love.

219. Thanks to you, Valentine’s Day has a very special meaning and every day they have a very special happiness. I love you for your warmth and understanding, Happy Valentine, Honey!

220. We always feel that we are two people in the room when we are together. When we are together, my days seem much brighter and joyous and each moment is filled with a special kind of happiness … When we are together, I know that when I am by your side. I always want to be with you, hubby. Happy Valentine’s Day.

221. This is the most romantic time of the year and we are together. As, Valentine’s Day is such a special occasion, as it’s a time when we think of sparkling champagne and beautiful red roses. All the wonderful and romantic things that make you feel like you are in the world of mine. Do you feel that you not only go to Valentine’s Day, but you always do? With all my love, wishing you happy valentine.

222. You have the key to my heart. You are always my better half, I love you. You make shine every day of mine. I am always yours. I love you, baby!!!

223. You’re more special to me and I would not change that for nothing. Happy Valentine’s Day with love.

224. As, I love sharing my life with you and I love you, I hope you know a lot, I love you! Happy Valentine’s day, my baby I wish you were always by my side.

225. I know I’m not so good at everything, I do not know how to do it all the time we do it so much that it’s easy to get caught up in chaos and forget what is important. I love you always, my heart! Missing you, Honey !!!


226. This Valentine’s Day, I just want to make sure we stop for a minute, just to look around, the life we’ve built, the memories we’ve created and, most importantly, the love that started it all. Because, what i have to say is something worth celebrating, not only on Valentine’s Day but every day and this means absolutely everything for me! Happy Valentine’s Day with all the love in my heart.

227. I hope you are always mine! Happy Valentine’s Day, my husband !! Lots of love.

228. Many of the hugs and kisses to you, hubby with warm wishes from my heart, I’m glad you’re my special Valentine. I love you and I know I will always love you. You are my lucky charm !!!

229. This message from me on Valentine’s Day comes directly from my heart, because I know it has been special and I hope we never be apart from each other. Happy Valentine’s darling!! I love you so much.

230. On Valentine’s Day and every day I love you so much! For which I believe that the whole world is a special desire with all my love. Happy Valentine Day, Honey!!!

231. I do not know what attracts me. It could be your personality, it could be your charm, but it was probably your good behavior and courtesy. With Love & Lust on Valentine’s Day, my husband.

232. Valentine’s Day is a special day, a day to let you know that I believe that your world is much more special than this can show. Valentine’s Day is a special day and in this special day, I want to say that you are everything to me. Happy Valentine Day, baby!!!

233. The reason why my feelings are so hard to hide? – Your look is fantastic, and your eyes are superb! With a lot of love and lust on Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine, my love

234. The thoughts of beautiful things you do, a lot of love and affection, too, are all within this desire for today, because you are more special than words can say! Happy Valentine Day, hubby!!!

235. Husband, you are so special in every way. I hope you know that I will always be by your side in your good and bad times. You are always in my heart. Happy Valentine Day, baby!!!

236. The times we share the fun we have, your special friendship, too, it’s no wonder Valentine, I’m so in love with you. A lot of love on Valentine’s Day.

237. You are very special for me on Valentine’s Day. so here I am I love you with all my heart – you mean the world to me! Happy Valentine Day, honey!!!

238. The heart remembers happy times, and stays close forever. You are one of those people who give life to a brighter touch by doing small, thoughtful things that mean a lot throughout the year. With love for you on Valentine’s day, honey!!!

239. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to celebrate with love and affection. For when it is a special Valentine’s Day, you stand out by a mile! Every day I think how lucky I am to have your love and have you in my life. I love you baby!!!

240. You are more special to me than all the money in the world and I would not change that for anything. Happy valentine day, my hubby with love!!

241. I never knew until I feel that life could be so sweet. You always make me smile so bright and you take me out of my bad times because you are my only and perfect, my perfect Valentine, and this little message contains my love in every line! Happy Valentine Day, hubby.

242. You’re very special and I wanted you to know, so I’m sending you this Valentine’s Day just to tell you that! Some things should not go unnoticed, so Valentine is true, I’m not afraid to sound sentimental about you. Being sentimental is good from time to time, sharing precious memories with a tear or a smile, expressing a special feeling that we rarely say, and there is no time for a feeling as perfect as today! Happy Valentine’s Day!!

243. This Valentine is special because it is made for you, and the loving thoughts behind it are also very special! Happy Valentine Day, hubby. I am so grateful for you, Honey!!!

244. It is the day for ‘rings and flowers’, so here is a Valentine’s Day, which brings love and happiness to your heart, directly from mine! I’m thinking of you on Valentine’s Day and I also want to tell you that no one can be as special and wonderful as you. With lots of love, my hubby.

245. Much love for you on this special day, because Valentine, you mean a lot in my life. Because I think of you in such a special way, because you add a touch of love to each day and I know forever. This Valentine comes with a lot of love for you, with the hope that your happiness will last all year.

246. Loving you is so easy! I send all my love to my incredible Valentine and I just want to let you know that I am so happy that it is mine. Happy Valentine Day, honey.

247. You are my only true love and you always will be. A love that never ends, a deep and true love, a love that brings so much happiness, that is the love I feel for you. Happy Valentine Day. I am so grateful that I am so blessed with you.

248. From the depth of my heart, this is your way, with all my love on Valentine’s Day, I just want to tell you that I’m glad that you’re mine and will be mine forever. My handsome and dashing husband! I love you a lot.

249. You are forever in my heart and always in my mind, because there is no one I can love more than you, my love! With all my love now and forever, Wishing you Happy Valentine. Love you so much.

250. This warm message has come to soothe you, the deepest feelings that I do not usually show: how much I love you, Valentine, and how proud I am to call you my husband! All my love on Valentine’s Day.

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