500 Happy Valentine Day Wishes & Messages For Husband From Wife in English

451. Rules of love, it is important to always curl up on the couch to make time for the tickles to greet hugs and goodbye kisses laugh at each other. send messages full of love You rule my world and I love all those we share. Happy Valentine’s Day.

452. When true love blossoms, it becomes more beautiful every day. I feel very lucky to have a wonderful love like ours. I am yours, always. Happy Valentine’s Day my love.

453. I love you so much, I cannot stand it. Sending you every bit of love in my heart, because we are only a pair of claws! Happy Valentine’s Day.

454. Being with you is like winning the lottery. Happy Valentine’s Day my love.

455. Husband, you are one in a million. So lucky to have an excellent husband. Thanks for being brilliant. Happy Valentine’s Day.

456. When true love blossoms, it becomes more beautiful every day. I feel very lucky to have a wonderful love like ours. I am yours, always.

457. Just to remind you that I love you very much, even when you cannot decide what to wear, how to comb or where to eat. I’m crazy about you, my crazy, husband. Happy Valentine’s Day.
458. I will always belong to you. Nobody in this world makes me happier. I love you so much.

459. From the moment we met, life became a beautiful journey and I am glad that we are doing it together. Happy Valentine’s Day.

460. When only seeing you gives me butterflies, I know that when you touch me and I blush, I know. When your smile is enough to make my day, I know that I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

461. Only for a day, we will let our worries float, rise above everything and enter into the setting sun. You are still my Valentine.

462. For my beloved husband on this Valentine’s day. Thanks for bringing a shine to my eyes and a smile to my lips.

463. The secret of having everything is to know that you already have it and I know that I am so lucky to have it all with a wonderful Husband like you. I love you today and every day.

464. Wherever we go, we will come together, I know you will always be with me. I am very happy with you, my love. Happy Valentine’s Day my love.

465. Husband, we form a perfect couple and in this case you are lucky to have such a beautiful and caring wife. Happy Valentine’s Day, my life.

466. We have shared so many moments and each one is special, our life together means everything to me. Missing you alot.

467. Is not it amazing what you can find on the web these days? Happy Valentine’s Day.

468. Whether we enjoy the best of life or just simple pleasures, our love continues to improve with age. Happy Valentine’s Day my love.

469. My husband, my best friend forever, my love, you will never know how lucky I feel because I have you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

470. For you, my special husband on Valentine’s Day. I cannot wait to enjoy Valentine’s Day with my wonderful husband. I love you a lot.

471. I hope that today you feel as special and as loved as you make me feel each day that we spend together. Happy Valentine’s Day with all my love.

472. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to share what I always feel and do not always say, that you occupy the most special place in my world and always and always in my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day.

473. Happy Valentine’s Day With love for you, my husband from the bottom of my heart to the bottom of my bottom and all the intermediate parts!

474. The first time you kissed me, I could swear that time stopped, but maybe it was just my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day to whom my heart still stops.

475. I would ask you to be mine, but I think you already know that you already are! And I hope you know that it’s not just for today, but every day, I count my blessings for having you in my life.

476. The only world I can see is the one that exists between you and me. Happy Valentine’s Day.


477. With so much love in my heart for you! Happy Valentine’s Day.

478. Husband, I have something for you, my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day.

479. To my beloved husband, on Valentine’s Day. When we are together, I want to be with you forever!

480. From the moment I put my hand in yours, I knew that “forever” would be ours. Happy Valentine’s Day.

481. Loving and being loved is the greatest gift of life. Happy Valentine’s Day to the best gift of my life.

482. There may have been some bumps in the road but even after all these years, that good fashionable lover is still strong! Happy Valentine’s Day.

483. Being with you makes me feel warm and confused everywhere! Happy Valentine’s Day.

484. My love for you is always written in my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day.

485. These kisses are only for you! And there’s more where that came from! Happy Valentine’s Day.

486. Love is patient. Love is kind, always protect, always trust, always wait, always persevere. Love never fails. Happy Valentine’s Day with a love that will never come to an end.

487. Sometimes I forget to tell you how much I love you, but my heart always remembers it. Happy Valentine’s Day.

488. Love is all there is, it is all we know about love. I think my heart belonged to you even before we met. I was just waiting for you to find it. Happy Valentine’s Day.

489. My heart belonged to you before we met. The Lord did it for you, and I am just grateful to god. Happy Valentine’s Day.

490. There is really no other place where I would like to be than to be wrapped in your love with you right next to me. Happy Valentine’s Day.

491. If life is a journey, it is love that makes the best traveling companion. There is no one with whom you prefer to travel through life than you do. Happy Valentine’s Day.

492. Love does not look with the eyes, but with the heart. Luckily for me, my eyes and my heart love what they see. Happy Valentine’s Day.

493. Through the tides, the seasons and the years, my love for you has only been strengthened. Happy Valentine’s Day.

494. Prayer is a hug that can reach a million miles. And now I give you to the Lord and to your care. Love you and send you hugs of prayer today! Happy Valentine’s Day

495. A little Valentine’s wish for you, my husband who comes with a lot of love!

496. We have divided personalities. One side of us loves chocolate. The other side loves wine. The only sensible thing to do on Valentine’s Day is to treat BOTH sides, so that no one becomes jealous!

497. Wishing you a great big happy heart filled with the love of God and mine! Happy Valentine’s Day.

498. The love of God shines in everything you do! With love and thanks on valentine’s day.

499. You make my world a better place just by being on Happy Valentine’s Day.

500. Although you are far from me, but you are always in my heart. Come home soon, my love. Wishing you a special day, Happy Valentine, my love.

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