Happy Valentine Day Wishes For Husband From Wife in English: – Are you looking for some romantic Valentine’s Day wishes for the husband? Then, you come to the right place. As, Valentine’s Day is the special day to celebrate love with your loved one by sending beautiful wishes, gifts, chocolates or making an excellent place to spend time.

You can find the perfect words for your husband and send him the best wishes which will really bring smile in his face. Let these words express your feelings for them.

Happy Valentine Day Wishes For Husband From Wife in English

1. Not only in this moment, but always. Not for just one reason, but for various reasons. Not only when everything is fine, but when it is not. Not only when it’s easy, but when it is difficult. Not only under the sun, but in the rain, but not only in this day, but every day. I will always love you. Happy Valentine day, my love.

2. Thank you, hubby for all the love and support. I see our love everywhere, in all the good things in life and in every corner of my heart. Happy Valentine day, my love.

3. Wishing you aa wonderful valentine day with grand celebration and happiness all year long.

4. What a special occasion is today to tell you how much I appreciate the understanding and support you give me, the way you endure all my faults and still love me in spite of them. You bring so much joy to my life for being the best and kind person you are. I am so lucky to be the person you love most. Happy valentine, hubby.

Valentine Day Wishes For Husband


5. I am so fortunate that I owe you and the things that your love has taught me. You have supported me through the years and you have given me so many happy memories that will last till my last breathe. Today seems like the perfect time to express my gratitude and tell you that how much I love you.

6. When I was with you, it fulfills all my needs, when I was without you, I left wanting only you, when my dreams and my reality became the same, I knew you were the one. You are the person that I will love today and forever. Happy Valentine day, my love.

7. You are the one with who I feel so good, in which I think when I get up and sleep every night. You are the one that leaves me breathless, the one that makes me proud, you are the one that can make me angry or make me loud out loud! Happy valentine day, hubby.

8. You are the one who make my heart beats faster, and when it is done, there is no ifs, no buts or may be, because, baby you are the one. Happy Valentine day, baby!!
9. From sunrise to sunset, from the sun to the moon, from the beginning to the end, from much later until too soon. You are where I want to be, the last I want to see, whether it’s why or where or how, you are my forever and my now. Happy Valentine day, sweetheart.

10. Like a blanket on the bed or the sound of a morning shower, like a rejected book, half read or the quiet hour of the morning, you are at the home with me. Like the warm sun through the curtain or a light lit through the night, like the glow of a candle or the feeling that all is well, you are always with me. Happy Valentine day, my love.

11. For the kind and amazing person I love. You are the one who makes the hero’s thing look easy. I do not know how you do what you do, but I love and I love you.

12. Through small gestures and great favors, kind words and quiet strength, you are always there. You mean a lot to our family and we feel very fortunate to have you in my life. Happy valentine day, my love.

13. From adorable to beautiful, from wishes in stars to get the beautiful dreams. From believing in magic to believing in yourself, from one sweet surprise to another, from loving more to loving yourself, that is you. Happy valentine day.

Valentine Day Wishes For Husband

14. Before being as We, you could never have guessed how much better it would be to share life with someone as incredible as you. Every day, you give me something to be grateful for, every difficult moment, you make half hard and all good, you make it twice as big. You are a blessing, that is what you are. I am so glad that you are mine.
15. It’s about being best friends, no matter what life brings in great moments and also messy ones. True love is going through all the ups and downs of life together and still feels that spark. And I do I will always feel it with you. I love you, baby. Happy Valentine.

16. I cannot even begin to name all the way in which you love has changed my life. I am a happier man, stronger and better thanks to you. Happy valentine day.

17. Loving a man like you is a gift every day. I do not know what I did to deserve someone as wonderful as you, but whatever it is, I would do it a million times. Thank you for seeing the best of me, for accepting the rest of me and for giving me true happiness. Happy valentine day, my love.

18. This is just the beginning of you and me. And that is the best part. I am so happy to be with you today and always. Happy valentine day, Honey.

19. There could be no greater gift to me than your love. When I think about everything you are and everything you do to make me happy, I could not be more grateful to you, to life, to heaven, for giving me such a great love, a love that is so supportive and caring to my needs. And although I know I have said it before, I want to repeat it, especially on valentine day.
20. If valentine day needed to save then you would be the perfect hero to do it. Know why? Because you are bold, courageous and have a great heart. Happy Valentine day, my love.

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Happy Valentine Day

21. I am so grateful to god that I found the man of my dreams. God has given me the precious gift. I am so grateful for all the ways. You love me, approach it, and the best is on me. I am so happy to have you and the gift of your love.

22. I do not know all about love, but I know about us. I believe in the life we are enjoying, the dreams we are dreaming. I believe in what we have, because for me, happiness means having your love forever. Happy Valentine day, my love.

Valentine Day Wishes For Husband

23. This valentine day is not just a celebration of our love, but a promise of how much we should expect. The love we share today, wonderful as it is, is still only part of the joy we will have when we unite our lives. Happy valentine day, my love.


24. Husband brings happiness to the hearts of wife. Valentine’s day is the perfect time to make sure you know what a blessing it is to have a husband like you. You are a wonderful and amazing person. Wishing you valentine day, my love.

25. Love is getting up every day and looking at that person and saying that I choose you and I will continue loving you today, every day and until forever.
26. It is a joy to have a husband who love me so much, who makes my life so much sweeter and brighter. Happy Valentine’s day, my love. Thank you for sharing so much of your heart and for taking care of yours and mine.

27. I am so happy to be together. There I was, just living my life, doing what I wanted to do and then you came with that smile of yours and changed everything. Happy Valentine day, Hubby.

28. Your smile makes me feel so good. And behind that grin, I found someone so smart, so funny, someone who complimented me and challenged me in many good ways. Whatever it is, fate or luck, I am glad that we met. I am enjoying every moment and waiting for more. Happy Valentine day, my baby!!

29. What is true love? It is about the tight hugs on our way to the door or sending us text messages in the middle of a busy day. You are the one who know to smile even in difficult times and teach me to tackle the problems with patience. I love you, hubby.

30. I love all your kisses, the kisses of Have a good day that make me feel that I can handle anything that comes my way. The kisses of I missed you remind me that I am appreciated and loved. I love you baby from the depth of my heart. Happy Valentine day, my love.

Valentine Day Wishes For Husband
31. The kisses of Lets make up that show me how important I am to you. The kisses of I love you, the tenderness, the touching of you. I love all your kisses and I love you touch. Baby, you are mine and wish you Happy Valentine day.

32. I am so glad that you are my life partner. On this special day, I want you to know that what special place you have in my life. This is the reason that I feel wrapped in your arms, how completely my heart is yours. Happy Valentine day, my love.

33. Because of you, I can smile in million little ways. I hope, you have a million reasons to smile this valentine’s day. I love you, baby. Let’s make this valentine day, more special and grand.

34. I am blessed with a great husband. I knew you were special when I met you, but through the years of being together in the good and the bad times, learning to laugh at the little things and embrace each other when things felt bigger than the two of us, I’ve come to know the truth of what God has given me, a loving, caring and special man. I love you with all my heart. Happy Valentine, Honey!!!

35. When we get married for the first time, we do not anticipate to give all the twists and turns that would make our lives. Today, our love is even deeper, even stronger, even better than we dream. And I still know you’re the only man for me and the only difference is I love you even more. Happy Valentine’s Day.

36. You and me have shared so much. We have shared laughs and dreams, big and small changes, and many things of life in the middle, but in spite of everything, you have improved my life filling my heart with your love and my arms with your beautiful being, creating a warmth. and a consolation that I know I can always go home. Happy Valentine day, Honey!!!

37. No matter what happens or how hectic life is, I feel a constant amazement for your grace, your strength, your soft touch of the way you anchor to those around you and you always have love to lose. I love you I always. Happy Valentine Day.

38. Loving a man like you is a gift every day. I do not know what I did to deserve someone as wonderful as you, but whatever it is, I would do it a million times. Thank you for seeing the best of me, for accepting the rest of me and for giving me true happiness. Happy Valentine’s Day, hubby.

39. Sometimes my husband, my best friend, gets along perfectly. Other times, we do not do it. Sometimes, we make jokes with each other. And other times, we will not do it. But despite our differences, I have learned one or two things. I learned that the only place for me is here, next to you. Happy Valentine Day, honey.

Valentine Day Wishes For Husband

40. Someone like you happens once in a lifetime. I’m so glad you happened on mine. I love you, baby. Happy Valentine day.

41. Love is shown in everything you do. Your loving nature, your warmth and welcome. These are gifts that come directly from your heart. Thank you for the love and joy you give so generously. Happy Valentine Day.

42. I love you more every day. I love sharing this life with you. Happy Valentine Day, baby.

43. The man of my dreams is solid and strong. He adheres to his values and knows the right of the wrong. He is sweet, carefree, and likes to have fun, but when something needs to be done, he does the work. I am so fortunate that you are in my life.

44. The man of my dreams is smart and impressive, but cares for others and has a good heart. He is a man that people are anxious to have on his side because of his character, passion and pride. Happy Valentine day, my love!!!

45. The man of my dreams is a joy to be with him; He treats me like gold, as a valuable gift. It makes me feel glamourous, attractive, admired, respected … and yet at the same time desired. The man of my dreams is not all in my head. He is the guy in my kitchen, my front room, my bed. And I’m excited by how good and perfect it seems to wake up in the arms of the man of my dreams! \i love you, hubby. Happy Valentine day.

Valentine Day Wishes For Husband

46. Dreams do not come true every day. But that is exactly what happened when it entered my life, that day when time stopped and our story began. Happy Valentine day, my love.

47. Honestly, until you came into my life, I was not sure there really was someone there for me especially someone so funny, considerate and interesting in every way. But there you were, and here you are now, the one my heart was waiting for. And even if every day with you is even better than the previous one, I will always remember when everything changed that moment in which my dream became wonderfully real you. Happy Valentine day.

48. On any given day, our life can be a little crazy. That’s why I’m glad there’s a day like Valentine’s Day to tell you how much you and everything you do mean. Too often, the love and respect I have for you get lost in the confusion, but it’s definitely something I’m always feeling. I love you and I am so happy to share this life with you. Happy Valentine’s Day, hubby.

49. Love is getting up every day and looking at that person and saying “I choose you”. I love you. And I will continue to choose you every day until forever.

50. For everything we have shared together, for everything that should still be I love you more than ever: you mean the world to me. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Day Wishes For Husband

51. We have ups and downs. We have given and taken. And despite everything, we are two people, we really love each other. What we have is just perfect to be together, together-forever people like us. Happy Valentine’s Day, Honey!!!


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