44 Uses of Facebook App for iPad

There are more than 44 uses of Facebook app on my iPad. Facebook app for iPad keeps me with Facebook with just a touch way. Facebook app for iPad makes me very easier to share photos and websites with my friends. Facebook has made their office app for iPad user universally. Facebook app for iPad is a very well done and great complement. The Facebook app for iPad has always been attractive and glamouring among the facebookers.

uses of facebook app for ipadAs we know Facebook is a most popular social networking website that allows I to stay connected with my friends and co-workers, schoolars, collegers with sharing status, photos, and instant short message.

If you have an iPad, then go ahead to download Facebook app for iPad. If you are a facebook user and you have an iPad, then I highly recommend I to download Facebook app for iPad. It provides you to do everything you want to do on Facebook. As of February 2013 it had more than 1.15 billion active users, it connects you with the world.

This app provides in my iPad all the services of Facebook.

Uses of Facebook App on My iPad

Here are 44 uses of Facebook app for iPad

  1. I can surf the facebook with a just touch way.
  2. I can surf facebook just on the chair or bed. I can do other things at the same time too. I can listen radio or fm or watch TV or do anything while surfing the facebook on my ipad.
  3. I can play mobile game. There are already installed several games in my ipad or I can download more game apps from m.facebook.com or facebook.com.
  4. I can share updates, videos, photos and status.
  5. I can upload pictures and videos.
  6. I can see what friends are updates
  7. I can get notification when my friends like my posts.
  8. I can get noticed when my friends comments on my posts.
  9. I can send the text message to my friends when they are offline.
  10. I can chat with my friends when they are online.
  11. I can have group conversation if I am a group member.
  12. I can create or manage photo album.
  13. I can play games on my Facebook.
  14. I can use my favorite apps on my Facebook.
  15. I can download my favorite apps from the Facebook freely.
  16. I can search for hash tags or tap them in my posts to see what other people are saying about a topic.
  17. I can also connect with friends in the Game Center, “like” iPad apps.
  18. I can make restaurant reservations directly on participating pages in the US.
  19. I can fix bugs that were causing some people to see red notification budges when there weren’t any new notifications.
  20. I can fix bugs in all sections of this app before add unnecessary and valueless features like restaurant crap.
  21. I can tag in my friends’ post pushing of a button.
  22. I can get cleaner look of Facebook wall than ever.
  23. I can control my privacy setting.
  24. I can choose my post to publish publicly or only to a certain friend lists too.
  25. I can approve friend requests.uses of facebook for ipad
  26. I can search people for new friends.
  27. I can call or email a friend as long as my friends have information listed.
  28. I can manage my account accordingly to my most viewed friends or pages and a link their profile will be added on the main page.
  29. I can see news feed looks like just it does on facebook.com
  30. I can view my friends’ photos displaying on the news feed.
  31. If I enable syncing, I can add Facebook profile picture and contact information to my iPad contacts.
  32. I can view upcoming events and RSVP.
  33. I can write notes on my page.
  34. I can read notes of my friends.
  35. I can see my friends’ birthdays.
  36. I can change my profile picture.
  37. I can zoom into photos.
  38. I can be a fan of pages.
  39. I can sort my friends by first or last name according to my settings.
  40. I can see mutual friends.
  41. I can easily search for people and Pages.
  42. I can restore the send button for comments, chat and messages.
  43. I can restore friend list to the news feed.
  44. I can scroll through news feed faster now than previous.

You are confusing how to download the ‘Facebook app for iPad’. To download easily and quickly app for your iPad, just click facebook.com.  As a result, you keep up with my friends and family faster than ever.

In the conclusion the Facebook for iPad app is a more enjoyable experience than using the Facebook web page on my iPad.


Remember it, ipad has more reasons to use, not only one reason that is just browsing the facebook.

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