11 Must Know Facts about US Citizen Getting Married in Nepal


11 Must Know Facts about US Citizen Getting Married in Nepal

Any foreigners can get married to a Nepali citizen if both of them are willing to get married but there are certain norms and condition to follow. Nepal government has certain rules and regulations which both of the bride and grooms must follow in order to get the marriage legal. After the conditions are met, you will be verified as husband and wife according to Nepal government. In Nepal, Chief district officer known as CDO has rights to give the authority of marriage after the fulfillment of requirements.

If you are a US citizen and you want to get married to a Nepali citizen, then you must follow Nepali marriage procedure. You have right to get married to a Nepali citizen from any district of Nepal. Here are the certain requirements you should follow to get the marriage approved by the Nepal government.

Facts about US citizen getting married in Nepal

1. At first, US citizen should submit NO OBJECTION letter from the US embassy notarized by the Consular officer to the CDO office. It should state that US citizen has no any objection from Government of the USA regarding his marriage to a Nepali citizen. He/She is free to marry. It cost USD 50 for the NO OBJECTION letter from the US embassy. You need to show your passport or your citizenship.


US marriage in nepal
USA citizens marriage inNepall

2. Second, both the men and women must be above 20 years of age to get the married. So, you have to show the documents that verify their age.

3. You should get married according to the Nepali cultures and rituals.

4. Now, to get your marriage registered, you must submit Affidavit of Eligibility to marry at the CDO offices.

5. You also need to show your citizenship, Passport, your photos and photographs of marriage (upon request).


6. For registration, you have to pay some nominal registration fee.

7. After you apply, it will take about 16 days to get verified.

8. CDO will check your documents, your legal status with the various government offices.

9. After CDO verified your processing, it will issue a marriage certificate to you written in both English and Nepali.

10. Now, your marriage is verified by Government of Nepal. You have been identified as husband and wife.

11. Once your marriage is verified by Nepal, it will also be accepted by Government of USA.

Writer: Niraj Thapa Magar


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