Top 3 Unusual Things to Do in Kathmandu, Nepal


Unusual things to do in Kathmandu, Nepal

KATHMANDU  is very colorful if you have money in pocket and is very colorless if you do not have money in the pocket. As the world knows about the Nepal but very few among know about the Kathmandu and its factorial truth is hidden inside. The Kathmandu welcomes all the people who come from far or near does not have and any discrimination. The main theme of a large city is one common factor that the people are itself very busy in doing their works and very few people are walking with helping hands and thoughts.

There are many things which are legal and illegal but also found in Kathmandu by pasting the mask in the eyes of the administration. And it is also the major diseases which make the illegal works operating under administrations support and togetherness. It also the compulsory to welcome the international tourist with international and Nepalese flavored tastes services.  In order, you can look many hotels and high-class institution is operating illegal activities. These are the major things should be strictly banned and criminal should hardly punish.

People travel one places for another place for many works but mostly for entertainment. So these are some unusual things which can be operated by the cooperation of the both party.

Unusual Things to Do in Kathmandu

1. Thamel version:

It is famous for the providence of every taste to the customer charging according to your choices. As it is the one of most visited tourist area does not have any boundary to celebrated limited. People and the tourist mostly are the presentation and make the programs more entertaining. The Thamel offers many tastes and delicious foods items national and international for customer satisfaction and attraction. There are many newly opened tea and coffee shop which is selling their services at the very low margin to attract the customer for one durability. The night become colorful and the day becomes more entertaining.


midnight girls at thamel kathmandu nepal
midnight girls at thamel kathmandu nepal

The summation of days and night observation and participation makes you mad in the joy may fall you in the pit of the drunkard. The sounds of DJ and new song make the obligation to shake your body in the tone of music vocal. There are many restaurants famous for family services, that is also some extra brought gifts for the family celebration in Thamel. But the Thamel is mostly for the adults as it deserves with feeling and demands of the youth.

2. Drinking wildly:

a boy drinking beer wildly
A boy is drinking beer wildly

This is also the unusual things can be performed by you if you want to take the unlimited enjoys. The wine and the quality of wine make the foundation to entertain and lasts its longevity. The man in the water and the man in the land is greatest differences.  the new achievement and new success automatically brings the party obligately or by pressure.  You can also drink the international and branded wine for doing the fun and entertainment.

3. Loot activities:

Loot activities

It is also the unusual activities performed by the person but it is illegal so the probability of poisoning increases if caught in looting activities. The activities are which is touched with unusual that might have some illusion and harmful results. So it will be better if you don’t participate in that types of activities.


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