Unusual Things to Do in Nepal


26 Unusual things to do in Nepal

Focusing on the tourism garden of Nepal, we conclude the many facts and figure shining with their unique features and unique catalogs. The advertisement is also playing the great role for promotion and development of this sector accomplishing the forces with the great opportunity to adopt and adapt.

A person having many causes but brought in publicity of only anyone for forwarding the supplement of their dream with better design and delegation. The environment and the different creations are the greatest strength of Nepal for uplifting the economy of the country making it’s utilized properly with rapid courses.

So people of the foreign comes here or visit another country by making their plan map and ensuring the action will be applied or tried on the chosen land or traveling the land. They have to make the network through which there will the income and outcome of their feeling and fun. The person has many ideas for getting the fun and doing something unusual but if also differs from the land to land.

So let us we discuss the different subjects and topic to make and celebrate that as the unusual actions to be performed:

Unusual things to do in Nepal

1. Restaurant and dance bars participation:

dance bar kathmandu Nepal Night
dance bar kathmandu in Nepal

This is the land of Nepal and happens or performed all activities based on Nepalese. The people might have come to celebrate from the many other country to know too some of them and for research too. Nepalese dance bar have different styles adding the different function to mobilize and freed the youth to shake and snail at the tone and sound of music of their body parts. You have the better chance to get the mobility and flirt with the Nepalese girls and boys with better taste of wine and other beverages. This also falls under the roof of the unusual things which is prohibited in many part of Nepal but somewhere it is legally in operation.

2. Making fool:

Making fool
Making fool

Person are always serious in their works and activities through which they connected and spending their life with smooth growth. The person does not trust you if you make any serious events having your intensity renowned by them. So it is also the better chances to make fool to the man who is looking serious saying something accidental news happened with their relatives or something other which affects him or hear like wind. The man getting fool will provide you joy but making them may scold you or might occurs some bad controversy. Person some gets angry while some enjoys and makes you fool too sometimes in any happy celebration or mood.


3 . Bathing at the river and ponds:

Swimming at Koshi River
Bathing at iver

It is normal and very compliances activities coming in looks from many years ago. There are even now the many youths and also the girls and woman who came at pond and edge of the river for bathing and washing the clothes in remote areas. A person is very care and incentive in nature about the role of playing their character in the society and public.


You can also involve on those types of activities while travelling and making the stores of your journey in the memory. This events is not seen in foreign country, so it might provides you the joy and entertaining investing the minds and body works in the rivers to save something unusual thing in the camera.

4. Swimming in Koshi:

Swimming in Koshi
Swimming in Koshi

It is the greatest river of Nepal flows in mid of the Nepal to the south or India, having the waves in the water speed making the sounds of flexion. It has very high flexion of water with great wide coverage, determining the direction with the speed and rain come in the hilly and mountain region.

It flows by the combination of seven small rivers with big amount and quantity. If you have the knowledge to swim in the river and have practiced or tried earlier then this is also the best options to make the participation in it for the unusual rapture. This activity will also make your hands and legs more movement due to more flowing while swimming.

5. Friends gathering for the wild party:

wild party with friends
wild party with friends

This is very common and fantastic events occurred while gathering of friends after a long time. The celebration does not end very soon as the long gap of connection. So you can also make something rough at the party by doing some unusual things because there will not be the presence of any outsiders person included. The large volume and girls celebration makes your goal unusual but romantic and entertainment.

The different collection of wine injects you differently, and makes you act like the man in the different form increase the rupture in the party and the thought and the past comments also get places to adjust with the beverage fear of large injection inside the body in the crowd.

6. Tasting the Nepalese dishes:

You can also make your journey by tasting the dishes of every region and places where you move on. The taste of Nepalese foods will also make you journey as tasty as the delicious food. Preparation of Nepalese dishes have better input and very spicy obligates you to even suck your finger after the feeding.

There are many people living in many regions having various cultural and tasted they feed and deed in their dishes in the various festival with various belief of norms and traditions.


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