Universities, Councils and Institutes That Provide Technical Education in Nepal

Get here facts, information about universities, councils, and institutes that provide technical education in Nepal. We have enlisted here some 9 universities, councils and institutes that provide the technical education in Nepal. Read here online free for the needs of your requirement.

Name List of 9 Universities, Councils and Institutes That Provide Technical Education in Nepal

In Nepal, universities teach technical education. They provide different technical education. Apart from universities different institutes and council also teach technical education. Some of the institute and universities providing technical education are discussed below.

1. B.P. Koirala institute of Health Science (BPKIHS)

Institute was established with the financial and technical support of Indian government. It is situated in Dharan. It runs university level education in the field of medicine. The main aim of this institute is to produce well-qualified doctor’s and nurses.

2. Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH)

This teaching hospital is located in Maharajgunj, Kathmandu.  It is affiliated id granted as an autonomous institute by Tribhuvan University (TU). It is also known as Institute of Medicine (IOM). Under TUTH, technical courses related medicine are taught. The main aim of TUTH is to produce well-qualified doctors and nurses. Technical subjects such as Pharmacy, Physiotherapy and ophthalmology are also taught. This hospital provides different heath services. They also carry different research activities related to public health and medicine.

3. National Academy of Health Science


This academy teaches medicine. The main aim of this academy is to produce qualified doctors and nurses. This academy runs under management Bir hospital. It produces nurses and PG program for medicine and nursing.

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