10 Tricks That Will Make Every Girl Fall In Love With You

  1. Remember her birthdays

A big deal among girls is dating. Girls remember every date, every birthday, every anniversary and everything. So, if you want to impress her, you better remember her birthdays and every other day that are important to her. It will make her know that you are a sensitive guy who is always looking out for her. It will also make her feel that you are a dependable person. So, she will always look up to you and crave being with you and be loved by you. Also, make sure you buy appropriate gifts for the occasions.

birthday gifts
birthday gifts

Throw in surprise parties once in a while and surprise her with nice treats. This will make her believe that you are ready to plan things for her in order to make her happy. Make sure to celebrate every little achievement.

  1. Be gentle with babies, puppies, cats etc

Girls like to see that the man they are with is gentle and sensitive. So, be that. If you see any puppies or babies or kittens, shower them with love and affection. Also, if they are in trouble, go out of the way to save them and be the savior in her eyes. This will intrinsically trick her into believing that you are a sweet gentle and beautiful human being who is considerate about others pain and helplessness and also helps them when necessary. It will definitely make her feel good about you and will consider going on dates with you further or even be serious with you.


But make sure you do it honestly, if it is not done honestly and she will learn about it, it will only look awkward and will backfire on you. Try to cultivate good habits just in general. Be warm and gentle to every other living being and it does not matter if you are not really an animal person. But make sure the warmth that you have for others comes through and she knows about it. It will reassure her about your good intentions and behaviors. You need not always be perfect in front of her too. Be normal, be good, she will notice your efforts.

  1. Show interest in her work, her family and her friends

If you like the girl you want to date, make sure you are attentive when she talks, be a good listener and show interest in everything she says. Ask questions. Make sure you know well about her family with names so that when she refers to them in the conversation you can understand what she is saying.

cooking special food together boyfriend girlfriend
cooking special food together boyfriend girlfriend

It will make her feel special and will let her know that you are a thoughtful and sincere human being who is attentive to everything she has to say. If something is going on with her work life and she is talking about it, make sure you hear out and provide help to her if you can. It also makes her feel really good about herself for being with a person who loves her so much including everyone else around her and shows a keen interest in everyone.

  1. Presents, Presents, Presents, Thoughtful ones

And we all know, the quickest way to a girl’s heart is through gifts. Make sure you buy gifts for her. Also, when you buy gifts, be thoughtful about what you buy, not just anything you can lay eyes on. But, make sure what she likes, which chocolates she likes, what kind of dresses she likes and buy accordingly. This will instill in her the idea that you like her and care about all her likings. This will definitely make her fall head over heels for you in love.

opening gift

However, make sure you don’t overdo it. Presents are in no way a replacement for the human touch and love that you can give to her. Sometimes a simple smile her way can be a present much valuable than any other gift that you can give to her. So, be the judge of which situation requires what exactly and act accordingly.

  1. Make her need you in her day to day life

One way to lock in the girl you desire is to be so much involved in her that you become her need more than the want too. In her day to day life, help her with things that she does. For example, if you just make it a habit to make the morning coffee and have it together every day, she will start associating you with that activity and since it is a daily activity, she will miss you every time you are not around when she is having coffee. It does not necessarily have to be coffee, you can use any other ways of making her feel your need in her life.

Keep in touch boyfriend girlfriend

So, be careful of such things and let yourself be the need in her life. Want usually fades away with time but you can always be the need in her life. So cultivate activities and things to do where she will need you more than she wants you. That way, she will always want you around and would not want to let go of you.

  1. Get out of town once in a while

This is a little weird trick but trust me it works. Have you heard of the phrase ‘Distance makes hearts grow fond’? That is what it is about. If you are always around, chances are she will feel that you are there and will start taking you for granted. Instead, take some time to yourself too. Once you made sure that she likes you, take a little back step. Go out on a visit to your family members, or on a field trip with your friends or colleague. This little distance will make her feel and appreciate how much she misses you when you are not around.

travelling town

By this time, she would have gotten used to having you around so much so that she will really miss you and this is what you want. Because once you return back, she will be all anew with love for you and a want to be with you all the time. You will definitely love the closeness once you are back in her life again.  This is definitely the best trick. But, before trying this, make sure you know that she likes you by now and has gotten used to having you around all the time.


These ten tricks will definitely help you get any girl that you desire. But, do not take them as just tricks to make her fond of you. Instead, cultivate these habits in your daily life Be the person who will be liked by everyone. Just be a good human being and show her that you love her. It will definitely work. Do not just try to be nice for the time being when you want her. Promise to be there for her all the time and keep the passion alive even when it is the hardest of the times. Then only these tricks work. If you are using these as an instant way to get the girl you want, you will lose her ever so instantly too. Therefore, make it ever lasting by cultivating these habits in your day to day life.

10 Tricks That Will Make Every Girl Fall In Love With You

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