10 Tricks That Will Make Every Girl Fall In Love With You

10 Tricks That Will Make Every Girl Fall In Love With You

Love happens! True! But it might not always happen on its own if you stay inactive and are passive about the person you like. As a man, you need to chase down your love a little bit, show her that you care and love her and let her know how you feel about her.

May be to fall in love it needs a little bit of magic but to make someone notice and appreciate you, you can go for these tricks. These tricks will help the girl you like notice you and eventually develop a liking toward you and also fall in love with you.

10 Tricks That Will Make Every Girl Fall In Love With You

  1. For first few dates, take her to adventure sports or horror movie

When you are planning a date, take her to Adrenaline pumping dates like rides, adventure sports like bungee jumping or paragliding or anything of that sort. The excitement and the adrenaline that pumps up because of such dates will make her associate it with you and the date.

bunjee jumping in Nepali couple boy girl

bunjee jumping in Nepal

As a result, thinking about you she will also feel excited and will look forward to it. If you are yourself not an adventure type of guy, you can just simply take her to horror movies. This psychological trick will make her associate you with the adrenaline rush and the adventurous and interesting feeling that she had for you every time she meets you. As a result without even knowing herself, she would have developed a liking towards you.

But, be sure not to over do it too. Otherwise, the same things will start getting boring in no time.

  1. Notice every little thing about her and compliment her

To make any girl happy and feel good about herself, compliment her for every little thing you notice about her. Compliment her dressing style, her activities, her work and everything that you notice. Also, be sure to notice every little thing first. For example, if she gets a new haircut or a new hair color, you better notice it and compliment about it to her. That will make her feel valued and cared for. And before you know it, she will be head over heels for you and will look forward to meeting you every day.

boyfriend girlfriend are in dating

boyfriend girlfriend are in dating

You need to be careful about complimenting her though. You cannot just keep compliment off the top all the time. Be basic and compliment on the things you know look good on her. Do not lose the edge of honesty while you are complimenting her about things you do not really believe in though.

  1. Laugh at her jokes

If she is trying to be funny, it means she also wants to make you laugh. So, give her that opportunity, laugh at all her silly little jokes. The idea is to make sure the date was fun and she was happy and was also successful at making you feel happy too. So, laugh away. Even if the jokes are silly and not really funny, do laugh at them. It will make her feel good about herself and will associate that liking with you. So you will have an overall good impression on her as a result of this.

jiwan luitel nepali actor smile picture

Also, take part in her jokes, together create jokes and laugh at situations and events that happen around you. It will keep the good environment that is there between you two and she will associate you with the happiness and laughter she has when she meets you.

  1. Mirror her

This is a psychological trick. If somebody is really attracted to the other person and loves it, it is human that the person will start mirroring his or her every little gesture and body language. Like it’s said that mimicry is the best kind of flattery. It works that way. The more you mimic to her body language and her way of conducting things, she will feel reassured psychologically that you are attracted to her and that you like her. As a result, she will also feel good and will be attracted to you in return. It is a psychological trick and works on a very subtle level. But the result will be very desirable, you will find that she has developed a liking towards you just like that. Make sure you use this trick next time when you want a girl to fall for you.

camping boyfriend girlfriend

camping with lover

However, do not overdo it. If you start mimicking her all the time, it will get a little boring. Keep your own personality too while you are mirroring her. Use it subtly just as a psychological thing, Do not do it so often that she starts noticing and becomes bored of it.