Kathmandu Airport : Landing View of Tribhuvan International Airport Kathmandu Nepal

Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal. As we all know that Kathmandu is a valley. It is landlocked by high hill around it. The beautiful views are seen from the high hills of the valley. The elevation of Kathmandu is about 4600 feet above the sea level.

The total area of Kathmandu Nepal is about 19.56 sq. miles or say 50.67 km2. There are more than 35 lakh population according to the census 2011. There are many places to see the in the Kathmandu, capital of Nepal.

For your kind information, we must say that there are 7 UNESCO world heritage site in this valley within such small area of 19.56 sq. miles.

Kathmandu Airport : Landing View of Tribhuvan International Airport Kathmandu Nepal

The another fact about Himalayas country, Nepal is that there is just only one international airport in Nepal. Tribhuwan International Airport is the name of only international airport in Nepal. But two more international airport are constructing now in Simra and Pokhara.

List of Airports in Nepal: Both Domestic and International

If you have visited the Kathmandu Nepal, then refresh your mind watching this video and If you don’t have experience the landing views of Tribhuvan Airport, then it is the post for you. Have a great fun. The official website of Tribhuvan International Airport, Nepal www.tiairport.com.np

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