Travelling Alone (Solo) in Nepal – 42 Useful Tips | Guide for Male Tourists


Travelling Alone (Solo) in Nepal – 42 Useful Tips | Guide for Male Tourists

Travelling Alone in Nepal or Travelling Solo in Nepal: – Travel is the moving of articles or people between two geographical regions of relative detachment. Once in a while Introduction to Travel can moreover join improvements between different objectives with the short stop over’s made a beeline for the last objective to become.

In any case, in the propelled period, the significance of Travel has taken an inside stage be it to the extent get-dependably and events or Business Travel and Cargo. There are different reasons for referral to why an individual or social event would make up the move to travel. The reason or motivation could move between different people’s occasions.

This ordinarily goes about as the base for boosting up the Tourism business. Today, Adventurers and Nature sweethearts grasp go in check for the new explanation behind big business activities and nature enveloping circumstances.

With a more prominent measure of research and all around an examination of the land geology of the earth, wayfarers grasp wander out undertakings to discover dark or new geographical scenes on earth.

Today, with every business, little or tremendous all-around related and influenced by the weights of intrigue and supply, make an excursion is routinely endeavored to meet clients, specialists, contenders, and business assistants.

Right when the development of Travel with a particular ultimate objective to endeavor a voyage of supernatural criticalness, it is requested as Pilgrimage Travel. Such a development has transformed into an overall ponder where people fly out long partitions to accomplish an objective of significant criticalness. Instances of this can site in visits to Hajj, MahaKumbh, Tirupati.etc.

With time and headway of development, Travel to has ended up being speedier and changed with the movement of time. A few the differing strategies for Travel that exist today are: The speediest way to deal with travel today and that has been skilled, so to speak, of making the world an overall place are the flights that work between different urban groups across finished nations from each corner.


The most by and largely used transport that interfaces assorted urban zones and towns inside a country and every so often with neighboring nations are the railways.

With time, railways have been adjusted to work speedier and be all the more intense when diverged from it’s the steam engine of yesterday. In India, the railways are the most searched for after open transport.

Travelling Alone Male
Travelling Alone

Transports, Jeeps, and Cars are a part of the other open transport that is frequently used to travel detachments of short or sensible partitions. Regardless, tinier vehicles, for instance, cars and motorbikes can in like manner be asserted eventually and used to go as per the need and requirements of the proprietor.

In any case, while talking about travel, one must not disregard the lesser examined but rather than celebrated strategies for transport inside short divisions, for instance, auto-rickshaws which are used by general city tenants in the making nations of Asia to go inside city limits. While voyaging, adventurers are continually urged to get certain careful steps with a specific end goal to influence their travel more to secure and avoid any scene of ruthlessness or wrongdoing.

For this various voyagers are prescribed to take after particular advances, for instance, to leave their ID copies to a trusted eye to eye, avoid untouchables, take after explorer leads, and decline to pass on any weapons of destruction.etc…

This is done in that capacity as to impact go to secure for all pilgrims on stack up. In any case, while using singular transport, certain careful steps should be taken, for instance, seat straps while driving, keeping beyond what many would consider possible when driving inside a city or town and so on.

Introduction to male traveling in Nepal

I discovered Nepal as a rule very safe for the male. There’s a tad of political vulnerability yet they are amicable to visitors and their way of life is very inviting. A lot of individuals go there so they are very used to visitors in the primary zones (e.g. Kathmandu (particularly the Thamel range), Pokhara and on the trekking courses.

Beyond any doubt, things aren’t as spotless or sorted out like the Western world, and the larger part has a tendency to carry on with an essential town life so in many regards it resembles backpedaling in time – yet you’ll discover the general population pleasant and will make a special effort to offer assistance. The way of life is still somewhat male commanded – yet as a visitor, it shouldn’t make any difference to you (as well) much.

As you are female I’d prescribe to conceal a bit (i.e. cover shoulders and knees) and you’ll have a tendency to be dealt with all the more deferentially along these lines (or so they say). I did a trek in the Annapurna locale more than 2 years prior, and I believe it’s presumably the most astounding thing I’ve done out and about.

Many individuals that go to Nepal cherish the nation! In the event that you get harmed or debilitated then you’ll have nobody to help you and perhaps hours of strolling until the following town to get offer assistance. You don’t really need to join a gathering on the off chance that you’d rather be free.

You could contract a watchman and guide locally, however, these are dependable/frequently young fellows so you may get a handle on awkward simply hanging with 2 neighborhood folks with perhaps not that much conversational English.

Possibly just pre-book the trekking some portion of your stay with a legitimate organization or join a gathering? I would prefer not to panic you off as the vast majority have an exquisite time in Nepal and don’t experience any issues whatsoever.

In any case, this is something I feel unequivocally about as a companion of mine went trekking alone and never returned. When they discovered his body there was a letter in his pocket that was half composed of his better half and if was exceptionally incoherent and befuddled.

The British Embassy in Kathmandu expected that he had been experiencing elevation infection (or some kind of affliction/possibly head damage) and he may have been in a debilitated state, at that point fallen and passed on alone in the valley underneath. His body was discovered numerous days after he kicked the bucket.

I know he was truly unfortunate and this may be an uncommon case, yet I am certain in the event that he had been with others they would have helped him and possibly he would have survived. I have voyage widely since the 80’s and regularly alone, yet I would not trek alone.

I have been to Kathmandu alone and simply heeded my gut feelings and took some care after dull, by maintaining a strategic distance from the calm back roads. On my last trek I likewise had a guide and driver to take me on a city visit to remove the bother from getting from A to B. Once I’d discovered my feet again and got my direction I was cheerful to go off alone.

Things to do and Not to do While traveling in Nepal

  1. Greetings:

“NAMASTE” is the way we welcome each other here. It is performed by consolidating the palms with bowing your heads in the meantime. To indicate thankfulness and regard, do utilize both of your hands, however, don’t utilize special case when giving or getting something, even cash. It is comprehended as a signal of regard.

It shouldn’t be felt as being outraged if a Nepalese lady wavers to give you a hand. Particularly ladies, however, welcome you with “Namaste”, a signal that is significant of an asking position. Open signals of warmth amongst man and lady are not normal in Nepal. Thusly, don’t exhibit such warmth in broad daylight.



  1. Respect:

The Nepalese will regularly consider somebody they have regard or nurture as a nearby relative of theirs. Normally utilized a word like “Didi” signifies “more established sister”, “Dai” signifies “more seasoned sibling”. These terms can be utilized decisively when two individuals have turned out to be near each other. It can likewise be utilized as a part of alluding to somebody of an indistinguishable age from you.

The expressions “Dai” and “Bhai” can likewise signify “more youthful sister” and “more youthful sibling” individually. These, terms are regularly utilized, demonstrating a slight regard for individuals serving you as well, for instance, a server in an eatery. Do state “Dhanyabaad” which signifies “Thank You” which passes on the importance of appreciation.

“Thank you” isn’t utilized that much between Nepalese. In any case, don’t keep down to state “Dhanyabaad” after somebody causes you or hands you over anything. So be as well mannered and mannered as conceivable among the general population.

  1. Yes and No:

The signal for “yes” is fundamentally the same as the “no” headshake utilized as a part of Western nations and at first can be an exceptionally confounding. To state “yes” or demonstrate your assent on specific things, marginally tilt your go to the side and after that take it back to the inside.

To designate “no” hold you distribute before you, palm level and advances, and swivel your wrist unpretentiously.

  1. Put on suitable clothes:

Nepal is a significant traditionalist nation which particularly remains constant in religious and country territories. Nepalese won’t state on the off chance that you can or can’t destroy something of regard for the traveler.

Notwithstanding, there can be a profound dissatisfaction among local people towards the travelers who dress improperly so do put on appropriate garments. In case you’re a male, do wear since a long time ago sleeved shirts and long pants.

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This can be connected when going to individuals’ homes or religious regions to avert superfluous babble. In case you’re a female, do wear long skirts or a sari. Baggy pants are ending up generally acknowledged as well.

Shoulders and chest territories ought to stay secured. In Kathmandu and Pokhara, numerous neighborhood Nepalese can be seen wearing western style attire is still observed as provocative.

Try not to wear provocative garments which can demonstrate receptiveness to sexual lack of respect. In more country regions, do dress moderately as there are numerous Nepalese who will consider you being excessively open and can draw pointless consideration.

  1. Dealing With Beggars in Nepal:

Road bumps are a typical event in many parts of Nepal. There’s the issue of ladies being separated or widowed and getting themselves destitute and thinking about the walkways. There’s additionally a lot of issue of destitute road kids.

There are associations in Nepal who work towards a change of their way of life yet some are degenerate or essentially inadequate to have an insignificant effect. Numerous sightseers may wind up demonstrating adoration and support to the hobos, however, don’t fall for their story each and every time.

The sad symptom is that as sightseers they are frequently exploited without knowing. The measure of hobos in Nepal is stunning. Some are experts which can be funny yet it’s valid. Others are entirely honest to goodness. Toward the day’s end, it’s dependent upon you. In case you’re sympathetic, do help those in needs.

Be that as it may, it shouldn’t be of any weight. What’s more, don’t give cash or fixed sustenance to road kids since as a general rule, they will wind up offering back the nourishment and utilizes the cash to purchase drugs.

  1. Food:

The greater parts of the Nepalese eat with their hands and don’t feel good eating with a fork, blade, and spoon. They utilize their correct hand for eating and left hand is utilized for latrine cleanliness purposes. On the off chance that you are welcome to a house to eat, it is far-fetched that you find that they don’t have blades and forks.

You will be indicated the particular place to wash your hands and face previously, then after the fact dinners. The plate put towards you will be considered as just yours once you begin eating, you don’t share or offer this nourishment to any other person.

Do eat everything that is placed before you. Do request that they take some sustenance away before you begin eating on the off chance that you sense that you’ve been given excessively. This is impeccably adequate and is more refreshing than squandering nourishment.

Nepalese won’t normally take nibbles of each other’s nourishment so don’t empower that too. While drinking water Nepalese individuals drink without letting it touches their lips. In the event that you are uncertain simply watch what the other individuals are doing and do make a difference the same.

  1. Temple Visiting:

You ought to be exceptionally delicate and watchful with regards to going to the spots of love. You should want to dress minimalistically and do keep your shoulders and knees secured. Continuously remove your shoes previously entering. Know about the way that some Hindu sanctuaries don’t permit non-Hindus to go into the premises.

Additionally do solicit before taking photographs from religious celebrations, incineration grounds and within any sanctuaries, you visit. Try not to wear calfskin belts while on your way to any sanctuary since that is entirely precluded. What’s more, take note of that bovines are a consecrated creature in Nepal and harming or murdering them is a genuine offense. You will discover dairy animals touching and wandering everywhere.

  1. Buying or using drugs:

cannabis develops fiercely in Nepal. It is the type of a weed. Be that as it may, it’s particularly unlawful to utilize it here. Medication mishandles and tranquilizes trafficking rules are entirely taken after.

Ownership of medications is a genuine offense in Nepal and will be seriously rebuffed. Nepalese prisons are extremely unsavory places so don’t go off the rails and ensure you don’t wind up in one.

  1. Taxi in Kathmandu:

Little white taxicabs can be discovered that can serenely situate 3 individuals and hold your gear to in their trunk or rooftop. These should cost at most 500 – 600 rupees to/from the air terminal.

The cab drivers attempt to stick together with regards to taxi admission, so in the event that you can get one for 500 rupees to Thamel or Kathmandu Center, at that point you are paying a sensible sum. Try not to fall for their discussions and deal with the costs since they’ll generally wind up exploit you.

It’s very plausible that when you’re going to spots and open transports/smaller than expected transports aren’t effortlessly discovered, you’ll need to take a taxi. In the event that you do, do demand that the driver utilizes the meter. Likewise, take note of that the admission is typically twofold after 10 pm.

  1. Affection in Public:

Don’t grandstand physical contact with your accomplice in case you’re going with one out in the open. It can be seen that it is adequate for young men and young ladies to clasp hands and so on and the other way around for girls.

If you’re a gay couple, at that point the odds are you’ll be gazed at and tattled about in view of the newness of such sexualities. You shouldn’t be amazed to see young men strolling affectionately intertwined and embracing. These things are indications of fellowship don’t take them some other way. You’re probably not going to see Nepali men and ladies showing open love towards each other.


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