How to Travel to Nepal from India Without Passport

How to Travel to Nepal from India Without Passport


Government of both country have maintained their agreement criteria and the action and activities are formed and performed accordingly. Mentioned and more than mentioned points and activities are legally banned. Both of the government are very active and very responsible for the open border that the people for India can easily travel to Nepal. Nepalese are also very much interested to travel India and it happened with regularity.  The both country people are very happy in nature due to open export and import of goods and open market, made the easiness for buying and selling of their productive goods of their own produces in farming lands.

Many of the person who think about the tour to Nepal are making their dream true because you can easily travel to Nepal without passport. The questioned asked how to travel to Nepal without passport is true due to the right sense and right intension , is only announced and  outcome by the right person the man who have the dream and desire to make their long trip to Nepal can become busy in preparing their sheets and list of visiting places and time.

Similarly, in the present era and time, the both government have made easier for the going and coming of Nepalese to one other country. Nepalese can also easily make their journey plan with friends or family to adopt the smell and power and faith of the religious and cultural and spiritual knowledge and visualization.

The many youth and many leader also visit India  to adopt the spirituality and political support to make stability of their party in Nepal. As we know, that Nepalese politics is directed by the Indian  government and  the action only implemented after the green signal of Indian.  Due to intervention of Indian government in Nepalese  kingdom, has made the Nepalese irritated and hating toward the India. The animal even wants to = inhale the air of freedom, we are the man.

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So, the travelling to Nepal without passport is not now how and it has become the w question of when. The  suspense and confusion are now removed with the gifts of natural beauty  after the travelling of Nepal. The Nepalese culture also got matched with Indian culture.   Indian are more religious than Nepalese and they make more travelling to Nepal to get the viewed to the Pashupatinath and other religious arts and   paradigm. There are many places and platinum for making the journey more  enjoy and delightful. Man who makes their life as the forest man can’t have known and recognized the life as I think.


Life is like the light that got burn in the darkness and you have to make your identity unique and autonomous to make your recognition immoral and unforgettable. How to travel to Nepal from India is not the big deal and  blunder problem that make you  to think or m kept you in the pit of depression, it’s the release of the offers and  dreams coming true.

how to travel to nepal from india without passport
travel to Nepal from India without passport

There is no any intervention made by the Nepalese  police in the airport if you had taken land off through place in Tribhuvan International Airport, but you are tightly checked for legalization of goods and service that you  have carried. After, crossing the area of eyesight and check post, you can walk and behave or roar like the lion who have come to see the town and one of the best town of Nepal that is Kathmandu or make plan for other to.

You can also make your journey from the bus, from Delhi to Kathmandu , that runs directly without stooping in any stop. If you feel comfortable and   get far from the hangover, the best way is to travel by your own vehicle that may be two wheelers and four wheelers. And you can take the air and environment  perfume and delightness of the Nepalese air and climate. The Nepalese climate will surely make you grab in their own beautiful presentation  climate.

Moreover, if you are travelling to Nepal with your family then you can keep more concentrated and  care to  the family, but if you are travelling with your friend or wife, then you can travel to the life of nightlife and colorful ballon flying in the sky or kite touching the sky but keep your emotions of kite’s rope in your hand controllation. The man sometimes falls and got the heavy spots after falling from the upper level.

Many people are confused about how to travel to Nepal without the passport, they are even in confusion and think about the possibility of this procedure due to lack of information and knowledge.  There are management and process already contracted and formed with the Indian government that the person can travel anytime without anyone’s permission.

Trading and grading are also very important to acquire the quality and more delightful services having the pocket green and outer soft, that make the looker more impressed and. It’s imperative to carry the citizenship for your clarification and identity when you visit Nepal but it’s not so compulsory having passport.  And there is no any rule that the passport holder can only make the trip to Nepal. It’s the free game going in the stadium can watched by anyone interested.

Travelling to Nepal also defines you that you are intelligent because no one wants to miss their chance to see the game going in their nearer area. Same is the Nepal, you can take and pleased up your life with unbelievable bunds and funds of entertainment. How to travel to Nepal without passport has become the greater issues of ago but it has now become the common and the  Nepal government gives the permission to every Indian citizen to visit Nepal without passport. You can visit Nepal without hesitation but it be better for you if you carry your citizenship to make your identification more clarified and can be derived for any enquiry.

So, be clarified for traveling of Nepal without the passport to make your life refresh and relief from the boring life and burn your hangover by mixing the erotic mood of soda in the entertainment of wine.


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How to Travel to Nepal from India Without Passport

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