100 Name List of Travel Agency in Nepal & Their Role in Tourism

100 Name List of Travel Agency in Nepal & Their Role in Tourism Industries of Nepal

Travel Agency in Nepal: – The travel agency is the mediator we can also say it as supporter and helper of the tourist who moves with tourist personally and reduces their mental and unknowns easier in new places.Most of the travel agency are doing their best job for satisfying their customer that is a tourist by giving well services. They are playing the role of wings in the birds which help to fly in the sky too high. Here wings mean their support which is helping in the increment of national growth tourism is taken as one of eth best services sectors which hold the largest possibility of earnings. When tourist come to unknown places, they do have any information about those places.

At that times, they need someones helps for making their placement easily and safely to cross and spend their time happily in the land of Nepal. As we know that, Nepal has only one International Airport, most of the tourist get arrival by it.roleof  travel agency in promoting in Nepal is remarkable in every sector that may be the economic and trade. Tourism sector of Nepal is growing day by day and lubrication the glossy and beauty day by day by its refreshment government has also seen in active mode for making it as one of the greatest sectors for developing the nation.  The travel agency is doing the greater job by helping him and treating them as the family of their own.

When tourist spends their time happily with anyone attack and pains, then there increases the chance of increasing tourist s by their impact. An unsatisfied tourist will not courage other and even demotivate them for visiting Nepal because its environment which is not socialistic. These kinds of action and element are mostly considered by the travel agency for improving all these things and they are doing better and better to gain the greeting and hearts of tourist.cooperation with tourist and so friendly environment is the greatest strength of Nepalese tourism for making the remarkable mark and contribution to its development and growth.

Role of Travel Agencies in tourism industries of Nepal

Discovering the new places and phrasing the new site along with diversifying the closeness with every unknown tourist is increasing eth value and respect of Nepalese tourism.The travel agency is taken as the bridge of interacting eth tourist to services, sites, and strings that are available in Nepal.They make meat of unknown to known sites if it lacks its present in tourism of Nepal, the tourist will also feel its absence and they may have scroll themselves in the single site due to giddiness and losing. Tourist landed in Nepal with great wishes, long plan and clear mood for enjoying and entertaining with the environment of Nepal. They want to ruin themselves in its wave and want to flow their feeling in the race of the beauty that Nepal expose in every favors with differs flavors. Role of a travel agency  in Nepal for promoting the tourism is really the un-definable and sustainable for its existence in such powerful streams:

Role of travel agency in tourism industries

Role of travel agency in tourism industries

Role of a travel agency  in Nepal for promoting the tourism is really the un-definable and sustainable for its existence in such powerful streams:


The travel agency is the helping hands of the tourist for making their complexity lighter in foreign lands.Accommodation facilities are the first major things to take rest and explore their feeling and kills the tiredness.travel agency gives them their hands to catch and cross the difficulty drain. when a tourist comes to foreign lands, they firstly think for having better accommodation for getting deeper rest tourist want to step up after getting rest in best accommodation.accommodation services and its factors are mainly rolled by the travel agency foreigners firstly contact a travel agency to manage all the accommodation travel agency shows their available catalogs. Travel agency becomes their helping hands for making them everything settled to rule and roll their time in Nepal.

2. food and beverages:

most of the foreigners are a connoisseur of drinking wine fro killing their tiredness and energizing their body.the temperatures get different according to the places.they cannot adjust themselves in Nepal. so they demand wine for maintaining their body in balance to spread the happiness freely.some of them also not have the habits of drinking wine and they are looking the best places fro having qualitative beverages to drink.in that condition, travel agency plays the role for departing them to related d destination.they give the solution of their all problems.travel agency keeps the knowledge about all the demandable things that mostly tourist desires to be.only booking the accommodation does not solve their all problem.there should be also the good management of food and beverages and these things are done by travel agency.therefore, providing them the services of satisfaction serially helps to promote the tourism industry.


3. adventurous site:

travel agency also furnish self as the role model and helper fro showing the special adventurous site which is unknown to them.being foreigners, there is also not possible  of having all the information in the social sites or on the internet.some of the places are beyond  its network and touch.so these sites which are popular fro showing that revealation and  frames of  face to adventure tourist only.Every tourist has also not such strong hearts for seeing such adventurous places.These types of things are also decided by the travel agency by taking clarification.such places are made a visit by a travel agency to their linked tourist by all these aspects also, travel agency is doing their duty.

4. Historical sites

As we know that there are many historical places and architecture which hold the great myth of ancient times. There are many historical sites which are mostly opened for tourist  for adding the happiness and feeling of realistic better.Historical sites in Nepal are one of the great pilgrimage places  for attracting the number of tourist in such case, travel agency can make them clear about all the available sites and what they want to know and where they want to visit.Travel agency reaches them to their wanted destination. Historical paces in Nepal are like unique architecture which expose the ancient history and their arts and honor in such architecture.According to the choice of tourist, they are taken in targeted destination by the help of travel agency.

5. Travel agency formation of chain:

The chain of travel agency in Nepal have made their rots and branches in even remote to urban for facilitating the tourist by their well defined services. Travel agency even know the internal desire of the tourist by looking their face. As we known  than there may be only 1 % people who make the trip and visit in Nepal without taking any help from travel agency.Most of the tourist feels easy to visit with guides. That is why they hire the  tourist guide who have knowledge about all the relevant places. Travel agency in Nepal and its chain are working like the  communicational network entire the country. They are always in hungry and waiting mode for servicing the tourist by their ultimate desires. By providing various services in every steps are only done by travel agency easily because of their systematic and daily practice. Through all their contribution and daily activities, are helping  and promoting the tourism in Nepal.


Tourism board is also doing their work  for promoting the tourism of Nepal by different means. Mostly the Nepal got the tourist from India because of open border and similar cultural and known languages. Due that they and people of Nepal also not feel complexity to communicate their voice and thought each other.Tourism  board  making the robust plan for its promotion and development to attract the more and more number of tourist. They are also thinking further for managing and increasing the  accommodation room in Nepal for easily available of room in every season. Besides, they are also  showing interest in its cultivation, blossoming and advertising  the beauty of Nepal  in international to national platforms. Tourism board is also investing the huge amount for its development and promotion by observing the weakness and strength that should n be updated according to the demands.That is why  it is also one facets who is  helping directly for promoting the tourism in Nepal.

7. Travel trade:

There are many kinds of fair are organized mostly focusing and targeting the tourist to impress them and draw their attention.tourist are connoisseur in nature and when someone come to visit in other country carry the huge amount of money to tackle with all the situation. The fairs and exhibition which are organized as tourism trade or travel trade gives the support in collecting the foreign amount people of Nepal also get the job and make links with foreign by dong the transaction of their products with them. In travel or tourism trade or exhibition, many  artificial as well as attractive product in unique model are demonstrated which make the  tourist greedy and obliged to buy. When they do transaction in such trade where  mostly the tourist are pulled because of demonstration in exhibition the product according to their demands that can make him also satisfied and encourage them to buy the gift of Nepal as one of the symbol they buy it as symbol of visiting Nepal and also as token of love. In this way also, travel trade or exhibition are promoting and playing the role of travel agency in the  development of tourism in Nepal.

8. World heritage site:

Nepal is also listen in the world heritage site having country because there exist many architecture which are treated as the  nation’s priceless assets.The many architecture and sites which have marked as world heritage site are strictly made protected and conserving for keeping its existence.tourist got one additional benefits for landing in Nepal because of getting opportunity to visit the world heritage site also. And Nepal is one of the those country who have more than 10 world heritage site that are ”Swoyombhunath”,”Pashupatinath””Chitwan national park” and many more.Lumbini sites as well as many  other sites are  bright face for attracting the tourist. World heritage site are marked by the UNESCO after observation and inspection.Tourist mostly have includes the world heritage site and they do not want to miss it anyhow in their visiting plan. That is why all these world heritage sites are standing and giving pleasure by  their exposures indirectly or directly promoting the tourism of Nepal. World heritage are golden pillar of Nepal for increasing and giving  ultimate pleasure to tourist and the world heritage of Nepal are  ”Bouddhanath”, ”Kathmandu durbar square- the places where god still exist”, ”Patan Durbar Square-“The architectural heritage”Bhaktapur Durbar Square- “Way back to Culture” ,  ”Changu Narayan.- “Where Nepal’s history start“,   Lumbini -“Birth place of Buddha”,Sagarmatha National Park– “Top of the world”.


Nepal is also not least in having the national heritage site. Many national heritage sites are also in the race of getting  authorization of world heritage site and are in the process of inspection. National heritage sites are also adding the smell in the gold for making the tourist pleasure  prolonged.National heritage sites are also made observed by travel agency by their service of making arrival in those places. Travel agency are the main legs of the tourism in Nepal. When they make their absence in tourism, tourism of Nepal  become handicapped and will walk like handicapped move in chair or with stick. Tourist do not want to stay long when they feel the country is not  suitable and appropriate for  visiting and  spending their time happily. They want to spread and bid out their pleasures and happiness in nature  arms without any disturbance. National heritage  also plays the partial role of travel agency for making the tourist glad  and change their mental  decision to spend little even more after  displaying the view and blossoming face to them.



Nepal have already made their own remarks and marks in the platforms of world as mountainous and peaks country. As the world knows that, Nepal have world largest mountain that is Everest. Having world largest mountains also shows the prestige of Nepal  and pride of Nepal in the top.People of Nepal  feel pride and always get delighted after listening its appreciation by foreigners.mostly the Nepalese are  not mixed even in crowd because of different identity and unique history and story that Nepal and Nepalese  hold. When tourist make their trip, they also target to have their trekking as well as spending some times in the quadrangle of mountains. They want to take the rave of mountains atmosphere and  suck the raves and waves of mountains that are extracted by its shinning and brightness.  The visiting to mountain and  peaks are only possible by the helping hands of travel agency. Travel agency have to give accompany for showing the way and giving the advice  in every situate to confront. Unknown people even get into its pit and swing.

11. Natural bourgeois:

Nepal is not only popular in having  world heritage and national heritage sites but also for having unlimited and more beautiful natural sites in glare. There exist a lots of natural places in Nepal which are mostly waiting for foreigners to give and disclose their natural beauty. Natural sites have many variants as springs, rives, greenery spots, parks and many more that are also rising their light in the darkness of night. Travel agency  also makes their contribution for saving it by convincing the tourist and  reaching them to its destination for increasing the income for its conservation.

12. Security maintenance:

Some of the  travel agency are very clever and also intelligent which are serving the multiple services from one terrace and one network. In that case, tourist also feels safe and disclose all their feeling and plan for exploring their stipulated day  in their manner.Some tourist have unique desire and they want to get relax and hesitating to explore. At that, travel agency help them for providing or showing the service center for all kinds of desires fulfillment.Travel agency also give the  services of security while moving with them because they have  taken all their responsibility on their own head. And they also inform the polices and related  centers for their help fast due to known to the center where it exist.

13. Tourist guidance:

Travel agency also facilitates them by proving the personal guides for making their load lighter and easy maintenance of all their plan fulfillment randomly.Travel agency  have kept the services of providing the personal or group guide according to need and urgency of guides.Tourist guide provide all the history and story about related places   for making them beliefs and remembrance.Tourist guide moves with them and  helps to tackle all the problem faced by the tourist because they have better knowledge about the problems and solution for it. They work as capsule for solving all the problem.

14. Flight information:

The travel agency has knowledge and information about all the flights. They have better information about the departure and arrival of flight that provides them time to manage their problem and plans.The travel agency is connected with flight services because of their daily jobs. Flight information helps them to makes them easily manages their time calculation.

15. Foreign fund collection:

When tourist comes to visit in Nepal, they do not comes with small pocket rather with large pocket.Some of the tourist expends their money for buying local marts and statue as symbol of love and gifts. Tourist have large hearts even sometimes want to donate their money by looking the decrepit situation of some places and society and have not information about the places to be donated.

16. Government policy:

The government is also in the mood for making and implementing the liberal policy in the tourism sector.Tourist can also get a chance to enlarge their happiness and time in the land of Nepal.The government are also connected with travel agency because of interaction in providing the services to foreigners.Government and travel agency both constructs the bridge for making the smooth and dis-obstruction walk and visiting in Nepalese land.

17. Different attracting package:

Travel agency launches and disclose many offers and tour package  by giving discounts, and extra services to attract the tourist travel agency. Tour package gives them the satisfaction because of  discounts in the package.tourist also get chance to make their  living standard more better and increase eth time of staying in stipulated expenditures.travel agency supports their  economic situation by reducing their fees in providence services according to package booking.

18. Settlement in sentences:

Sometimes even the intellectual commits the mistake knowingly or unknowingly. Foreigners are not aware of the rule and law of the country and mis-behave even becomes sometimes crimes according to the Nepalese law. At that time, also travel agency helps to pick out them from such critical condition by convincing and doing some critical agreement to free them from the government impeachment or imprisonment.

19. Transportation:

Travel agency also provides the car in the rental  for making the distance closer and saving the time.Tourist also wants to reach the stipulated destination as soon as possible in a comfortable manner. Such types of safety and demandable transportation services are also presented by travel agency because of their job.  That is why the contribution of a travel agency in the tourism sector is really  very much appreciable.

20. Safety services of transaction and payment:

Tourist mostly feels scared to pick out the huge amount of money in common people due to the suspect of loot and snatching. At that time, travel agency takes the responsibility for keeping their payment and receipt safely.


21. Nonfraud activities:

The travel agency is regularly communicating them about the awareness of committing and escaping from the fraud and illegal activities. They help them to make the distance from the illegal action.

22. Greeting and welcoming:

It is said that man are hungry for respect and welcoming not for grains  Nepalese society. The same thing is applied in Nepal, and the work of  welcoming and greeting are done by  travel agency which works as first impression is last impression to keep them happier  entire their living in Nepal. That is why,  travel agency contribution in promoting the tourism of Nepal  is un-definable and hugely appreciable.

Name List of Travel Agency in Nepal

This post is dedicated to name list of the travel agency in Nepal. If you are searching about name list of a travel agency in Nepal or travel agency in Nepal Kathmandu or responsible travel agency in Nepal, it is the right place. If your search terms are best to travel agency in Nepal, a good travel agency in Nepal or cheap and best travel agency in Nepal, it may consist all that. If you are finding the cheapest travel agency in Nepal, an international travel agency in Nepal or Nepalese travel agency in Nepal, then you are the right place. This article belongs to name of a travel agency in Nepal, list of a travel agency in Nepal Kathmandu, travel agency list in Nepal, list of the best travel agency in Nepal, travel agency of Nepal or leading travel agencies of Nepal. Check here name list of travel agencies in Nepal

Here we have name list of travel agencies in Nepal (From 1 to 25)

1. Nepal Travel Agency Private Limited
Registered Date: 2064-03-01
Contact Address: Lal Durbar, Kathmandu
Phone no.: 01-4430188
Email add: sales@nta.com.np

2. Everest Travel Service Pvt. Ltd.
Registered Date: 2064-03-01
Contact Address: Gangapath, Kathmandu
Phone no.: 01-4222217
Email add: everest@ets.com.np

3. Yeti Travels Pvt. Ltd.
Registered Date: 2065-02-03
Contact Address: Durbar Marg, Kathmandu
Phone no.: 01-4221234
Email add: yeti@yetitravels.com.np

4. Annapurna Travel and Tours Pvt. Ltd.
Registered Date: 2062-11-30
Contact Address: Durbar Marg, Kathmandu
Phone no.: 01-4223530
Email add: navraj@mos.com.np

5. Gorkha Travels Pvt. Ltd.
Registered Date: 2065-01-09
Contact Address: Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu
Phone no.: 01-4440761
Email add: info@gorkhatravels.com

6. Shankar Travel and Tours Pvt. Ltd.
Registered Date: 2063-07-25
Contact Address: Lazimpat, Kathmandu
Phone no.: 01-4411465
Email add: shantrvl@ntc.net.np

7. Kathmandu Travels and Tours Pvt. Ltd.
Registered Date: 2063-08-24
Contact Address: Battisputali, Kathmandu
Phone no.: 01-4471577
Email add: info@kttgroup.com

8. Himalayan Travel and Tours Pvt.Ltd
Registered Date: 2064-04-19
Contact Address: Darbarmarg, Kathmandu
Phone no.: 01-4223045
Email add: htt@ecomail.com.np

9. Trans Himalayan Tours P. Ltd
Registered Date: 2062-09-03
Contact Address: Kopundol, Lalitpur
Phone no.: 01-5011647
Email add: ththev@mos.com.np

10. Natraj Tours and Travels Pvt. Ltd.
Registered Date: 2063-11-15
Contact Address: Kamaladi, Kathmandu
Phone no.: 01-4220001
Email add: natraj@ccsl.com.np

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