Can You Transfer Money From Nepal to USA? How to Send Money To America From Nepal?


Can You Transfer Money From Nepal to USA – How to

PERSON INITIALLY ARE VERY SHORT MINDED, AND SOME ARE LONG, THEY GET BENEFIT IN LONG AFTER INVESTMENT IN SHORT PERIOD. There are much Nepalese who are in the America shaking their hands under the sunlight because of unemployment.

People of Nepal sent their son or children by thinking American land grows the money tree. There are many students which may be unskilled or least educated who mostly suffered from unemployment.

Mainly the Nepalese students are trying for the higher education in the USA for their better settlement of life and even their relatives and family. America is the country of highly developed in every source.

So it’s very difficult to get the job in the USA as fast because there is mentioned the criteria of qualification. The lower family or medium family children’s get mainly the disturbance and problems to getting the job.

As they have gone for the higher education, They need the money to payment for the college in time and semester. the newly went students or unfamiliar men get very difficulties to settled and grow up in America. So they take help of their own relatives to survive in the America.

There is various following services and way from which you can send your money to them. There is the corporation operating this types of services reliably.

1. International money express (IME)

It is the most reliable institution which deals with the remittance transaction in a fast run. There are many IME branches which allow the services with full satisfaction to their customers.


As it is also treated as the Nepal’s no. 1 remittance company servicing the country and the people happily. Person of the village to town are connected with it. The branches in rural area have also made this institution more devotion to the villagers. People can do their transaction to any country of the world in fast with safety and full guarantee of money to legal hands.

The company is working for the customer’s large satisfaction and winning the heart of the Nepalese by playing and dealing with ’’ Win-Win Policy’’ with the customer. A customer of rural and urban are mostly trusted on it as it also charges less cost in a transaction of money that may at sending or might be at receiving.

IME is nowadays operating their service in collaboration with Global Bank with the new name Global IME Bank having many branches throughout the country with ATM. The customer gets fast services from it with better dealing and sweet behaviors. The institution has done it for the customer appraisal services.

international money express
international money express

As the customer can easily deposit their drawn amount by opening the account in the bank, that makes them free from any kinds of illegal attack. The safe deposit and drawing facilities is also attracting this institution in daily increasements.

The bank falls under the ’’ A’’ grade which means the high standard bank with the international goodwill. IME is organizing the many external and internal offers to their regular customer which is also the extra part to make customer stay with this institution.

This also the best way to sent your money to America, making the platform of transferring is the best places related with the money transaction throughout the world for the common bond for comfortable services to the customer made by all the financial operators.

IME is the trustable mediator which has made the pitch for moving your money nationally and internationally with full fathom. If you want to send your money to USA, have to first allowed your relatives to open an account or note the address to sent there.


If the address where you want to send becomes illegal then the money will also forget the way to reach their destiny. You have been very clarifying about the address where you are sending and whom you are sending.

You can also send money by MoneyGram, Western Union etc.

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2. Nic Asia:

It is also one of the reliable financial institutions of Nepal deals with the remittance services with the possession of all good features and fast services with sweet behaviors. This bank has also many features regarding the remittance which directly deals with the foreign deposit and drawing of the money.

This bank is also the large branched with the ATM and locker services. The customer can directly deposit their amount in their account from a foreign country too.

nic asia bank
nic asia bank

Likewise if you are the citizen of Nepal and have opened the account in the Nic Asia then you can also deposit your earning amount in your account directly from the foreign country means if you are in a foreign country too.

Similarly, if you want to send your money to the USA then you can directly open your account in this bank and do safe and secret transaction between your relatives living in America. As it is the bank merged and recently started to recognized by Nic Asia from the merger between NIC bank and Bank of Asia.

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3. Standard Chartered Bank:

This bank have got the bank of the year award in 2015 due to its intelligence services to the customer targeting the satisfactory goals. This also the highly reliable and international bank performing the better service to the Nepalese mostly operating their branch in the city.


This bank is international and has branches in many countries and in the USA too. Though, you can contact this bank for further operation about the international remittance. If this bank supports you then it will be your fortune and the works get comfortable to exit.

standard chartered bank
standard chartered bank

Besides, the services are mostly published and adopted for the customer satisfaction with better offer and aptitude. This bank is the easier medium for sending the money to your signed person waiting for the money in the America.

But make them motivate for the better earning and settlement in the USA. America gives an opportunity for everyone and deals the great decoration with light and bright gifts. Money can be sent many times in need so you can become the regular customer and get the identity card from the offices which will let you give some discounts on every transfer.

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