Traditional Nepali Foods, Cereals, Sweets, Snacks, Beverages (Both Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian)

33. •Wachipa:

It is a Kirat dish made with rice, chicken and powder made out of burnt feathers of chicken. Due to this powder, the dish has a unique bitter taste.

34. •Pukala (fried meat):

It is mainly a traditional Newari delicacy which is prepared from boiled and fried meat of water buffalo. Different parts of the water buffalo are used in this dish like small intestines, liver, kidney, tripe, pancreas, and spleen. Meat is sliced into small pieces, approximately 1 inch and fried in a pan.

35. •Swanpuka:

It is a delicacy in Newari cuisine of Kathmandu valley in Nepal. Goats’ lungs are filled with spicy batter and then boiled. After boiling, the lungs are sliced and fried.

36. •Ghonghi:

It is traditional and common food in Tharu community of Nepal. Ghonghi is often catered as a delicacy, just the way others serve chicken or mutton. This species of snail is served with ground linseed soup. Usually, this dish is eaten by sucking the snail from its shell. It is available in the terai region of Nepal.

37. •Blood of yak:

It is drunk twice in a year in Mustang in a festival observed locally. A huge number of people and yaks gather in the festival. The yak’s neck is pierced and as the blood comes out, it is collected in a container which is drunk raw by the people. It is drunk the belief that fresh blood of yak cures different diseases like gastritis, acidity, jaundice, muscle sprain, body swelling and other bowel related problems as the yak feeds on valuable medicinal herbs like yarsagumba, jatamasi, paanchaule, etc.


38. •Jand:


It is the traditional alcoholic beverage of Nepal. Jandh is a fermentation product, mainly of millet which is locally known as kodo. Rice is also used to make jand in which it is fermented with local ‘marcha’ (yeast) and the liquid is consumed as jand.

39. •Raksi:

Raksi is a major traditional alcoholic beverage in Nepal. It can be found in small inns and eateries. It is prepared in a traditional hug utensil made out of mud and steel. The slurry of jand is used to prepare raksi and it is similar to whiskey.

Anisha Tamang (2017/1/6)

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