Traditional Nepali Foods, Cereals, Sweets, Snacks, Beverages (Both Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian)

21. •Durkha/ Churpi:

Durkha or Chhurpi is prepared from milk. Durkha made in the Himalayan region from yak’s milk is very popular. These may be soft or hard and depends on the people preparing it. It is available for buying also. Durkha made in Illam is also a famous one. It can be eaten whenever you like.

22. •Sel Roti:

It is popular ring-shaped food item of Nepal mostly prepared during Tihar. It is prepared by deep frying the batter made out of rice flour, milk, and sugar. (Some people add spices according to their liking). Sel Rotis are also found in local eateries and departmental stores as well. It serves as a great tea time snacks.

23. •Juju dhau:

It literally means King Curd. This thick and creamy curd are one of the reasons people visit Bhaktapur district of Nepal. It is prepared in mud pots which give a unique taste to the curd.

24. •Anarsa and Thekewa:


These are two famous sweets from Terai region of Nepal. These tasty sweets are prepared on the special occasions of Chhath ( a festival celebrated in Terai region of Nepal).

25. •Yomari / Yamari Dumplings:

It is a steamed dumpling made out of rice flour’s dough in which chaku is used mostly. Besides, keema, khuwa, and black gram past are also kept in the dough. It is a traditional food of the Newari people and is prepared on the day of ‘Yomari Punhi’. However, there are Newari restaurants which sell yomari on other days as well.

26. •Chatamari:

Chatamari is referred to as Nepali pizza by many tourists. It is a Newari delicacy. It uses rice flour, eggs, nd some chopped vegetables. The base, i.e. pancake is prepared by using rice flour and on it lies the egg and chopped vegetables. Chatamari is of cultural significance as they are offered to the ‘Kuldevta’ and distributed as Prasad (offering). These are available in Newari khaja ghars (restaurants) any day.

27. •Kwati:

Kwati is a mixed made up of varieties of beans like black gram, green gram, chickpea, field bean, soybean, field pea, garden pea, cowpea and rice bean. It is a traditional Nepalese dish consumed mainly in the month of Shrawan in ‘Shrawan Purnima’. Its constituents make it a very healthy diet. The soup made provides warmth as well as energy. These are soaked overnight before preparing.

28. •Khapse:

Khapse is deep-fried pastry prepared and offered most commonly at Losar, the new year of the Sherpas. There is a huge variety in the shape of khapse. You can make it according to your wish. Its ingredients include flour, eggs, butter, sugar and a bit of salt. However, jam, peanut butter etc can also be mixed which brings a new taste to it. The batter becomes softer if you use more butter. It is prepared in the home and distributed among the relatives during Lhosar. It is also offered in gumbas. Some places have a provision to sell them as well.

29. •Fini Roti:

It is a traditional delicacy which is prepared especially in Tihar but it is also prepared in other occasions like Maghesankranti, Dashain, marriages, etc. The dough of the Fini is made by using flour, butter, and water whereas to create the layers of the Fini, satho is used made up of fine rice flour and butter.


30. •Sukuti:

Literally, it is dried meat. The drying is done by hanging the lumps of meat cut longitudinally in thin slices above the fire or in the sun. These are consumed after they have been dried. Tomatoes, onions, and garlics are used as extra seasonings to make it taste better and served alongside other dishes.

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