How to Get Tourist Visa for Nepal from USA – 4 Best Legal Ways

How to get tourist visa for Nepal from the USA

There are many American who wants to visit Nepal for getting and grasping the wonderful clicks of Nepal footprints. As the Nepal is diversified in different topography, people of the world also wants to visit Nepal for their own fulfillment of basic needs and basic purposes. People of the world know bitterly about the Nepal’s identity and icons lie in the Nepal territory. The world highest peak and the sources of peace and violence inventor Gautam Buddha are the immortal identities which the Nepal is recognized for.

The betterment by the Nepalese government is going to the fast process. The contribution made by different investor and the country are always remembered for their precious help. The country has many manpower but not the skilled in it. And even there is the existence of large amount of manpower which is not in used and some are not even properly used, while some are going out of the country for getting the attractive amount offered in many American and European country. Person of the America have also the great desire to make their holidays special in the landmarks of Nepal and points out their footprints in Nepal for the gifts and reminiscence of their time and memory.

visa deadline stamps

Nepalese visa

American are mostly the rich background family and more passionate to visit one country in one year. So for making their desire true, we the are here to provide some of the instructions and advice to you for better processing.

Some of the following steps should be processed for getting the tourist visa:

How to Get Tourist Visa for Nepal from USA

1. Check visa deadline:

nepalese visa Check confirm

Nepalese visa

If you are American, then you have to carry the identity card being you are American. The visa date also determines the person mentality and intensity for the rightness and illness. The visa time is mentioned for ten years I think so even in America, If your visa date is clear, then you can move for further proceed.  The passport should be original and must not be crossed the expiry date.


2. Visit Nepal embassy:

Then after, for better complications,  you have to move your legs towards the Nepalese embassy for the processing of visa to travel to Nepal. The Nepalese embassy holds all the authority for processing and delegation of visa to the needy person either he or she is Nepalese or other. The Nepal is the land of tourist. But in the case of Nepalese, there is not more research done by the embassy.  The passport signifies the visa period and also the payment determines your deadlines to spend in the Nepal.

Nepal Embassy Washington USA Nepalese

Nepal Embassy in Washington USA

Your wish may have the long time to visit but it’s not the wish of embassy if they want to prohibit you for the entry of Nepal.  There is Nepalese person who provides you the authority and rights after stamping in your passport for further movement to Nepal. It is very difficult if you want to take visa for other by you. The person should be present who wants to visit Nepal. Mostly the American visit Nepal for making their wish true and also for climbing or watching the glamorous of mount Everest. Nepal has many lands, lake, and mountain which reflect their identical light to all the people of the world. Nepal consists many opportunities and strength for mobilization and construction of enormous and delightful tourism platform for fast growth of tourist leads the country towards enrichment.


Nepal embassy is always opened for welcoming the American people as their consists the harmonious relationship with the American and Nepalese government. Nepal is also the member of UNO. There are many terms and conditions which the person have to follow if they belong to another country for taking the visa for a flight to Nepal. But as per the facts, there is very rules have to follow by the American people for visiting of Nepal approving the visa.

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