Where and How to Find Tourist Guides in Nepal – 5 Best Ways to Get Tour Guide


Tourist Guides in Nepal: – Nepal has an unlimited description about its features and the tourism sector. As the Nepal is a landlocked country which has not touched the sea. Although it has specific places and quality which can draw the attention of the world towards the beauty of Nepal.

Besides it has many historical stories hidden for the growth of tourism and infrastructure network. People of the Nepal are very much in tension due to not properly available to the goods and services properly. But the country has done the good management for the tourist as they fall under the sources of economic growth. Ok….. we are here with where and how to find tourist guides in Nepal.

The Nepalese land has carried the natural power to welcome the feet of the international tourist. There occur some difficulties only with internal tourist but lots more to international tourist. I think it happens only due to the lack of proper information about the places and the real knowledge about the cultural and the traditions.

Nepalese cultural have their own identity while as the Nepalese people have their own specification and the Nepal have their own major personality. The responsibility falls on the government should manage properly which can provide some easiness to the walkers of the road. No one goes through the rude road and can’t roar without exciting.

So the nature of Nepal made an obligation to feel and say ‘’wow’’ that comes from the internal heart.

So the nature of Nepal made the obligation to feel and say ‘’wow’’ that comes from the internal heart. So the tourist may feel many difficulties while arriving in Nepal as they came here to visit and take the full information and entertainment of visited places.

tourist guides
Tourist guides

Followings are the helping points which make your problems of guide solvent by these given things. You can read here about where and how to find tour guides in Nepal. You can get here 6 ways to find tour guides in Nepal.


Where and How to Find Tour Guides in Nepal – 5 Best Ways, Ideas, Tips

1. Taking the internet help:

There lie many websites which are related to the providence of guide to the international tourist in terms of need. Mostly the first and primary help can be taken from only our private sector that is from the internet.

The internet will shows you the way to get reach to the door of the guide. If you think that the internet can’t well behave as friends then you have other decisions also.

www internet
www internet

The better way to get connected to an unknown person is only the indirectly means through internet only. If you want to connect with the guide then you can get advice and full information about the guides and places where you have to reach. Mostly the people comes here to visit so make the true and tricky plan to enjoy and visit the places in time.

2. Destination places:

There are many tourist places which are waiting for welcoming the tourist with their divine feature. The places where the tourist wants to visit can easily be visited. But according to my view, the tourist mostly come here to enjoy and, takes the information of the related visiting places.


So if they want to visit some specific places then near about or in that places it is available of many guides walking here and there. The reaching to the destination and clicking the photos will not make your trip success and meaningful.

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Because the journey without information is like the traveling in the forest alone in the night. A person wants to take the full information that makes our sharing views easy after visiting the country.

For better and making the journey you can add your friend by joining the guides which will provide the real and actual information about the visiting places. And the guide you can get at that places where you wants to visit. You can easily go there by bus or according to the followings of map direction.

3. Personal contact:

If you are the old visitor or you have visited Nepal before and you have come here to visit then you can again make large your friends circle by adding one new faces or old faces. As the person also know some guide personally and contact is going on.

The man lives in our heart and the mind if they have helped us. The rules of life are that the person who is nearer to heart are always living in heart even after the long distance. So you can feel easy and get easily if you have made any live relationship with that person.

But if you have close up the relationship then it’s little bit hard to get the real friends for making the journey enjoying. The good friends make the journey double enjoying while the deactivate friends make the journey too boring.

the-follow-up Personal contact
Personal contact

4. Hotel’s residence help:

Too good from any outside tension if you transfer this responsibility to them. They are the established factor and know everything and everyone about the surroundings people. The making the journey fun and entertaining can be only possible after adding the guide.

Because the guide works and helps you as the teacher and behave with you like a friend and show you the right path adding the funny gossips. The big hotels have contact to the guide office and this is easy for them to provides you as they are in contact with them.

There are many hotels providing these service for better feedback by the tourist or the guest who stay in the hotels. If you belong to low budget dourest then you can also join or booked the normal hotel and in terms of help they can also solve your problems related to guide.

5. By website or Google search:

There are many guides who have kept their information in the Google. They are waiting for the tourist and provide you the real guidelines about the placing guides where you want to visit. And if you want to go to the website then also you reach to the guides.

The different website is working for the supplying of guides to the tourist in terms of need. And some have given or posted the self as the guides from them also you can get help and makes the trips so funny and memorable.

Google search
Google search

Person’s identity and full information are given on the website or in Google where you can find the guides according to your demand and desire. The local guides may charge few and high-class guides might charge some more.

So it depends on your choice and demand which considers you and makes your trip the chocolaty.


Writer: Dipak Kumar Sah


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