20 Places in Nepal Where Tourists Can’t Go Without Paying Entry Fee

  1. Patan Museum

Another important museum to learn about Nepali history is Patan Museum. The museum has stuff from Nepali history that is very much precious. For visitors, the entry fee is NRs. 250. However, the cost is lower for those from SAARC countries i. e. NRs 75 and for Chinese tourists also it is the same.

  1. Changu Narayan Temple

Changunarayan is a beautiful temple on top of the hill on the eastern side of Kathmandu. This temple is not only religiously important but also culturally and traditionally. To go inside this temple, tourists have to pay a nominal fee. The charge that is applicable for all the tourists that visit this temple is NRs 100.

  1. Chitwan Elephant Breeding Camp

In Chitwan, Elephants are bred in a camp and this camp is frequented by a lot of tourists from inside the country as well as outside. It is a beautiful place to be around elephants. You can see and play around with little elephants. Since it is a preserved place, tourists that have to go inside this camp have to pay a certain amount. For tourists from other countries it is NRs 50 and for those from SAARC countries, it is NRs 25.

  1. Lumbini Museum

Lumbini Museum is popular among Buddhists to see the artifacts about Buddhism and Buddha. Many tourists from all over the world visit this museum. For tourists who want to go inside this museum and observe all the historical things associated with Buddha and Buddhism, the entrance fee is NRs 50 for tourists from SAARC, those from China or those from any other countries.

  1. International Mountain Museum

International Mountain Museum is in Pokhara. It is an informative museum to be for tourists and visitors who want to learn about mountaineering and trekking as well. Tourists like to visit this museum from all around the world. A nominal fee is exacted from the tourists that visit this museum. For those from SAARC countries, the charge is NRs 100 but those from China or any other countries, it is NRs 300.

  1. Godawari Park

Godawari Park is a botanical garden situated on the outskirts of Kathmandu valley. This beautiful park is frequented by tourists both inside and outside of Nepal. For tourists that are from India, it is NRs 25. For those from other SAARC countries, it is NRs 50. Also, the tourists from any other countries, it is NRs 100 and same is a number of tourists from China.

  1. Kapilvastu Museum

The museum in Kapilvastu is a must-visit place for tourists both in and outside of Nepal. It is especially popular among Buddhists since it is a museum dedicated to preserving texts and historical things from Buddhist lineage and Buddha himself. For tourists, the museum charges NRs 10. Whereas those from SAARC countries, they only have to pay NRs 5.

Kapilvastu Museum, Lumbini, Nepal

  1. Garden of Dreams

A beautiful garden to relax and enjoy inside the heart of Kathmandu Valley is Garden of Dreams. It is a beautiful garden where you can not only enjoy the greenery but also good food, coffee and snacks as well. For those wanting to spend some quiet time while they are in the valley, they can head for the Garden of Dreams. For tourists from any country from around the world, the entry fee is NRs 160.

  1. National Art Museum

The National Art Museum in Bhaktapur is a place to visit to learn about the arts and crafts. It is frequented by tourists both in and out of Nepal. Mostly visit it to learn about the history of art in not only Bhaktapur but all over Nepal as well. To enter this museum, tourists have to pay NRs 100. Similarly, the ones from SAARC countries, they have to pay NRs 50. Also, ones from China have to pay NRs 150.

  1. Ethnographic Museum

The Ethnographic museum is situated inside Bhrikutimandap in Kathmandu. This museum is visited by tourists both internal and external to understand the ethnographic situation of Nepali culture and tradition. To enter this museum, tourists have to pay a certain amount of charge. The charge is NRs 200 for those outside of SAARC countries or Chinese. For Chinese, it is NRs 100 and for those from SAARC countries also it is NRs 100.

These are only a few of the tourist places inside Nepal, mostly inside Kathmandu valley where a certain amount of fee is exacted for visiting it. There are many places where no fee is required as well. Also, there are many places like this outside of Kathmandu in various places as well. One list is not enough for it. That could be the matter for another article. But this list would be helpful for tourists who visit Nepal in order to find out which places exactly how much of amount.

With regard to the amount given above, it also can be different depending on the age group of the tourists. Also, it depends whether you are allowed to take the camera, for the camera it might cost a little more and for those without a camera it might cost less. So, it depends on many different situations as well. Also, if the tourist is a student and is visiting from a certain educational institution, it costs less than the amount it costs for other normal tourists. Next time you visit certain place in Nepal, be sure to check out whether it costs to visit and the amount it costs.

Please remember, the amount exacted from the tourists is not for any other reasons rather than taking care of the place and for the development of the same. Most of these places are either secured places or are places that fall under World Heritage Sites. And in order to keep these places in a good condition, to renovate or to make it even better, the entry fee is exacted from tourists in a nominal amount. It is not even a big amount, It is rather less.

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20 Places in Nepal Where Tourists Can’t Go Without Paying Entry Fee