Tourism Business, Industry in Nepal

Here we are discussing tourism business in Nepal. There are various types of tourism business operated in Nepal. There are various things operating for attracting the tourists in Nepal. Tourism business in Nepal is one of the top foreign dollar income sources of Nepal.

Tourism Business, Industry in Nepal

Nepal is a landlocked country with an area of 147,181 sq. km. Nepal is located in between two Asian giants: India and China. It is a rectangle of 885 km. long from east to west and in an average of 160 km. from north to south. Nepal is a country of amazing extremes and beautifully scenic. It is the small country in size but huge in terms of its diversity from highest peaks of the earth to steaming jungle.

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Although Nepal is a small country, it contains the greatest altitude variation on earth, from the lowland of Terai – barely 65 m above the sea level to the highest point 8848 m on earth. Mt. Everest peak is at 8848 m within 150 km aerial distance. Nepal is popularly known as the vertical world. Nepal, the steepest country has been well accepted as one of the most fascination countries in the world.

A mountainous country, Nepal lies on the kind lap of great Himalayas. It is world famous for its natural beauty and uniquely famed tradition and culture. The hilarious flora and fauna, tranquil lakes and rushing waterfalls, the diverse landscape, the panoramic snow-capped peaks, best of all Mr. Everest, the tallest summit in the world etc, lend the country a charming beauty.

Nepal is also known as the country of the Himalaya. Nepal and Bhutan are the longest Himalayan range in the world. This Himalayan range runs from Pakistan through India. This is the universal truth that one-third of the total length of this Himalayan range lies in Nepal but this is the highest concentration of the tallest mountains.

Here are the 8 highest mountains among the top 10 peaks in the world. Here 1300 peaks above 600 m are located in this Himalayan range in the Nepal. Not only that, more than 200 peaks higher than 6000 m lie in and around the Mt. Everest region only.


So, countless visitors both native and foreigners make their plural visits to Nepal and see the wonderful vistas of nature, taste the excellent flavor of ethnic culture and tradition, read the glorious history and incredible stamina and endurance of the Gurkhas.

Therefore, Nepal has a great potential of tourism. Tourism means the business of providing accommodation and service to the tourists. We should warmly greet the visitors with our open hearts.

Tourism is the largest industry of Nepal and the largest source of foreign exchange and revenue. Tourism business in Nepal has been one of the major income sources. Possessing 8 of the 10 highest mountains in the world, Nepal is a hot spot destination for mountaineers, rock climbers and people seeking adventures. The Hindu and Buddhist heritage of Nepal, and its cold weather are also strong attractions.

The industries that are involved in producing goods and services which help tourists are called tourist industry. Like other types of industries, this industry is also expanding rapidly. In 2063/ 64, the contribution of this sector to the total domestic production was 1.2 percent. The examples of internal and external tourists are given below.

Those individuals who leave their residence and go to any other new place with the motive of enjoying holidays, carrying out business, going on a religious tour, participating in meetings and conferences or travel for any other circumstances are called tourists.

This type of tourists travels and visit places mostly with business and religious purpose. The number of tourists visiting mountainous regions and national parks is also increasing. Today’s youth of Nepal like to visit different places.

This type of tourists travels and visit places mostly with business and religious purpose. The number of tourists visiting mountainous regions and national parks is also increasing. Today’s youth of Nepal like to visit different places.


International tourists travel from one country to another. Fifty years ago, this kind of tourists was seen very less in numbers due to transportation facilities, less number of hotels, poor information technology etc. now due to all kinds of facilities, there has been an increase in the number of international tourists.

Nepal, a mountainous country is also known as the third pole of the world. The people, rich cultural an important role in recommending Nepal is popularly known as an ultimate destination. In terms of the tourist destination, Nepal has been rated as the second ultimate destination.

New Zealand is the first destination in the world. Nepal comes after New Zealand. Nepal is a country of ethnic and topographical diversities, rich flora, and fauna, with exceptional architecture which are matchless in the world.

The tourism history of Nepal is not long. It started from the expeditions and exploration and has taken a big jump to be the major industry. It has gained a remarkable position in Nepali economy. To cater to the need and desire of the tourists changing every day and their changing behavior we are running different tourism activities.

Tourism has much advantages-firstly; tourism helps earn huge foreign currency, for tourists who visit Nepal spend a lot of money. Togetherly some get employment as tourist guides. Secondly, it promotes hotel industry.

They like to stay in cozy and well-furnished hotels. Likewise, it preserves our unique traditional arts and crafts, for they purchase our antique Nepalese products. Similarly, tourists help to acquaint their countrymen with our countrymen and vice-versa.

Those who come into contact with the tourists shed off their prejudices and cultivate a broad and far-sighted outlook. They become cosmopolitan in manner and can adjust with the people from other countries. Togetherly, the tourists also redeem their bad concepts about Nepal and find the real nature of the Nepalese. Thus, it makes Nepal known to the rest of the world.

Despite all these debts, there are many problems to develop tourism. We Nepalese lack hospitality. Tourists are ill-treated. Sometimes they are even killed. There is no security of them. Similarly, there are no well-furnished hotels and lodges nor the naturally beautiful, historically and artistically important places are made accessible.

Therefore, to attract more and more tourists, the infrastructures should be preserved. They should be ensured about their security. The cozy and pricey hotels should be established in different parts of the country.

Similarly, good motorable roads, communication system should also be made. In this connection, massive programs like-Visit Nepal Year, the Destination Nepal etc. should be launched, best of all; the government should invest a lot in this sector.

Even if Nepal is a small country, it is rich and beautiful in terms of its natural resources. World’s highest mountain, Mt. Everest, good weather, and geographical diversity are its main features.


People from all over the world come to this place to see the mountains, falls, lakes, rivers, gorge which never fail to impress anyone’s heart. If adequate infrastructures for the development of tourism industry could be developed then there were more possibilities for the development of this industry.

Reasons behind people becoming tourists and visiting places:

  • To entertain during holidays.
  • To observe and learn about other’s lifestyle.
  • To work for the government.
  • To trek and for business.
  • To avoid bad weather.
  • To visit famous places.
  • To travel with a religious purpose of visiting temples.etc.

Attractions points for Tourism Business in Nepal

While discussing major a business operation in the tourism sectors are uncountable. Most of the business in Nepal are related to tourism business. Here we are discussing some major 20 business relates to tourism business in Nepal.

  1. Mountaineering
  2. Hot air balloon
  3. Bungee Jumping
  4. Paragliding
  5. Ultra Light Aircraft
  6. Canyoning
  7. Fishing
  8. Mountain Flight
  9. Cable Car
  10. Wave Running
  11. Jungle Safari
  12. Hunting
  13. Mountain Biking
  14. Rock climbing
  15. Hotel
  16. Aircraft
  17. Metal Work
  18. Painting
  19. Stone Carving
  20. Wood Carving

Tourism Business in Nepal

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