Top Ten Places to Visit in Pokhara Nepal


Places to visit in Pokhara, Natural Beauty of Nepal:- Nepal is a tourist destination with enormous tourist potential and it is rich in natural resources which allure people.

Pokhara- Natural Beautiful City of Nepal

Undoubtedly, Nepal deserves its identity as an ideal mountain tourist destination, since it has successfully carried out the combination of innumerable tourist activities such as soft walks, mountain excursions, hiking, mountaineering, community tourism, rural/rural tourism, tourism ecological, adventure tourism. sports tourism, etc.

Amidst several major tourist sites rich in natural beauty in Nepal, Pokhara, in central Nepal, is cosmically blessed and naturally gifted. Pokhara is one of the ideal potential tourist destinations in Nepal due to some of its specific attributes such as the pristine nature, the millenary culture and the hospitality attributes of Pokharelis.

As a result, it has become one of the most attractive tourist destinations with the perfect combination of the incomparable beauty of nature and the mystery of culture. From the tourist perspective, Pokhara with an area of ​​123 square kilometers, of course, there are many natural attractions, cultural beauties, biological diversity and, ultimately, it has become a place worthy of pride in Nepal.

The spectacular views of the peaks Annapurna Himalayas, the shortest distance of the snow-capped mountains (Mt. Fishtail only 28 km away), the harmony of the exotic mountains, the lakes and the mystical form of the Machhapuchhre mountain reflected in the Lake Fewa, are the praiseworthy features of Pokhara that have fascinated thousands of tourists, especially from abroad. Located at an altitude of 827 meters, Pokhara has climatic varieties, contrast vegetation, several picturesque lakes, an attractive Seti river gorge and a variety of snow-capped mountains.

The Pokhara valley and its surroundings are not only equipped with natural phenomena such as nine lakes (for example, Begnastaal, Nyureni, Gunde, Khashte, Rupa, Maidi, Dipang and Fewalake) and the three highest mountains in the world [Annapurna I (8091m ), Dhaulagiri (8167m).

Manaslu (8164m)], but also several extraordinary and unlimited cosmic vibrations, such as a mild temperature (ranging from 2 degrees Celsius in winter to 35 degrees in summer), the highest precipitation in Nepal (precipitation with 5600 mm / year or 222 inches / year), the Seti-Gandaki river system, strange caves (eg, Gupteshwar Mahadeve Cave, Mahendra cave, etc.) and amazing falls (eg, Davis Falls) along with the deep Seti Gorge with an underground flow of more than 500 meters.

You can access and enjoy many hills and villages while visiting and staying in Pokhara. The names of such peaks and famous places are Sarangkot, Kaskikot, Naudanda, Dhikurpokhari, Kahun Hill, Kalikastha, Sundari Danda, Armala Kot, Hemja, Austrian Camp, Dhampus-Astham, Mattikhan Hill, Nirmal Pokhari, Bharat Pokhari, Kristi, etc.

These hills, along with other destinations such as Sirubari, Gahlegaun, Bhujung, Tanahsur, Damauli, Nuwakot, etc., are excellent village tourist destinations that are on the periphery of Pokhara, which can be explored as important parts of Pokhara to know and to experience people and their culture. .

“The area of ​​Pokhara shows the greatest contrast in the landscape: nowhere in the world, the highest mountains reach the level of 8,000 meters admired from such a small distance and from the tropical lowlands without any intermediate mountain range. One of the most unusual and beautiful places in the world: The world “No place in the world offers such views of the Nepali Matterhorn, Machha-puchhre (fish tail) and Annapurna from so close.

The nature of Pokhara has exposed the unique panoramic view of snow-capped mountains, lakes, Seti river gorges, caves, green hills and waterfalls, which make visitors fascinated. The amazing combination of natural and cultural attractions in Pokhara has made this place one of the most favorable tourist destinations, which is often admired as paradise on earth. Pokhara is known as ‘Hanging Paradise on Earth due to its natural aesthetic persperctive’.

Mount fishtail and Annapurna

You can see the Fish-Tail and Annapurna mountains in the northwest of different places of Pokhara. The Annapurna mountain range (Himalayas) extends to the west-east and is divided into Annapurna (1) 8091, (2) 7937 (3) 7575 (4) 7535 meters.

Machhapuchhre (Fish tail Mountain) is at the center of the range with an elevation of 6998 meters from sea level (NTNC 2012). Machhapuchhre is a glorious natural heritage of Pokhara. Its local name is Machhapuchhre due to its bifurcated dome that looks like the tail of a fish. One can see this form of fish tail of Sarangkot, stupa of peace and other points as well.

It is still a virgin mountain. If you fly to Pokhara, Machhapuhhre welcomes you with a large trunk and a magnificent appearance the moment you get off at the Pokhara airport. If you travel by bus or car on the Prithvi Highway from Kathmandu, you can see it after passing Damauli. It is an eye that opens a fascinating view to see Machhapuhhre from a distance.

The feeling is as if Machhapuchhre is watching you raise your head high in the sky. When you look at the Machhapuhhre image inside Fewa Lake, it becomes a unique best experience for you. At the time of sunrise and sunset, it looks like gold and other times silver, especially in the light of the moon.

Top Ten Places to Visit in Pokhara Nepal

Nepal has many beautiful places. One of the most extraordinary and beautiful places in the world is Pokhara. It is situated at a height of 884 meters and approximately 203 km to the west of the capital. The profoundly spiritual land, resting on the kind lap of the Annapurna range does comprise a unique cross-section of human cultures and natural habitats.

It is blessed with lush vegetation and swiftly flowing rivers. Pokhara is, in fact, a paradise city where a hustle and bustle of the tourists to enjoy the sheer beauty of nature is very common. Just a single visit to this heavenly city is sure to cast a captivating effect in the memory of the visitors forever and ever.

The paradise city, Pokhara is extremely known for its scenic beauty. Hundreds of thousands of visitors duo native and outsiders flock there to enjoy the hypnotic glamor of nature and trek around the valley. The magnificent Annapurna range just 27 km away to its north, best of all, the Machhapuchhre (Fishtail peak) in its insurmountable pose, do cast ageless attraction to the visitors. The valley does possess three large lakes: Phewa, Begnas and Rupa Taf. Phewais the largest and the most beautiful lake.

Visitors do enjoy boating around it and row across to reach the Barahi temple on a hillock in the mid of lake. Similarly, Begnas and Rupa Lake are some distance away to the east of the town. So, only a few tourists make their visit to these lakes.

The perfect orange light on the lake during the dawn and dusk, the majestic Fish-tail summit and its crystal clear reflection in the Phewa lake is indeed unimaginable. It makes visitors realize the divine power of nature. So, they feel blessed to be there.

Places to See in Pokhara Nepal, City of Lakes

The Seti Gandaki that flows right through Pokhara is a scene to look at because it flows underground in some places 30-40 meter below the ground level, cutting a deep narrow gorge. From the Mahendrapul, the river can hardly be seen flowing deep below the surface.

Similarly, towards the northwest side of the city, there is a limestone cave called the Mahendra cave. The cave is well maintained with electric lights and a flower garden surrounding the area. This is a popular destination for all visitors.

Likewise, nearly a couple of kilometer away to the southwest of the airport, the river Kardi Howling from the legendary Phewa Tal, suddenly drops into the ground and disappears. This waterfall is called the Patale Chhanqo now popularly known as Davis Falls. The river emerges from underground about two hundred meters away to join the river Purse.

A legend has the Davis falls that a tourist named Davis was standing too close to the fall with his girlfriend. They were extremely tempted by the glamor of nature. Meanwhile, the excess of the water was released from the Phewa Tal that swept away his girlfriend. David instantly in an attempt to rescue her dived into the water, but unfortunately, both disappeared there forever and ever. Thus, the waterfall is named after eternal lovebirds.

Top Ten Places to Visit in Pokhara Nepal

Do you want to know about Top Ten Places to Visit in Pokhara Nepal? If yes, then ready to know and then be also ready to visit these top 10 Places to Visit in Pokhara Nepal. Don’t forget to see these 10 Places located in Pokhara city of Nepal. Places to Visit around Pokhara are included here. You’ll be ready after reading this list of places to visit in Pokhara, Nepal.

Top 10 Places to visit in Pokhara Nepal

Situated some 200 kilometers west of Kathmandu at an elevation of 3000 ft. Pokhara is a natural gift of our country. It has a rare combination of the long arrays climate, which remains favorable all the year round.

A 2700 ft Mt. Annapurna massif rises directly from the valley floor and seems close enough to touch. It has got various places like KI Singh Bridge, Bindya Basini Temple, Museum, Devi’s Fall, Buddhist temples, etc. Many adventure activities are organized from here like Paragliding Pony treks, Mountain flights trekking, rafting, etc.

List of places to visit in Pokhara Nepal

1. Begnas Lake | Begnas Tal

At Kaski, Nepal; lies one of the natural freshwater lake known as Begnas Tal. Oh yeah, many of the Nepalese might already have heard the name. It is the second largest lake among the 8 of the lakes that are found in Pokhara valley where Phewa Tal being the largest amongst. The lake that is 10 meters deep (max.) has covered a surface area of 3.28 sq. Km.

With a surface elevation of 650 meters. Besides, the flow of water changes according to the season and the rain it receives. The water from the lake is also used for irrigation purposes. Many of the swampy areas found around the lake have been converted to the paddy fields for agriculture by the growing number of the population over there.

Begnas Tal is one of the popular lakes in around Pokhara Valley. For those who have already visited Pokhara might have already visited the Begnas Tal. The lake is one of the favorites of the tourists as we can see many tourists visiting here, the numbers may be few in comparison to Phewa Tal but it still is popular among the tourists. The lake flowing in between the clean, green and peaceful environment definitely deserves more visits than it has now.

Things to do in Begnas Tal

We can do some of the interesting things here in this lake. We can go for boating, fishing and even swim and these are possibly the best things anyone can ask for while visiting any lakes. And yeah boating is not very hard, so you can definitely try your hands on the paddle. Boating is not fun unless you boat yourself, staying calm in between taking photos must be fun while the guide is paddling the boat but not as much fun as padding yourself. So you should try it.

So where exactly is begnas tal located?

The lake is not very far from the capital, Kathmandu. The 3 hr drive from Kathmandu takes you to Pokhara and you can reach to begonias all in about 20 minutes by bus from there.

Begnas Tal is definitely is one of the tourist destinations. You can go there anytime and stay in the bunch of hotels and lodges available with full accommodation and of course the prices are set accordingly.

All in all, Begnas Tal is one of the tourist-attracting places of Nepal but it receives very few numbers of tourists than it deserves. The 2nd largest lake inside the Pokhara valley is still beautiful and neat with its originality as it is untouched and undisturbed from the shore and sound of the city or maybe due to the less crowd.

We can find many local as well as international tourists visiting here; we can find them boating ( which is a favorite activity among the tourists) or fishing and even swimming. So this beautiful lake that resides in the Kaski district should be preserved and also promoted as it has a great potential to attract the tourists.

Begnas Lake is one of the top 10 Places to visit in Pokhara Nepal. Begnas Lake is a freshwater lake in Pokhara city of Nepal. This lake is getting high popularity in the tourism sector. It is one of the most beautiful lakes in Nepal. It is attracting thousands of visitor per years. Begnas Tal is about 10km southeast of Pokhara, a road leaves the Prithvi Highway.

2. Rupa Lake | Rupa Tal

One of the freshwater lakes that flow inside the Pokhara valley is Rupa lake. The lake from Kaski district is located at the Lekhnath Metropolitan Municipality of Pokhara. At the altitude of 600 meters, Rupa lake has a depth of 6m *max) and 3 meters ( average).

The third biggest lake of Pokhara valley among the 8 with Phewa Tal and Begnas Tal being 1st and 2nd respectively has covered the surface area of 1.35 sq km. The lake that inflows from Talbesi stream and Dhovan Khola has and surface elevation of  600 meters( 2000 ft). The different types of flora and fauna found in this place add more beauty to the lake. As per the record, around 36 species of the waterbird are found in this lake.

This beautiful lake is one of the tourist destinations of Pokhara. Rupa Lake has always been one of the favorite places to visit among the tourist as it receives a fair number of visitors every year. Begnas Tal and Rupa Tal which lies side by side are said to be the twins which are separated by a panic ridge which gives a beautiful view of both lakes; some even consider it as the eyes of Pokhara.

Apart from that, we can witness many local as well as international tourists visiting this place for boating and fishing. Tourist is also permitted to swim in this lake if they want. Besides the tourism activities, the other major economic booster of the lake is fish farming by practicing cage culture ( which can also be called as cage fisheries) and pen culture where around 120 – 150 kilograms of fishes are caught on a daily basis.

The locals from the area have operated boats and fishing on the lake which has become one of their source of income and around 19 boats are operated for boating purposes here in this lake.

But this beautiful lake is said to be extinct in the near future if we do not take care of the lake and its surrounding property. Pollution, the unorganized and mismanaged tourists activities, haphazard growth of the plant species and many other reasons have degraded the quality of the lake for which it is said to be extinct in the coming years if we do not take immediate action. So the responsible authorities should immediately take the necessary measures.

Rupa lake which is located in the south- east of the Pokhara definitely has caught the eyes of tourists. This beautiful lake that is elongated from north to the south is the third biggest lake in around the Pokhara valley and is often called as a twin to the second biggest lake, Begnas Tal among the 8 lakes inside the valley. With a maximum depth of 6 meters, boating and swimming are pretty much safe in this lake.

Rupa Lake welcomes the fair number of tourists every year, there should be more promotion and preservation of the lake so that it still stays the same and beautiful in the coming years.

Rupa Lake is another Top 10 Places to visit in Pokhara Nepal. A fifteen-kilometer drive to the east of town lies two fascinating lakes which are less visited. The trip is an alternative to Fewa Tal. A hike to Panchabhaiya offers the fascinating view of twin lakes and Annapurna Himal on the background. Rupa Lake is also on the list of places to visit in Pokhara, Nepal. Rupa Tal is about 10km southeast of Pokhara, a road leaves the Prithvi Highway.

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3. Phewa Tal |Phewa Lake

Phewa Tal is the biggest lake inside the Pokhara valley among the 8 lakes and the second biggest in whole Nepal. The lake which is located in the south of the Pokhara valley covers the surface area of 5.23 sq. Km. This popular lake has a maximum depth of 24 meters and an average depth of 8.6 meters while the maximum length and width is 4 km and 2 km respectively.

The water that inflows from Harpan and Phirke Khola to the lake is located at an altitude of 742 meters. This freshwater lake which does not freeze also has an island where we Tal Barahi Temple is located.

Many of us who have visited Pokhara, probably have not missed visiting the Phewa Tal. The most popular lake in the Pokhara valley is a major tourist attracting site. Phewa Lake has great potential for tourism activities. The lake that is situated in between the mountains gives a perfect reflection of Mt. Machhapuchhre and even Annapurna and Dhaulagiri too.

There are many activities to do in the lake where boating is the most common and popular amongst. We can witness a lot of tourists visiting the lake for boating.

Besides that, the other major attractions of the Lake is Tal Barahi temple which is located in the middle of the lake and Baidam which is the eastern banks of Phewa lake; more popular as lakeside. A lot tourist enjoys boating themselves and boat to the temple in the middle and many enjoy going on the evening walks at the lakeside.

These are some of the popular activities that local and international tourists are fond of in around the Phewa Tal. The lake offers a wide beauty of greenery and different mountain peaks that provides some of the glorious views of the lake.

Apart from the attractions, the lake is also used to generate electricity and also some of the parts of the Phewa lake are used for caged fisheries which are some of the economic boosters of the lake.

Phewa Tal is one of the most popular lakes not inside the Pokhara valley but in the whole of Nepal. The views of the mountains and the scenery from the lake are one of the moments to treasure.

This widely popular lake has great potential in tourism and receives a wide number of tourists every year. This is the place that nobody misses to go during their visit to Pokhara. You can go there in Pokhara stay in the lodges and hotels around the lake where you can enjoy full accommodation then go for boating on a bright sunny day, and trust me it will be one of the most beautiful days of your life.

Even walking on the lakeside during the evening is fun, the eastern banks .i.e lakeside never seem to be empty of the people, one does not miss walking on the lakeside during their visit to Pokhara. Therefore, Phewa Tal is definitely a place to visit.

Phewa Tal is another Top 10 Places to visit in Pokhara Nepal. Tal means lake in Nepali. Phewa Tal is the largest lake in the Pokhara valley. The lake is the center of attraction and most enchanting lake among other lakes of the Pokhara Valley.

The lake is best situated for boating, bird watching and especially photographing the scenic mountains. The excellent setting of the lake and the reflections of the Annapurna Mountain are something no visitor would like the miss on a boating trip. Phewa Tal is also the list of places to visit in Pokhara, Nepal.

4. Tal Barahi Temple / Tal Barahi Mandir

Tal Barahi Temple located in the middle of the Phewa lake is one of the tourist attraction sites of Pokhara. The Barahi temple also known as the lake temple, is designed in a pagoda style which is of 2 stories. If we date back to history, we can find a lot of stories related to this temple.

One of them is that King Kulmandhan Shah, one of the greatest devotee of Goddess Durga, constructed the temple in the island located in the middle of the Phewa Lake. The temple which is made up of stone with a thatched roof is one of the beautiful structures that itself has the ability to attract the people/ tourists.

One of the major attraction of the Phewa lake is the Barahi Temple. Every year many international, as well as local tourists, visit the temple; some go to watch the beauty of it while some go for religious purposes as the temple holds religious and cultural importance.

There are many devotees of the Goddess Barahi who come to visit this temple, inside which the stone idol of the Goddess is placed. Pigeons are made to fly and necessary items are arranged for the daily puja that is performed in this temple to please the Goddess as many believe that pleasing Goddess Barahi will make them blessed for their prosperous life for which many devotees visit the temple.

Apart from that, November to July is the time when many marriage and bratabanda rituals are held at this temple during the special occasions. This beautiful architecture is one of the monuments which has been attracting tourists for a long time now.

We can find a lot of tourist visit to the lake temple to witness the beauty of the Tal Barahi and as it lies in the middle of the lake the only way to travel to the middle is just by boating, for which it can be considered as one of the economic boosters of the Phewa Lake.

Besides, the temple itself is located in the middle of the beautiful lake, phew tal from which is covered by the green scenic beauty and the peaks of the glorious mountains like Mt. Machhapuchhre( popularly known as fishtail mountain), Mt. Annapurna and Mt. Dhaulagiri. The views and scenes are just appalling with a bonus of peaceful surroundings.

The major attraction of the biggest lake in Pokhara Valley, Tal Barahi has a high potential for tourism. Every year’s thousands of national as well as international tourists visit this temple to witness the beautiful structure or for the religious purposes that the lake temple holds.

But the growing number of unmanaged tourist activities has polluted the lake as well as the surrounding of the temple which might degrade the beauty and quality that it holds so every responsible authority should take immediate measures to preserve it as well as the tourist who visits the temples should be made aware of it.

All in all, this beautiful lake must be promoted as it has great potential for tourism and should be preserve its unique and beautiful architecture for the coming years.

Barahi Temple is another Top 10 Places to visit in Pokhara Nepal. It is built in the middle of Phewa lake dedicated to the Goddess Baraha – the universal protector is the boar manifestation of Goddess Shakti. She is often worshiped with the sacrifice of animals. Nobody forgets to visit this Barahi Temple. So, we have ranked here the list of places to visit in Pokhara, Nepal.

This is an essential religious landmark in Pokhara. Fabricated nearly amidst Phewa Lake, this two-storied pagoda is committed to the hog indication of Ajima, the dissenter divinity speaking to the female power Shakti. Lovers can be seen, particularly on Saturdays, conveying male creatures and fowl over the lake to be relinquished to the divinity.

5. Sarangkot:

Situated in the western part of Nepal, Sarangkot is one of the best places to visit in Pokhara. For the ones who have already visited Pokhara, I believe Sarangkot is not any new place for you, you might be familiar with the place. The Sarangkot village is situated at the Sarangkot mountain where we can find thousands of locals residing there.

Located at an altitude of 1600 meters, the place gives a perfect and beautiful view of the glorious mountains like Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Dhaulagiri and other peaks; not to miss Mt. Machhapuchhre and not only that it gives a gorgeous view of the down valley and the Phewa Tal. Sarangkot is one of the most famous places to visit in the Pokhara valley. These glorious scenes and views and some other tourism activities are the best part of this place.

Sarangkot is one of the popular tourist destinations of the Pokhara valley. The jaw dropping views of the mountains and the other scenic views of the down valley are one of the beautiful scenes you will ever see in your life. A lot of tourists who visit Pokhara have never missed to climb up the hill and enjoy the views.

Also, sarangkot is one of the best places to enjoy the beautiful views of sunrise and sunset. We can find many local as well as an international tourist visiting here at dawn and dusk as it is the perfect time to witness the beauty of the sunrise and sunset; the views are just magnificent.

Apart from the views and the scenery, the other beautiful thing about sarangkot is paragliding which has been very much popular in recent years. The beauty of witnessing the views of the mountains has taken to the next level by this flying sport, which is one of the favorite activities of tourists in Pokhara.

You can start paragliding from the top of the hill ( 1600 meters) and enjoy the magnificent views of mountains and lakes, even the Pokhara valley and land on the shores of the Phewa Lake.

Besides paragliding, the other similar activity we can do from sarangkot is parahawking. It is also paragliding but an eagle lands on your hand and you can feed it during your flight, how cool is that!!  These are some of the best tourism activities you can do in sarangkot.

These popular activities have been one of the favorites activity to do for any tourist, we can find a lot of local as well as the international tourist coming for this adventure in sarangkot, for which it can be considered as one of the economic boosters of the place.

Sarangkot is a place that you should not miss while you travel to Pokhara. A place that offers you the most jaw dropping paranoic views of the beautiful mountain peaks along with the lakes and Pokhara valley is definitely a place to visit. As this place has a great potential in tourism we should promote it at the international level which could be a lot beneficial in coming years.

Sarangkot is another Top 10 Places to visit in Pokhara Nepal. It is situated at 1500 meters which are a former fort of Kaski Kings. An early morning drive to watch the sunrise is the best-recommended trip. Nowhere else in the world can one enjoy such a magnificent panorama up so close?

Starting from Dhaulagiri in the extreme left, the view includes Annapurna South, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and Machapuchhre and Lamjung. Sarangkot is here is the list of places to visit in Pokhara, Nepal but Sarangkot lies places to visit around the Pokhara. It is not far from the town city of Pokhara. SEE ALSO: Places to visit around Pokhara Nepal.

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6. World Peace Pagoda: Viswa Shanti Stupa

A symbol of peace, built by a Nipponzan- Myohoji monk Morioka Sonin with local supporters under the guidance of the founder, Nichidatsu Fujii. The 344 feet in diameter and 115 tall pagodas is located at Ananda hill, Pokhara on Kaski district of Nepal. World peace pagoda is also known as Shanti Stupa ( .i.e peace= Shanti, pagoda= stupa) whose base is painted in full white and the top with the golden color has a diameter of 344 meters that stands 115 feet tall.

Nipponzan- Myohoji has built many world peace pagodas in around the world among which the one from the Pokhara is the 71stpagoda built and first ever Shanti stupa constructed in Nepal.

Shanti stupa that lies on top of the hill in Pokhara definitely gives a perfect view of the mountains, the perfect deep valley, the Phewa lake, and many more scenic beauties. A world peace pagoda on top of the hill in Pokhara, what can be more beautiful than that?

A place that has been attracting the local as well as international tourists for a long time now definitely has a great potential in tourism. The hill is a perfect place to hike at dawn and dusk as it provides the perfect view of sunrise and sunset. We can see a lot of tourists visits the top of the hill not only for the Shanti stupa but to enjoy the beautiful views that it provides from the hill and is considered to be one of the major attractions of the Pokhara valley.

We can get to the top of the hill to witness this wonderful piece of art by using many ways. The pagoda which is 7 km away from Mahendrapool (Pokhara) can be reached by hiking up the hill,  cycling; as there are cycling tracks as well, and also the blacktopped road.

You can choose any of the ways to reach to the Shanti Stupa and among all of the ways, the hiking is most popular for which we can use a boat to get to the shore of the lake to the hiking trail and start the hike which can take around 40 minutes. This hiking adventure to the stupa may be popular ways among all but it is also risky among all as we have some of the tourists who have used this trail has been mugged, so you should be careful while hiking to the pagoda.

The world peace pagoda from Pokhara is one of the beautiful architecture located at the top of the Ananda hill that gives perfect and beautiful views of the Himalayan range; ( a clear view of the peaks of Mt. Annapurna), Phewa lake and the other gorgeous sense because Pokhara itself is one of the beautiful places of Nepal.

It is the perfect place to relax as the hill has a quiet and peaceful environment and one of the most wonderful views you will ever see in your life is definitely worth visiting; The World Peace Pagoda, Pokhara.

World Peace Pagoda is another Top 10 Places to visit in Pokhara Nepal. List of places to visit in Pokhara, Nepal includes World Peace Pagoda. This is the most beautiful place in the country Nepal.

A massive Buddhist Stupa is situated on top of a hill on the southern shore of Phewa Lake. Besides being an impressive sight in itself, the shrine is a great vantage point, which offers a spectacular view of the Himalayas, Phewa Lake, and Pokhara city.

7. Devi’s Fall: Davi’s Jharana

One of the important landmarks of Pokhara is Davi’s fall which is one of the major tourist attraction sites. It is a plunge type waterfall that flows down below into the tunnel which is approximately 150 m long and runs 30 m below ground level.

This small waterfall is located very near to the Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave, which is another landmark of Pokhara, has a length of 500 meters and depth of 100 feet which is best to view from June to September. This beauty is also known as patale chango but Davi’s fall or Devi’s fall is the most common name for the waterfall.

There is a little story behind the name Davi’s fall that dates us back to31st July 1961 when the Swiss couple, Davi went for swimming from up above the fall and the wife could not make it and drowned in a pit because of the overflow.

After a great effort, the body of the wife was recovered after 3 days from purse river and her dad named the waterfall as Davi’s fall which was initially called as patale chango; which means the underworld waterfall.

Apart from the story, this small waterfall is a beautiful place to visit. An excellent and wonderful landmark of Pokhara, where many local, as well as international tourists, can be seen visiting the place and taking photos. The sound of the fall becomes louder during the time of the rainy season which is the best time to visit the waterfall.

The one who has visited Pokhara has never missed Davi’s fall. Besides, a statue of a god is located in the middle of the river where you can throw the coins and it is believed that if the coin sits on the top of it then your wishes get fulfilled. For this belief we can see a lot of visitors trying their luck by throwing coins, some even try for fun and as a result, we can find a lot of coins shining around the foot or the top of the statue.

Where is it located?

Once you reach the lakeside, the beautiful landmarks of Pokhara are not very far away. From the shore of the Phewa lake or the hiking trails of Shanti stupa or by using the blacktopped road, you can use any of them to reach Pokhara. Davi’s fall is located very near to the Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave along with the Siddhartha highway.

Is there any entry fee?

Yes, there is. The entry fee is totally free for the Nepalese whereas the foreigners or says Non- Nepalese have to pay Rs 30 per pax. ( for adults).

Davi’s fall or Devi’s fall also known as patale change is a small waterfall located at Pokhara, might not have anything new to offer but it still has its own interesting and unique quality with simple beauty. The waterfall when lands down on the river flow through a tunnel and with an interesting story behind its name have the ability to attract the tourist.

Devi’s Fall is another Top 10 Places to visit in Pokhara Nepal. Locally known as Patale Chhango, is an awesome waterfall lying about 2 km south -west of Pokhara airport on the highway to Tansen. The water is the drainage of the Phewa lake and submerges into the earth creating a wonderful waterfall and one of the natural wonders of the valley.

Otherwise called Patale Chhango, this waterfall denotes the point where the Pardi Khola stream vanishes underground. At the point when the stream is at to the max after storm rains, the sound of the water diving over the falls is stunning.

As indicated by one of the numerous neighborhood legends, the name is a defilement of David’s Falls, a reference to a Swiss guest who tumbled into the sinkhole and suffocated, bringing his sweetheart with him. The falls are around 2km southwest of the air terminal headed straight toward Butwal, just before the Tashi Ling Tibetan camp.

8. The old Bazar:

Pokhara which is surrounded by mountains is a gift to Nepal by mother earth which is one such thing that defines the beauty of Nepal. Almost every tourist who has visited Nepal has never missed enjoying the beauty of Pokhara, where you can find many landmarks which are some of the major attraction sites of Nepal.

Among all these beautiful landmarks, the old bazaar is also one of the tourist attractions of Pokhara. The place which is located in the north of the Mahendra pool is not very far away is located 4 km away from the Phewa Lake.

The old bazaar might be the place which is not very popular among the tourists but it still is rich in culture and tradition. It still delivers that taste of Nepali tradition to the visitors. You also get a little housing flavor from Kathmandu as you can see many houses built as similar to the housing of the capital. The Bazar lies between Tibet and Kathmandu so it has been a center point for trading between the two.

So during the trade, many traders from Kathmandu came to the old bazaar and stayed or perhaps lived there. Therefore it is said that these traders have built these Newari style/ design houses in the bazaar. Many traders have gone from the place now, but you can still find some staying there. Things have pretty much changed then after as some of the local houses are turned into modern designs but don’t worry it still gives that typical flavor of the Nepali culture and tradition.

Besides, you can also get to see some of the locals staying around their houses chatting with their neighbors, some busy in their shops but what is most common amongst is they are very helpful, you can ask for any help if you need.

The best way to travel around this beautiful and colorful place is on foot, you can get one of the best experience of the typical alleys and house designs of Nepal. Also, going through the bazaar, you can find another landmark of Pokhara, Brindabashini Temple where you can find many local as you as some international tourists.

This place might give a perfect place to shop and find the local stuff that you can buy from the vendors over there. The place is quiet and pleasant as you can see everyone traveling on foot and you can find less number of vehicles, so the place is clean and colorful.

The old bazaar is one of the underrated places of Pokhara. Many local as you as an international tourist are visiting the bazaar since last few years. Though it has not got any new thing to offer to the visitors, it is worth visiting as you get to experience the traditional style of the Nepali Bazar, you can also go to Brindabasini Temple from the bazaar and yes you can still get a beautiful view of the mountain peaks, and quite from the sounds and shores of the city area.

is another Top 10 Places to visit in Pokhara Nepal. Pokhara’s traditional bazaar is colorful and so are its ethnically diverse traders. Newar architecture and craftsmanship are expressed in its temples and in the windows. The past richness is expressed in its art and craftsmanship.

9. BindBasini temple: Bindhyabasini Mandir

Standing on top of a hill, the Bindhyabasini temple is the small and beautiful temple which is one of the popular places in Pokhara. The temple which is above 3000 meters from the sea level is most visited and popular among the Hindus of Pokhara.

This beautiful architecture is a little pagoda styled dome which is located at the old bazaar of Pokhara. The temple is also known as Bindhyabasini mandir among the locals. The history dates us back to 1845 B.S. when this temple was founded by King Khadga Bum Malla.

The temple has great religious importance. We can see many locals queuing up in line to worship Goddess Bhagwati; one of the forms or manifestation of Goddess Durga who is bloodthirsty. The puja is carried out on a daily basis, many animals are sacrificed twice during a week.

This temple is dedicated or say devoted to Goddess Durga, who is regarded as the guardian deity of Pokhara. So we can see a lot of Hindus traveling to the temple to worship Goddess Bhagwati and is celebrated for 9 continuous days during the biggest festival of Nepal, Dashain. Apart from that, the rituals of Bratabanda and the marriage ceremony is also held on different special occasions in this temple.

Besides, the Bindhya Basini temple which is located around ( 4-5) km from the Phewa lake is one of the landmarks of Pokhara which has the potential to attract the local as well as international tourists. The temple located at the top of the hill provides a beautiful view of the mountain peaks of Mt. Annapurna and many others and also the old bazaar which is also known as Pokhara Bazar which is a perfect place for family picnics and gathering with friends.

We can often find many tourists traveling up the hill to the temple just to relax as the environment is quiet and peaceful and enjoy the beautiful scenes that the top of the hill provides. We can witness many local tourists from Nepal than international tourists her in this place as the temple is one of the most important holy places of Nepal. So this tourist who visits this temple comes along with the religious motivation while many others climb up the hill for recreational purpose.

All in all, the Bindhyabasini temple also known as Bindhyabasini Mandir is one of the religious temple situated at the hilltop away from the sounds of the city. The environment around is peaceful and quiet from where we get to see the majestic views of the mountain ranges, also the Pokhara Bazar.

Every year’s thousands of tourists visit the temple not just for the religious purposes but to enjoy the beautiful and astonishing sceneries. Going through the busy Pokhara Bazar to the hilltop on foot and when reached the top we will be surrounded with the gorgeous views which are no less than a treat. So this small and beautiful temple definitely deserves to receive a number of tourists as it is worth a visit.

BindBasini temple is another Top 10 Places to visit in Pokhara Nepal. Bindhyabasini Temple is the center of religious activities in the old bazaar. It is dedicated to Goddess Bhagwati, another manifestation of Shakti. People offer the sacrifice of animals on the belief that she will help them fulfill their desires and wishes.

It is the focal point of religious movement in the old Bazaar. This white arch-like structure overwhelms an extensive stone-cleared patio worked on a shady hillock. It is committed to Goddess Bhagwati, yet another appearance of Shakti. The recreation center and Tuesdays when enthusiasts rush there to offer penances, go up against a bubbly nearby flavor.

10. Gupteshor Guffa: GupGupteshwor cave.

Pokhara is a treat for any adventure lover. It places the place which is commonly popular among the local as well as international tourists as we can find many landmarks and tourist attraction sites in Pokhara. Among the varieties of adventure and landmarks, Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave is one of them. The river of the Davi’s fall flows down into the tunnel to this cave.

It is located near the waterfall along the Siddhartha highway. We can find many caves in Nepal and Gupteshwor cave is one of the most famous cave amongst. This cave which is 2950 meters long is rumored to be the longest cave in Nepal.

If we have a look at the history, it takes us back to the 1940s when a bunch of local men found the cave while cleaning the grass around. Inside the cave, they found some of the shrines and statues to Lord Shiva and other Hindu deities like Nageshwor and Saraswati along with Mahadev and Parvati. Going through the cave you can also find the Shiva Temple.

Gupteshwor Mahadev cave is also known as Gupteshwor Mahadev gufa among the locals. The cave is very dark inside as only small lighting bulbs are attached, which is just put there to show you the way. Since the cave has many statues and shrine of Lord Shiva and other Hindu gods, the cave has great religious importance.

For this reason, we can find many Hindu devotees of Lord Shiva visiting the cave (where the main Shiva temple is located)just for the religious purpose. We can find many of the devotees coming to the cave to worship Lord Shiva inside the cave during the time of Mahashivaratri and Chaite Dashain.

Apart from that, Gupteshwor Mahadev gufa is the cave which has been a major tourist attraction point. Of course, many of the visitors come here for a religious purpose but the cave inside is so much adventurous that many local, as well as international tourists, visit here.

Also, the cave is home to the bats who can be seen hanging on top of the cave which adds a little more adventurous look inside the cave. After all the long stairs, wet stone paths, we reach towards the end where we can exit to witness the beautiful Davi’s fall.

The way to exit at the end is more interesting as there is a small slit of the opening from where we can see the lights passing inside the cave, we need to bend and might even crawl if needed to exit which is very much fun in a way. These are some of the interesting things about gupteshwor gufa.

Is there any entry fee?

Yes, the entry fee to enter the cave is Rs 100 for the non-Nepalese.

All in all, Gupteshwor Mahadev gufa is a natural cave which is very much dark inside though it has some of the small lightning bulbs showing the path throughout the cave where we can find the shrines and statues of Lord Shiva. The path guides us to the Mahadev Mandir inside the cave where taking photos are strictly prohibited.

The interesting and a little adventurous cave is definitely worth a visit.

Gupteshor Guffa (Cave) is another Top 10 Places to visit in Pokhara Nepal. A sacred cave known as Gupteswor Gufa lies 2 km away from Pokhara airport on the Siddhartha Highway leading southwest from the city. The entrance is right across Devi’s Fall and the cave is almost 3 km long.

It has some big holds special value for Hindus since a phallic symbol of Lord Shiva is preserved here in the condition it was discovered. List of places to visit in Pokhara, Nepal includes the Gupteshwor Guffa.

It is another of nature’s marvels in Pokhara is the Mahendra Gupha. This extensive limestone gives in is privately known as the place of Bats. A two-hour stroll toward the north of Pokhara, it is best to convey your own particular light to see the stalactites and stalagmites, and additionally the nearby winged occupants.

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Top 10 Places to Visit in Pokhara Nepal

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