6 Top and Best Sights in Kathmandu, Nepal to Visit

3. The Nepal zoo:

Nepal is also the country of different animal and birds. For this thought, the government of Nepal have established the national zoo in Lalitpur. This is the first national zoo of Nepal cosseting a large number of unique animal and birds. For the entry in a zoo, there are formulae of charging. We have to charge some specific amount which notified in the board and only we legalize to visit the zoo area.

Nepal zoo kathmandu
zoo in kathmandu

The zoo consists the tiger, elephant, lion and many reptiles and terrestrial and amphibians animal to broadcast the visitor. It is also one of the greatest sights but getting very few of tourist. This have said the great reasons behind the coming of tourist are the better management and not the brought of any unique animal.

4. Basantapur durbar square:

This is also historical meaning and mysterious sight which told the many language and mystery of the ancient age and the king of Mahendra. The Mahendra was the king of earlier Nepal who has also destroy the Rana rule in the country. The Rana rule in the country have made upset and the people are also facing harassment in the Rana rule. So the Mahendra is the person who has fight with the Rana and the rule is broken and made them disappear for always.

Basantapur+Durbar+Square, kathmandu Nepal

It is located near the new road and Basantpur also is renown as. There are many exhibitions are made for the showing of the visitor. The palaces of the Mahendra is even now in that the wall and rooms. There has been shown the lifestyles and the ruling system of Mahendra. But is the great destruction made the natural disasters that are earthquake occurred on 2072/1/12? This has damaged in the earthquake but the government has invested many amounts to reconstructing and redesign in the new formulation. This is also one of the famous tourist spots which make and give you the feeling of nature and reality.

There is also the presence of ponds where the queen used to take bath and also there is classified the rooms where they used to sleep. the Mahendra was very passionate in hunting. So there is also hanging of the picture where there is shown that the king Mahendra has killed the great elephant and rhino from their gun. There are many pictures and station is separated and changed which shown the reality and gives you the realization of the king earlier image drawn in your mind. The government has separated the huge budget to construct it because the ancient construction is constructed with the soil mostly. So the ancient house and building are weak according to the earthquake resistance.

It is also the one the governmental scaling plans and project to make the Basant Kaur Durbar famous by making and designing the heritage with enormous power and structure. The government of Nepal has made the huge number of selection for making the country tourism as it is also one of the helping factors to make the governmental plans raised and make them shine in the world’s consisting the unique and excellent features.


It is also one of the greatest tourist sites which have consisted a large number of tourist in earlier days. But after the natural disasters, there is coming off less number of tourist. This is also one of the great destination which makes you regret after not visiting this places. As there is the presence of every kind of services and facilities which you can get any time on orders.

Dusk in the bustling streets of Thamel kathmandu nepal

The order can vary from person to person and similarly, the services are fully depended upon the orders.  The Thamel is the largest tourist grounds which have made the common platform for the celebration of the endless entertainments. The hope and no anyone’s intervention will make you’re released with new power and strength to make yourself shine like the diamond in the crowd due to the shining light spreading in the musical and functional ground. It is the special places I have offered to you to visit once. Visiting Kathmandu does not signify you have visited the Kathmandu without visiting the Thamel but if you visit Thamel means you have visited Kathmandu.


Thamel has everything which you demands that may be your physical needs and mental needs. The physical and mental pleasure are packed and designed in new crafts to make the customer fully satisfied.

So visiting Kathmandu means once confirm visit Thamel, provides you the superwaves and energized your body after the observation and adoption of many raptures and rafts in the Thamel.

6. Dharhara:

It is one of the symbols of uplifting and developing Nepal. But so sorry and the cause of natural disasters have made it grounded by spoiling it. This is the symbol and the construction made by the Bhimsen Thapa in his own ruling. But the earthquake of 2015 has made all the architecture damaged and destructed. There dies about many peoples in an earthquake.

This is the like the great pillar which has made in Bhimsen Thapa times to see the full Kathmandu. Because as that time, it is the tallest pillar of the Kathmandu. So by climbing upon it, you easily see all the buildings and formation Kathmandu lying. the Dharhara is made up[ of stones and soils in ancients times of seven floors. It is the highly visited places at ancient times but now the Dharhara have also covered with the shadow and occurrence of tallest building more than it. The Dharahara have also gone down in the earthquake.

Recently the government has announced the budget for reconstruction of it with new structures and design. It is very tall but due to the earthquake it have broken at the bottom and now it has been banned to climb up. This Dharahara represents also the great formation of the Nepal and showing the identity of Nepal. there are many countries who have focused on iconic growth for attracting the tourist. So Nepal has also made these types of iconic pillars for attracting the tourist so that they can get the enjoy and the government can grow their national income from the sources of tourism too.

So all above are the lesser known site which invites you to must visit.

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