6 Top and Best Sights in Kathmandu, Nepal to Visit


What are Top and Popular sights to see when Visiting Kathmandu, Nepal?

A tourist from abroad and in broad comes Nepal to visit and see the natural and architectural places. People are of different thought and their thought and manufactured according to the community where he used to live. There are many people who have some target and there also exist who don’t have carried any goals for the tour. But we see in the contexts of the foreign country of people, they are very much focused on touring because the tour is also the one types of educational research and give you the knowledge about the words uplifts your mental growth and understandings too.

The high level of man has adopted and faced many circumstances to reached there. The people are off today become very generous and have no intelligence in the mind but they want to show their excellence on the barren lands.  There are many people who have the desire but not the ability to visit the worlds. Travelling falls under the category and wish of green pocket who deserves all the circumstances and difficulties covering with money.

Otherwise, if you don’t have money and if there occurs suddenly any kinds of events, then there may arise the difficulties and problems to solve them. The wish can be postponed for someday while there is the presence of economic crisis going on. But the program and the list can’t be destroyed for the long and for every day. The time and the chance don’t give you the specific space to enlarge you, you have to enlarge yourself with the presence of time. The people from abroad comes to Nepal for visit the available natural and mineral and architectural sources in Nepal.

The world knows about the Nepal as it consists the unlimited entertainment and indefinite fun and moreover transparent entertainment. Making the person more and more excited, there are organized of many programs to attract And gifts the fun especially in Kathmandu. Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal which holds the great power, unlimited tours and glorify destination. The people of the worlds and the Nepalese have also most target market is Kathmandu. There are many cultural and natural heritage site which is very famous for visiting and these all are the most common for all the visitor.

The Kathmandu is the great grounds of expressing and impressing the creation and people. The thought and the sight towards the creation may vary from f person to person because the one leaves can also be described in many paragraphs by many people. The lying of different creation in Kathmandu is increasing the attribute and attitude of Kathmandu to see according to the view and sight of people. A person is gaining knowledge and information while some are gaining the income ion these various tourist and cultural places. Kathmandu is renown and recognized for their many strength and power.

Some of the very common features can also be described in large words and paragraph. There are many sights which can’t be seen by the nude eyes because there are not the reaches of any tourist and so I think it’s not got famed.

So of the similar sight which is very attractive and artificial and some are natural which invites you to visit at any times waiting for the welcoming hands are described with the proper features and farming variables:


Less Popular Sights in Kathmandu, Nepal But Important to Visit

1. Royal palaces:

The royal places are the palaces of king Gyanendra but dissolvent after 2063 due the revolution against the king have taken the large voice and crowd. The king also seems unable to handle the countrymen’s voices. Due to that he and his whole family have obligation to left the palaces. The king has stamped as the diprotic and the people of the country have also the anger upon him due to the durbar murder accidental case.


Narayanhiti Royal Palance Kathmandu Nepal

The Gyanendra wants to rule and make their his own reign taking the full power and the people in the hands. But the plan got flopped and there occur the winds of countrymen protesting against the king. So the king has to left the palaces. The royal places are now converted into a museum. Because after the leaving of king Gyanendra, there is no one permitted to live and the government of Nepal has decided to make the royal palaces as the museum.  Now it is operating as the museum and has become the sources of income. This is not famous in the Nepal and the worlds.

But after visiting inside to this,  you can see the actuality and the lifestyles of the king were preferred and also the actuality of the king murder and Durbar and.  Palaces have made the rule of charging only 20 for the students and for other it takes 100 and for the tourist, it charges Rs 1000, I suspected.

2. Saleshmantak ban:

This is the forest consisting the deer and a large number of monkey. I think you have understood about where I talking with you. Yes. It’s the matter and places of the great historical and cultural site that is Pashupatinath. Backward of the Pashupatinath that great number of people are standing on that places that are also called as Aryaghat and back of that there lie many trees which are greenery forecasting and providing the oxygen.

Bagmati River Surya Ghat Pashupatinath Temple Kathmandu Nepal

The large forest has many new and unique animals grazing and feeding inside the forest. There also lies the dating places where you can see the couples most. There is also lying of many hotels which are opened for the providing the services for them.  You can also celebrate and dictate the picnic spot among friends with your enjoying rules and regulation. There is no one to intervention on your moving programs. People of the world and Nepal have great occupancy to move and celebrate in that paces.

People takes the rest of beliefs after visiting the Pashupatinath area. This is also treated as the spot where the people of everyone get rest and take some picture of memory.

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