Top 10 Most Beautiful Actress of Nepal 2019

11. Niti Shah

Niti Shah was born on February 2, 1996. She was born in the capital city of Nepal Kathmandu. She had completed her bachelor’s degree in Journalism from St. Xavier’s College, Kathmandu.  She is a Nepalese actress and one of the gorgeous model and a titleholder of a beauty pageant. She had won 1st runner-up title in Faces House of Fashion 2013.

Niti Shah has modeled for the mid page for the weekly magazine Saptahik as well modeled for another magazine like TEENZ, VOW, Naari and Navayaata and many other fashion Magazines. She has also walked on the ramp of various fashion shows including the famous TGIF Nepal Fashion week. Giving continuity on the modeling she has taken part in the biggest brand of Nepal of Miss Nepal 2017. And she has been crowned with the title of Miss Nepal International.

The rising Nepali Model Niti Shah has become famous at her young age. She has the facial structure that can be often compared to the facial structure of Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif. After completion of her Graduation from St. Xavier’s college, Maitighar, she became busy in doing modeling in fashion runways and advertisements.

Niti Shah got engaged in product launch also. She had done ramp walk for the top fashion designer of Nepal like Andree Gurung, Shama Manu, Mamta Gurung Joshi, SubechhyaBhadel and many others. The best Nepali photographer like Sanjog Rai an AnjilMaskey has given their best to capture the best shots of angelic beauty in Niti Shah Pictures.

niti shah Nepali actress image
Niti Shah – Nepali actress

Although she is young, she has gained many followers and earns thousands of fans. Her fans always motivated her to continue the hard work. She is doing social service by engaged in some not governmental organizations also. She is one of the heartthrobs of many Nepali youths.

Niti, not only has a pretty face, she is gifted with seducing smile and her body language always invokes the sense of confidence. She was born in Kathmandu and grew up on the caring of her parents in a child-friendly environment. Niti’s mother is a teacher whereas her father is from the military. She started her education at Chand Bagh School and completed her primary education. Then she joined Xavier’s Academy for higher level education. She is a student of journalism.

Niti feels great to call herself as a shy girl during her early school days. Even her parents got shocked by seeing her transformation from shy girl to a confident and bold model. She loved homemade food rather than the restaurant’s junk food. She always said that to maintain beauty the junk food must be avoided. She believes in god and she follows the Ganesh. God Ganesh is idler for Niti Shah so she would like to have a Ganesh tattoo on her skin. Although she believes in god she does not describe herself as a religious person.


Niti love zayn malik. Zayn Malik is one of the singers of One Direction. She loves to keep pet animals as she is animals lovers. Her favorite pet is a dog.  She chooses her favorite restaurant such as TrisaraResturant and Red Carpet Restro to get enjoy and to spend time with friends. Bandage Dress is her favorite dress. She loves the smell of Miss Dior ‘Cherie’. To buy the dresses what she needs she prefer Grazia, DS collection. If she got time to celebrate holidays, her favorite holiday’s destination is Bora Bora, Pacific Ocean.

Let us take some time to know about some achievements of Niti Shah. Niti got famed after being selected as top 8  models of House of Fashion 2013. The program was hosted by Shritima Shah, one of the Miss Nepal International. She has become the source of inspiration for many youths who want to follow in her footsteps. Niti likes a responsible and well-dressed man who can speak with him confidence. She loves those types of the man who is fun to talk to and who drinks responsibly. Many teenage boys gave her nickname of National Crush.

12. Swastima Khadka:

She is the young Nepali actress who has gained the new heights of popularity with the song Kutu ma Kutu. Dressed in a Nepali cultural dress like gunyo choli she was looking cute at the same time. She has debuted in the film career with the movie Hostel returns. She may seem to be just a young teenage girl. But she is married to Nishchal Basnet. They are called the cutest couple of Nepali Cine Industry.

The most recent controversy that has once again put the name of Swastima Khadka in front is related to Salman Khan. Salman Khan was supposed to have the Dabang tour in Kathmandu. The organizers have approached Swastima too. Not for the lead dancer but for the backup dancer. She is a straightforward girl who refused directly. The cause has been specified as monetary as well as self-respect. Whatever the reason may be. But she has the guts to say no to the opportunity of working with Salman Khan.

Swastima Khadka - Nepali Beautiful Actress
Swastima Khadka – Nepali Beautiful Actress

Every Nepali should praise her. Many people may not know that she holds the degree in architecture. She has also worked in many music videos. She is the beautiful cutest actress of Kollywood who was also part of blockbuster Chhakka Panja 2. Most don’t know that she has participated in Miss Teen Beauty Pageant. She was a former model who was actually not thinking of pursuing the acting career.

However, the director approached her. She like the story and the remuneration provided. So she did hostel returns. She is nicknamed as Rashtriya Bhauju( National Sister in law). Because she has married director of Loot Nischal Basnet at the early 20s.

13)Aditi Budhathoki:

Another young actress who is emerging to be the talented artist is Aditi Budhathoki. She only one film long in the industry. But with the terrific performance in her debut film Kri she has won over million hearts. Though she has a degree in Information Technology. She has been attracted by the glamour world. She has done modeling for Amazon.

She has appeared in the front cover of various fashion magazines. She also has a deal with Sony Entertainment. She also has appeared in a Punjabi song. Till now she has not been joined in any controversy. She is one of the talented actresses we have. Her career in the wine world is very promising.


14) Barsha Raut:

Barsha Raut is a beautiful curvaceous innocent village girl of Chhakka Panja who has now established a name for herself. She was also a model who acted in hundreds of music videos. Unlike other actresses, she has always wanted to pursue her acting career. She got the opportunity in the fourth sequel of Nai Nabhannu La. After which she doesn’t have to look back. She became part of both sequels of Chhaka Panja. She has now offered many movies. She also participated in the national beauty pageant.

Barsha-Raut-Nepali-model image photoshoot glamour picture
Nepali Model Barsha Raut

After the success, however, she has become quite selective in selecting her movies. She is also the actress who has broken the norms of the glamour world. Most of the actresses follow a strict diet regime. Spend most of the spare time in the gym. She doesn’t believe in dieting. She eats whatever she likes. She has opened a door of acting for the girls who are curvaceous. She is in a relationship with actor and businessman Sanjog Koirala. It is said that they have been dating for five years. They soon to get married.

15) Rekha Thapa:

An actress who actually revolutionized the film industry. The one and only Rekha Thapa. She is not the only actress but she is also a social worker, a former model, participant of Miss Nepal 1999 and a political figure. Her name is adjacent to many controversies. She debuted in a film Hero opposite Rajesh Hamal. Since then she hasn’t looked back in her career. Since then she has done about 200 movies.

Now she is the producer. She has opened her own production house called Rekha Entertainment. She also has founded Nongovernment Organisation by the name of Rekha Thapa Foundation. She is also one of the bold actresses that the industry have. She has done bungee jumping and paragliding for her films. She even has sung for her movie. In short, It can be said there’s nothing left for her to do now. Talking about her controversies, the first one is it is said she is the first actress who started the trend of wearing short dresses in the movies.

Nepali actress Rekha Thapa
Nepali actress Rekha Thapa

Before the heroine of the movies were portrayed in gunyocholi or saree it other traditional dresses. So her criticisers have blamed her she is responsible to start the nudity in the films. Before the heroine was described as beautiful and cultured. After her, the actresses were described as glamourous and beautiful. Another controversy is that she has slapped one of the journalists for the misbehave.

During Gai Jatra, the journalist Chiranjibi Poudel has mocked the actress for wearing short skirts. She then went to the office of the journalist. They had an argument in which Rekha slapped the journalist. The news confirmed by Rekha Thapa. But the journalist has also claimed that he had also slapped back the actress. He may take a pride in saying that he had insulted a woman. He had assassinated the character of a woman. He did the physical violence with the woman.

She had done the right thing by slapping the man who can’t respect the dignity of women. I am proud of her. She divorced her husband Chhabhi Raj Ojha with whom she was married for ten years. The marriage and the divorce both were scandalous. Both have allegations for each other. Some even have criticised her for leaving her husband after she earned her name and fame. Because her husband was the one who had brought her in the cine world. But she has slammed the criticisers saying it was her talent and labor that has established her in the industry.

Some even went too far to say she has used her husband in order to reach to her fame. Well, these are her personal life in which we don’t want to bother. However, one of the controversy that most of the people may not have known is her link up with Shakti Kapoor.

Shakti Kapoor is the famous actor of Hindi cinema. He acted in the role of villain. Later in his career, he even performed in comedy roles. He often is associated in Bollywood regarding Casting Couch. Casting Couch is actually a practice said to exist in the glamour industry. Well, it is said that Rekha Thapa even had a small time affair with him.

Because she wanted the opportunity to act in Bollywood. Whether the matter is true or not only she can tell. She has also done an item song for Bhojpuri movie. She has also shown the interest in politics. At first, she said that she believed in the motto of the Maoists. She also danced with Prachanda. Our very own Pushpa Kamal Dahal.


The dance has brought Prachanda into controversy more than Rekha Thapa. Later she joined Rashtriya Prajatantra Party. It is said that she wanted to be the President of the Nepali Chalchitra Board. So she joined Maoist. Because at the time they were at the authority.

Though Babu Ram Bhattarai had consoled her she would be. Later she didn’t. So she left the party. It is also said that she has not contributed to the earthquake victims. Since we she is the public figure. She ought to do something for the victims. Whatever there is, it can’t be neglected that she is one of the great actresses that we have had.

16) Shilpa Pokhrel:

Another emerging actress who has more or less major common factor with Rekha Thapa is Shilpa Pokhrel. Let’s first talk about her career. She was attracted to the glam world from the early childhood. So immediately after completing SLC, she started modeling. She has appeared in some advertisements. She has done a TV serial Gharbetiba.

But her goal was to act on the big screen. So she started acting in music videos. However, she got her to break into a movie Lajja. Now she hasn’t looked back since.

Shilpa Pokhrel Nepali Beautiful Actress Model Girl
Shilpa Pokhrel – Nepali Beautiful Actress

Now talking about the common factor between her and Rekha Thapa. The film she debuted was produced by none other than Chhabhi Raj Ojha. He was the one who also gave break to Rekha Thapa. He was the former husband of Rekha Thapa. He is now soon to become the husband of Shilpa Pokhrel.

Rekha Thapa in her interview had often said that she considered Mr. Ojha as her guardian. Shilpa Pokhrel also at the beginning said that Mr. Ojha was like her father. Now she is going to marry him is a different thing. The other common factor is both the actresses are from Morang, Nepal. In appearance and body structure somewhat both actresses resemble each other.

Like Rekha Thapa, Shilpa is also interested in doing women-centric roles. Like Rekha Thapa, most of the films of Shilpa is commercialized. Not more than a few months back both Shilpa Mr. Ojha spread the rumors that they are already married. But that proved to be only a publicity stunt. But later both of them gave an interview that they are soon going to be married.

However, Rekha Thapa also said that they are already married. She has seen their photo. Shilpa snapped at Rekha for spreading the fake news. Whatever the status is as said before it’s their personal matter. We don’t take interest in anyone’s personal matter. But nobody can take away the credentials from Shilpa Pokhrel. She is one of the talented actresses.

Just by doing few films, she is able to compete with Rekha Thapa who us the established actor of the Industry. She is also curvaceous. But she doesn’t give a damn. She is continuing to give the amazing performances in her movies. One of the controversies that arose was when she acted in the movie Hawaldar Suntali. In this film, she has given the rape scene. She was criticised for the scene. However, the performance seemed to be the need of the script. Her acting was realistic. Her recent song called Parkha Parkha Mayalu has become a YouTube hit.

17. Oshin Sitaula

Beautiful Nepali actress Oshin Sitaula is a tv presenter of M&S video magazine. OshinSitaula is definitely a beautiful actress. Besides this, she is also one of the wonderful and prettiest media personalities and model to watch on.

Among many upcoming ladies or talent in the Nepali movie industry as well as a media personality, she has proved herself as the most better one. Oshinsitaula is an emcee and tv presenter of M&S video magazine. M&S i.e movers and shakers was a supplement magazine of Kathmandu post and are now dealing with video of behind the scenes in youtube as M&S VMAG. Oshin is a beautiful presenter with beautiful presenting skills. Despite a tv presenter, she is also an emcee and hosted many programs.

Oshin Sitaula - Nepali beautiful actress
Oshin Sitaula – Nepali beautiful actress

Concerning about her family, she is the eldest daughter among two children of her parents. She has a younger sister, a named Onishasitaula. In total, she has four members in her family, she herself, her younger sister, her father and her mother. She is one of the bright alluring ladies. She is also the member of the alumni of Chelsea school. Through her interview, it can be known that she is very much close to her father.

Oshinsitaula describes herself as the traveler as she loves to travel and also as a junkie food police in her Instagram bio. She is very much active on the social network being a media personality. Since she is popular as one of the cutest Nepali celebrities, she has approximately thirty-three thousand followers on her official Instagram account. She grabbed her popularity through her “hunger hunt” show in M&S VMAG channel which is running in these days.

Ms. Sitaula has never failed to impress her Instagram followers. With her mesmerizing beauty and overloaded cuteness added in her beauty along with her perfect dressing sense, she looks really beautiful and is reflected in every picture she posts of herself. Through her beauty, she has been able to grab the heart of many of her followers. She has not only male fans but she is also the inspirational personality for female, therefore she has both male fans as well as female fans almost in equal number.

OshinSitaula’s post in her Instagram account is flooded with the comments of her female well-wishers which show the female followers of her along with the die-hard male followers. Since is tight scheduled personality, she rarely is able to reply to her followers in her social network account. She was also listed in the top 10 beautiful ladies of Nepal as published by Top of Nepal. She was listed in top 10 beautiful ladies along with Namrata Shrestha, Himani Shah, SahanaBajracharya, Priyanka Karki and so on.

Beautiful in her physical appearance and lots of skill in her personality, OshinSitaula, has been able to grab the attention of the audience and the critics. This ultimately made herself to be listed among the 10 most beautiful ladies of Nepal.

Our Nepali movie industry needs the actors and actresses like these. Because of the new emerging talents, even the Nepali cine industry has now started a one crore club. It will take time to reach to hundred crore club like in Bollywood. But as said before it is taking the baby step. Nepali Film Industry has started the award ceremonies like in Hollywood and Bollywood.

The industry has started the box office collection. However, the focus of most of the actors is to work in Bollywood. The scope there is huge. The money they earn is enormous. The audience mass is huge. Let’s hope that our film industry will also be in the position where Hollywood and Bollywood are.

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