Top 10 Famous Bollywood Actors 2017


Top 10 Famous Bollywood Actors 2017

Top famous Bollywood actors 2017: – Everybody is familiar about the Bollywood industry and the film released by its group. It is one of the greatest hub of making great film cum actors too great. However, it is one of the greatest channel of forecasting the film in new tones, new ideas and new creativity. People around the world avidly watch the movies produced by Bollywood. There may be difference in watcher due to fan following of actors and their popularity. Bollywood is also the places of  transforming  stone into gold and gold into diamond,. There are many legend who have taken the name and fame of Bollywood around the world in many language.

Many people around the world  adore the movies. Bollywood is always ahead for  giving places for standing to new comers and great ground for established actors for making the movies more glosser. Bollywood is also in the limelight of news and  media due to its stories and describing confidential scene. Besides, there are many  actors who are popular these by their movies release and also many for gossip and controversy. And the media are following them for tick out and pick out for making the news that will connectify the viewer to see with interest. Here are the list of popular actor who are popular this year by their fundamental and activities, action:

10 Popular Actors of Bollywood of 2017

1. Salman Khan:

He is treated as the solid man of Bollywood due to his own bad boy attitude and performance in the movies  as well as in  common life. He is one of the greatest actor as well as assets of Bollywood and acting fields. There are many girls who treated him as her husband and lover due to her style, and body barking. He is also popular due to releasing the movies ”Tubelight” and known for  giving super hit movies only.

Salman Khan with car
Salman Khan with car

His Sultan, Dabbang, and many other movies are remarkable movies. He is also popular actor for giving chance to new actress in his movies to give her support and raise her career too. His popularity is mostly exposed by his body  pack and movies hit. His fitness secrets are always in the gossip because he even looks younger as 30 after celebrating 51 the birthday. His ”Prem Rattan Dhan Payo” has also taken him towards great stardom .

2. Shahrukh Khan:

He is also popular actor of Bollywood. He mostly play only single movies a year but it sometimes become fails. He is treated as romantic actor that types of film he mostly acts. He is well established and richest actors of Bollywood. He is not busy fully in acting beside it, he has also own business firm  and investment in various corporate  organization.

soni soni holi song mohabbatein
Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan has his own production house. He is also treated as Baadshah, King Khan of the  Filmfare awards in Bollywood. That is why treated as one of the expensive actors of Bollywood. His acting has made everyone fans mostly women and men. His popularity is all around the world due to great marks in Bollywood and self-made actor. He is also very popular for Dilwale Dulhani Le Jayene one of the super hit movies of era.


3. Akshay Kumar:

Akshay Kumar is very popular of releasing number of film in very short time. His speed is very  fast that can  be calculated  by his film which released in every month or two month. He is very popular all around the world as well as in Bollywood b by the name Khiladi. He were earlier the  karate teacher and champion with black belt. He is vey calm and humorous actor who have fan of every class from child to old.


Akshay Kumar - Famous Bollywood Actor
Akshay Kumar – Famous Bollywood Actor

Many child want to become like Akshay Kumar. He is also self made actors. His upcoming movies with the legend Rajnikanth in Robot 2  is getting great appreciation and  conversation in which he is playing as villain. He is also popular for doing  difficult stunt and great jump. His styles are funny and hardful. He is known by the movies Holiday, Baby, Khiladi, etc.

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4. Aamir Khan:

No one can forget his name and no one want to miss his movies. He is the bundle of perfection. That’s why he is known as Mr. perfectionist. He has own acting tricks and tranquility that hasmade him one of the  precious  icon of Bollywood. He does not present inawards function for that sometime he is also teased but he don’t mind it. His movies comes only in a year but breaks all the record of Bollywood.

Aamir Khan - Famous Bollywood Actor
Aamir Khan – Famous Bollywood Actor

Therefore, his movies is also treated as  record breaking movies and record breaking man. His recent movies Dangal has crossed 100 million and even increasing. He has rectangular charming face. He is popular by the movies Dangal, Three Idiots, Lagan, Ghajini  one after one blockbuster movies.


He is also very popular actor of Bollywood. He is rising actors and reaching near to stardom and superstars. Many of the Bollywood actors have commend on him, that he will be the superstars of Bollywood in coming time. His mind changing stunt, circular body parts and  unique dance and action is making him more and more valuable and expensive by the release of every new movies.

TIGER SHROFF- Famous Bollywood Actor
TIGER SHROFF- Famous Bollywood Actor

Tiger Shroff has got good response of  viewer by his first movies Heropanti. He come in popularity even due to his self created dance step that tells the extreme talent.  His recent movies was Munna Micheal which has also got good response. he has said in one interview that, he get inspired and treat mentor to the dance legend or man of millennium Michael Jackson.


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