Top 20 Places to Visit in Nepal to Celebrate New Year 2077

YO! YO! YO! Have you been well all last year and coming year, because it’s that time of celebration happy new year 2020 when New Year comes to the town and villages!!

Yes, we realize that Nepal does not celebrate Gregorian New Year calendar like the Wild West does, however, we Nepalese people do have our own different style of celebrating and we truly love it as we celebrate the spirit of New Year that proffers forgiveness, peace, relax, enlighten, love, grace and most importantly the act of sharing.

Nepal is a beautiful place to visit all the year round. Nepal is one of the best places to spend new years in Asia. Nepal has got 100s of the best place to go for New year in Asia.

There are many places for the New year celebration in Nepal where you can visit and have a good time. There are places for New year celebration in Nepal that are naturally beautiful, some have cultural and traditional importance and some others have historical importance.

So, this post gives you some of the best places to visit during the new year in Nepal (South Asia).  So, there are various places for New year celebration in Nepal that you can visit.

But, few of these places for New year celebration in Nepal are even more beautiful when it is the New Year’s Day. Nepalis celebrate New Years with a lot of enthusiasm.

There are various programs that are organized to celebrate this occasion of the beginning of the new year. I guarantee you there are 100s of the best place to spend new year in Nepal (South Asia). So, as a visitor, you would find that Nepal is a beautiful and happy destination to visit during New Year’s Eve and the new years day.

Reasons why we visit tourist places while celebrating New year

The new year is the time for the new beginnings of hopes, opportunities, chances, love, friendship, loyalty, and family. This is the time when you leave behind your past, regrets, fears, tragedies, miseries, pain, sufferings and disappointments.

All in all, the new year is a new start so this is the major reason why people visit new tourist places and spend some money and time to celebrate New year. However, the reasons can also be categorized like below:

1) Religious Cause:

There’s no lack of religious tourist places to visit in the world. There are religions and there are places, like for Hindus we have Pashupatinath temple, Amarnath or Kailash Mansarovar, for Christian’s there are churches like in Jerusalem or mosques for Muslims etc. The reason, being desires of people for their soul serenity and Chastity.

In other words, clearing one’s conscience. In the past year, people do mistakes or things that are not good let’s not say evil knowingly or unknowingly which obviously originate the guilt on their conscience. They also have the fear of God and the afterlife.

The beliefs were you will go to hell after death if you do bad things and don’t repent for them. According to some religion, new year day is believed to be the very spiritualastically auspicious day.

The sacred acts performed on this day give you much faster positive results we visit the religious tourist place on New year day. We give clothes or foods or various goods in the form of our deeds so all our bad doings would wash out and we can have a very happy prosperous year ahead.

2) Spiritual Cause:

Now one may say religious cause and spiritual causes are the same but I think there’s a tiny bit different. Spiritual cause means the cause being knowing oneself internally and fully, knowing oneself one’s weaknesses, faults, and flaws and mending them, correcting them and rejuvenating one’s soul and spirit, rejuvenating one’s mental strength.

For this purpose, there are ashrams and meditation centers which bring even packages nowadays. This help people to delete all the bad memories that have been haunting them in the past year and have a new fresh start in the year ahead.

3) Recreational Cause:

After spiritual rejuvenation comes to the physical rejuvenation which explains our recreational cause. We like to be entertained, pampered and enjoy the holiday we have after a year of perseverance and hard work. We want to spend our hard earned money on ourselves just for this day or weekend.

We visit the resorts, hotels or spa centers or any place where we can enjoy ourselves. We are once not being worried about our bosses or money or family problems. For once a year we want to be carefree so that we can recreate ourselves.

4) Adventurous Cause:

364 days we spend worrying about others like our friends and family. We worry about children, their education, and their future. We worry about the insurance premiums or payment of monthly installments. In short, we spent our entire year worrying about day to day life, what to make for launch or dinner, we worry too much.

riding bike on water
Riding bike on the water

This constant worrying gives rise to our sense of adventures where once we get to stop worrying about others and worry about oneself. So we go trekking or rafting or hiking like Annapurna or such and such risky places.

These activities stimulate our hormones, produce adrenaline and heighten our excitement. And the day after we are good as new as ready for the worrying part again. So yeah seeking adventure is another reason to visit the tourist place.

5) Aesthetic Cause:

Some people are not always adventurous, they want to spend their hard-earned holiday of the new year just by admiring the beauty, man-made or natural. Some may prefer to go to hill stations or some may prefer to visit Tajmahal.

We just want to stand and admire the views soaking all the majestic beauty. Even this help in reviving oneself from the year of constant labor, and worries. For one day they like to be passive after being acting for the whole year.

6) Social Cause:

Yes, we keep meeting different persons at different times most of them at work, most of them at gatherings or in family meetings. In short, we keep meeting new people in our day to day life, some we make friends, some we make enemies some we may prefer to be strangers. Friends or enemies they will know us our weaknesses in our strength.

They have seen us in our lowest points. So we try to forget all these embarrassing moments in the day and try to meet new people who are a complete stranger to us.

We just want to have few drinks, talk about something that doesn’t concern us. In short, we want to ditch the old acquaintances and make new ones so to celebrate the new year we go to pubs or, disco.


Not always we want to ditch our friends and family but sometimes we want to give them time which we couldn’t because we were busy in the year in our jobs careers and even with ourselves.

So we want to gather with our friends and family to know about things happening in their lives. So social cause is also one of the Easom we visit tourist places in New year.

7) Healthy Cause:

As the year begins we indulge in our day to day life. We are once again busy in our jobs in our worries that we forget to take care of ourselves, we neglect our health.

Some of us prefer to spend our new year in some health camps like yoga and meditation centers to heal ourselves, and to take care of ourselves both physically and mentally. So these meditation and yoga centers have now become the place where most of the tourists visit not only in New year but any day.

8) Sports Cause:

Some of us have a very competitive nature. We try to win in every field in every possible way. In our day to day lives, we were not able to win all the time. Sometimes we get defeated in the hands of friends or colleagues or even nature.

So to fulfill that winning hunger we have we got to spent our new year holiday in sports club like a golf club or billiard halls or say table tennis. These sports clubs are also the tourist places that are visited on every occasion.

9) Love For Nature:

Today’s world has become so much artificial and slaves of technologies that we don’t even have the real gardens in our home. Most of us live in the rented apartments where we couldn’t have our own gardens. Some of us live in the city apartments where due to lack of space we have 2 or 3 pots of flowers in the name of gardens.

The overcrowded cities and towns, overpopulation, lack of water, an increased number of vehicles have polluted our environment. Constant noises have left us partially or temporarily deaf.

The 24-hour facilities of the internet have reduced our contact with nature. Some of us even have not looked in the sky for stars or moons and dreamt about them. The activities that we love to do when we were children. It’s useless to send that everyone loves nature.

They want to be close to them but because our modern lives have become so much attached to the modern technologies that we cannot always live in nature.

So just for one or two days during our holiday like in New year when we chose to spend the time with our loved and dear ones in the wild in the nature that we visit the places like Nagarkot to see the rising sun.

We visit some wildlife resorts like in Chitwan Nikunja where we can be close to nature and also have the facilities that we are so attached. So enjoying nature is one of the cause why we visit the tourist places close to nature.

10) Selfless Cause:

Some of us are humanitarian. We want to do something for others. We want to bring them the happiness and give them the joy even for one day. All of us are capable to enjoy the holidays in the resorts or some clubs.

There are elderly people spending their time in old age homes with a hope that one day their child may come to visit them. There are orphans little children who just wish that someone may bring them the gifts of toys.

They hope they have from the years, so we visit the orphanage homes or old age homes or the centers of handicapped people or even hospitals to serve them according to our capabilities. We give them new toys or new clothes or make them good food.

These places may not be the tourist places that everybody likes to enjoy their holiday but some of us do. And so I have put these places, not as tourist places but the place where we visit for the completely selfless cause.

The reasons behind our visiting various places may vary. The one thing remains the same. We want to leave behind the past and start the new year with new hopes and dreams.

Listed below are few of such places for New year celebration in Nepal where you can visit. These places for New year celebration in Nepal are tourist destinations and because it is popular, different programs are organized. Such programs are organized so that tourists from inside and outside of Nepal can celebrate and have fun on this day.

In fact, in several regions of the country Nepal, New Year is celebrated with very joyous, passion, zeal, and enthusiasm. New Year is celebrated with also the different Nepalese customs, culture, fashion, and traditions and as well Wild West does.

But Nepalese people also add an interesting flavor to the celebration of this first day of the Gregorian calendar in Nepal. So, friends, don’t worry, if you are in Nepal, they must celebrate the new year with your own style. So, what we have done for you all my visitors, this time is that we have prepared a list top 20 places to visit in Nepal to celebrate New Year as New Year celebrations in Nepal:

Top 10 Places to Visit in Nepal to Celebrate New Year

1. Pokhara

Pokhara is one of the best places for celebration, especially, when it comes to New Year to our homes. You can see the sizable population of tourists and not to forget Nepalese legacy.

Paragliding in Sarangkot, Pokhara, Nepal
Paragliding in Sarangkot, Pokhara, Nepal

Pokhara, beautiful natural place, has the impression of celebrating New Year with immense joy, happiness, peace and with nature. The party capital of lakes becomes livelier during the naturally time and one can actually feel the much-spoken cool of New Year.

Lake Side in Pokhara

Pokhara is a beautiful tourist destination that lies to the western part of Nepal. Adorned with beautiful lakes, It is a perfect place for tourists to have a peaceful holiday.

In the day of New Year’s also, it is a beautiful place to go to. Every restaurant gives special discounts and special meals for new years. Additionally, different musical programs are organized to celebrate the new year.

As a visitor you will have a lot of fun attending concerts, playing games, going on different rides and enjoying the overall vibe of this lake town. Pokhara is definitely best place among the finest places for New year celebration in Nepal.

The entire city, Pokhara is decorated with flowers and lights. You don’t have to forget that Pokhara is a piece of heaven on the basis of naturally beautiful. In the new year eve, masses sing carols and this goes on till early hours of the morning of new year day.

Even the hotel and restaurants serve New Year lunches and dinners and have live bands playing and western songs. There are lots of lakes in Pokhara city like Phewa lake and Begnas Tal.


Ghandruk is a beautiful village in Nepal where tourists go to experience the local life of the village people in Nepal. This beautiful village is not only home to some exceptionally warm people but is also surrounded by the natural beauty you cannot have enough of.

You can go for short hikes, trekking or just walk around the village and the hills to understand the life of people that reside in this place. It will be a good start to your new year.

Ghandruk Village, Pokhara, Nepal
Ghandruk Village

Once here, you will walk away with a beautiful feeling about yourself and will understand a great deal about people belonging to a different cultural background. It will be the start of a rewarding new year for you.

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2. Kathmandu

Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal. One of my friends, the Australian influence in Kathmandu has done some perfect indeed!

KATHMANDU, Nepal Views

Like Pokhara, Kathmandu also has a good population of westernized youth Nepalese population, who are interested in new year celebration with jazz and own way of celebrating this joyful day. During the New Year time, Kathmandu becomes brighter and you can feel the happy hither and thither in some of the places of Kathmandu.  You are compelled to be a part of the celebration.

Thamel, Kathmandu

Thamel is the busiest street in Kathmandu. This place is popular among tourists from outside of Nepal. On a daily basis, tourists and visitors from all around the world come to this city to have a good time.

This busy street section becomes even more busy and lively around the time of New Year. Different musical programs are organized throughout the day. The programs start a day before on the eve of new years and continue to the first day of the year. This is one of the places for New year celebration in Nepal.

Every street of Thamel is decorated and the shops remain open almost all night. The restaurants offer heavy discounts on food and drink. There is a local touch to this high spirit festival and it is something that you need to witness rather than be told about.

New Year is celebrated with the exuberant spirit in Thamel. The entire streets get decked up during the advent season and places like malls, markets and restaurant start to offer discounts and special menus respectively. The shop’s walls are decorated in a way to give a festive feel. However, make sure you book hotels in advance as many people during December visit Thamel. Thamel is one of the top 10 places to go in Nepal.

Jhamsikhel, KathmanduJhamsikhel Kathmandu

For those who love to party and welcome the new year in a grand way, Jhamsikhel is the best place. This area is a very busy street in Kathmandu where tourists from inside the country as well as outside go to have fun and enjoy.

There are many nice restaurants in this part of the city where they organize various programs to celebrate the new year. There are various shows, different parties, and a fun environment to enjoy the upcoming new year.

Durbar Marg, KathmanduDurbar Marg Kathmandu

Durbar Marg is one of the uptown streets stretches in Kathmandu. It is a beautiful place to be to hang out and have fun. You can eat in some of the good restaurants that are around the street.

Also, the place is good for shopping. Various brands have their outlet there and it is fun to have lunch, go shopping and generally have a nice day. On new year day, the whole street is lit up and there is a street festival which will make it even more fun.


Another beautiful place to hang out and have a nice time is Chandragiri. It is a nice hilltop where you can go for a day out. You can go around in the hills, visit the temple on the hilltop and have lunch while being surrounded by the natural beauty of the hills.

Chandragiri Hills Station Cable Car Kathmandu Nepal Photo Views
Beautiful Views of Kathmandu From Chandragiri Hills Station Cable Car Kathmandu Nepal

You can also take a peek at the snow clad mountains that surround the hill. If you go early morning or in the evening, you can also watch mesmerizing sunrise and sunset. It would be a great way off to start the new year.

Boudha, Kathmandu

Boudhanath Stupa is situated in Kathmandu. It is one of the heritage sites of Nepal and is actually a serene and beautiful place to hang out. IT has been made even more fun with the tourist-centered activities that take place in and around this stupa.

Various restaurant chains and hotels organize new year’s celebration around the time of New Years and while in Boudhanath, you can practically stumble into any of the parties happening in the place. It will be the new year celebration you will remember throughout your life.


Kakani is a hill station surrounding the Kathmandu Valley. This place is famous for trout fish and on a daily basis, a lot of tourists go to visit this place. So, it is a fun place to be any time of the year.

But, on New Year, this place is exceptionally fun because so many people from cities and also abroad flock to this place to have a nice time. Many hotels in this place provide good food, a good celebration venue, and living arrangements as well. Also, you will enjoy a hike around the hills or trekking.

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3. Bhaktapur

We all know that Bhaktapur is the home to several traditional temples and customs and very well can guess that it can be one of the best places to celebrate New Year by getting information with Nepalese customs.

Bhaktapur durbar Square Nepal
Bhaktapur durbar Square Nepal

Most of the streets of Bhaktapur are awaiting you for making happiness in your mind and soul. Adding to the joyless are gorgeous houses and wood made home and temples, where you surely want to spend some time getting entertainment.

Nagarkot, Bhaktapur

Nagarkot is a beautiful hill station on the outskirts of Kathmandu valley. This hill is popular among tourists for its natural beauty and the calm and serene environment. Nagarkot is famous among trekkers, tourists and those who want to go away from the hustle and bustle of the busy Kathmandu city.

Many nice resorts are located on this hill where you can take part in various programs organized to mark the upcoming new year. Also, this place is famous for its grand sunrises.

The first sunrise of the new year, you can watch it from here and make your coming year a beautiful one. This place is best places for New year celebration in Nepal

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4. Lalitpur

Like a Bhaktapur, Lalitpur is also one of the most popular among tourists to see the places in Nepal. Lalitpur is also one of the districts in Kathmandu valley. But Lalitpur has its own features that forced you to visit in New year celebration. Lalitpur is yet another place in Nepal, where the warmth of New Year celebration can be greatly felt. The houses are calling for you to visit.

PATAN DURBAR Square, lalitpur Nepal
Patan Durbar Square, Nepal

The Patan Durbar square is the specific area where the spirit of New Year can be felt the most, this area is mostly inhabited by Newari community and thus one can see the houses and streets decorated with traditions. Also, there are many houses, shops, and temples in Lalitpur where you can attend a lively new year eve.

Some of the places in Lalitpur is an excellent place to the party on New year eve, you can expect a lot of New Year eve parties here as well.

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5. Dhulikhel

Dhulikhel is yet another place in Nepal, where the warmth of New Year celebration can be greatly felt. If you are seeking a wonderful New Year celebration that is peaceful at the same time, then Dhulikhel is the best place for you. Thanks to the local Nepalese civil that this Territory in Nepal has a charming way of celebrating New Year with having peace and joyous with nature.

Dhulikhel is another hilltop just 30 minutes outside of Kathmandu. This place is popular among tourists from inside the country as well as outside. It provides a panoramic view of the beautiful hills and snow clad mountains all around.

Views From Dhulikhel Nepal
Views From Dhulikhel Nepal

Also, the domestic life of the locals around the villages can also be observed here. It is a beautiful place to understand nature, village life and the beauty of nature. The new year is celebrated here with a lot of enthusiasm. You can stumble into different parties organized by the hotels that are in this place and can also enjoy a peaceful new year away from the city.

Dhulikhel is far from Kathmandu valley, 2 hours on the motorcycle. Situated near the capital of Nepal, the otherwise quiet Dhulikhel becomes lively and bright during the New Year season.

Several cultural shows are organized here in clubs, hotels, and restaurants; one can even see Nepalese folk dances. The vibrant lamps brighten in the new year eve night in the sky making these places beautiful during the festive season.

6. Annapurna Base Camp (ABC)

Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) is some of the most spoken and familiar destinations in the world, especially for the Mountaineers and trekking. However, it has great potentials to become popular tourist places in not only Nepal but also the world. Ideally, March, April is the best time to see this Annapurna Base camp but tourist can also go in the new year season like January.

Annapurna Base Camp or popularly known as ABC is a popular trekking route among locals and tourists in Nepal. It is an amazing opportunity wherein you can experience the wild trekking routes and can interact with the wild nature. It is definitely not an easy route to go to.

Annapurna Base Camp Image
Annapurna Base Camp

But the rewarding experience you will have by the end of this trek is unmatched. It will be an amazing experience for you to start your new year with. You will feel blessed to be part of nature and beauty surrounding you.

Your New Year celebration can be unique out of the traditional way. It will be quite interesting thoughts as well. There is some travels and tours company who can manage your new year celebration Annapurna Base Camp.

You can attend mass service in one of the travels and tours agency that is full of festive spirit. Annapurna Base Camp can be the best place you and your loved ones can spend some quality time in New Year.

7. Panch Pokhari

The place of Joy becomes brighter and livelier during the New Year season when you will visit Panch Pokhari. Panch Pokhari is Nepali terms or words that mean ‘five lakes’, which are at the base of Jugal Himal.

Pach Pokhari is a place which is considered to be holy and of religious importance. The aroma of lakes and pond fill the Himalayas air with happiness. Although New Year is not one of the major celebrations in Panch Pokhari, the lake has some affection attached to it.

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8. Chitwan National Park

A beautiful New Year celebration waits at Chitwan National Park for you. Since not many people visit Chitwan National Park in the winter season, you have the chance to celebrate a peaceful yet joyful New Year here.

A Thirsty One Horned Rhinoceros on Chitwan National Park, Nepal
A Thirsty One Horned Rhinoceros

Chitwan national park is the best place in the summer season. But you have fun with new year celebration in the Wild Life Park.

Sauraha, ChitwanSauraha Chitwan

Another place to be during the new year and the eve is Sauraha. Sauraha is famous for its forests and the varieties of species in plant and animal life. Many tourists go to Sauraha to enjoy the banks of rivers and to watch the beautiful places for New year celebration in Nepal.

On the occasion, various programs are organized that you can be a part of. Enjoy the calm and peaceful weather and have a nice time to welcome the new year. It will be a beautiful way to start your new year.

9. Poon Hill

Poon hill is such a place where you can view the Annapurna foothills that offer unobstructed and magnificent mountain views. Are you dreaming of a peace New Year in Nepal? If yes, Poon Hill can be the right place for you.

Poon Hill Ghorepani Views, Nepal
Poon Hill Ghorepani

This popular Himalayas’ destination is perfect for those who want to celebrate the New Year natural and sunrise with mountain view. Mostly it mountain views during the New Year time in Poon Hill, which gives the tourist the chance to enjoy with beautiful mountains view. It is one of the mountain viewpoints in Nepal.

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10. Lumbini

Lumbini is the birthplace of Lord Buddha. It is situated in the western part of Nepal. A beautiful place to be, Lumbini is a serene and peaceful place to be at any time of the year. But when it is a new year, you will find it even more rewarding.

Lumbini Nepal Photos Birthplace of Lord Buddha
Lumbini Nepal Photo

There are many stupas and monasteries lying in the periphery of Lumbini which is a heritage site. You can opt for a peaceful new year and meditate in any of the gardens, stupas or monasteries in the area. It will actually be a very peaceful start to your new year.

11. Everest Tea Garden, Sindhupalchowk

Everest Tea Garden is also known as little Ilam in Nepal. It is a hillside that is filled with the tea garden. You can enjoy a beautiful scenery and also go trekking or hiking in the nearby hills.

Everest Tea Garden, Bhatechaur, Nepal
Everest Tea Garden

Also, recently opened there is a paragliding station. You can decide to start your new year with some adventure. Or for those who would like to drink and eat and just have a nice time, there is a nice eatery surrounding this place since it is a popular tourist destination.

12. The Last Resort, Bunjee Jumping, Bhotekoshi

If adventure is more of your cup of tea, you can head on to Bhotekoshi for a day’s fun. Here, you can go for a bungee jump on a steep hillside bridge facing the roaring Bhotekoshi river under the bridge.

You will really live up the moment and it will provide you enough adrenaline rush to take on the coming year with enthusiasm and a lot of energy. It will be an unforgettable experience for you. You can also take part in canoeing, trekking around the place and comes nightfall, you can set up a tent in the quiet river banks and enjoy the night while partying or looking forward and introspecting on the new year that is about to come.

13. Rafting, Bhotekoshi or TrishuliRafting Bhotekoshi or Trishuli

Another adventure sport for you to try out in Nepal is Rafting. Whitewater rafting is much popular among locals as well as tourists. You can either head on to Trishuli or go all the way to Bhotekoshi for trying out Rafting.

Rafting in Bhotekoshi River, Nepal
Rafting in Bhotekoshi River, Nepal

It will be an amazing experience to start the new year with. You will not regret your decision to spend the new year’s eve and the day afterward under the company of other Rafting buddies while partying and having fun at the banks of the river. It will be worth your while. Do try it!

14. Mustang

A slice of heaven in Nepal is Mustang. This out of the world place is a beautiful place where you can have a panoramic 360 degrees view of the snow clad mountains all around you. You will feel blessed to be in this place and be a part of such beauty.

LoManthang, Upper Mustang, Nepal
LoManthang, Upper Mustang, Nepal

Many tourists go to this place to find a peaceful and beautiful place where they can see the real Nepal and live up the experience. The warm people, beautiful villages, the abode of the King will add on to your rare adventure that you can have while in Nepal. Definitely, go to Mustang as a part of your new year plan this year.

15. Rara Lake, Mugu

Situated way up in the hills and among the Himalayas, Rara Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Nepal. People from all around the world come to this place to experience the unmatched natural beauty and to be one with nature. It is much further than today’s city civilization and provides you a taste of the basics of Nature.

Beautiful views of Rara Tal lake Mugu Nepal
Beautiful views of Rara Tal lake Mugu, Nepal

You will enjoy the hike and trekking you will have to do to reach this place and once you reach it, you will be mesmerized by the natural beauty. This place is also good to find new flora and fauna in Nepal. You should definitely go to Rara lake next time as a new year’s resolution and enjoy the unmatched natural beauty while also experiencing the life of Nepali people in their basics.

16. BandipurBandipur 1

Bandipur is a beautiful place in Nepal where tourists from all over the world like to visit. The natural beauty of this place is enough to enamor everyone. The beauty is unmatched and is the main reason everyone likes to spend time in this place.

Bandipur Nepal Views
Bandipur Nepal

As a tourist, you can hike, go for trekking or enjoy the rural life of Nepali people in this are while just walking around the villages and the hills. It will be a good experience and a good way of starting the new year. Bandipur is not too far from Kathmandu and such easy access is what is making this place a must visit place in Nepal.

17. Everest Base Camp

When we talk about Nepal, the first thing that comes to mind for both locals and people outside is Nepal. It is the highest peak in the world and just a peek at this peak will make you feel wonderful from inside.

Although scaling Mount Everest is not under everyone’s capability, you can definitely get the experience of the mountain by just trekking to the base camp. It is not that hard and it goes without saying that you will love the experience of going to the base camp.

Everest Basecamp, Nepal
Everest Basecamp, Nepal

You will be able to see the Mount Everest with your own eyes and will love the idea of being so close to it. It is a different world altogether. What a way to start your new year, don’t you think?

Here you go, these are just twenty of the places for New year celebration in Nepal. Nepal is a beautiful place and you will definitely like the natural beauty of this place. In every corner and among every hill stations, you will find natural beauty abundant.

Once you get to Nepal, you will be enamored by the natural beauty that is abundant in this tiny nation. That is the reason, those who come to Nepal once end up coming here time and again throughout their lives.

The new year is the time of looking back to the past year, looking forward to the new year ahead and trying to find out what you did wrong, what you could have done and found out ways to do things better.

This way, visiting the above-listed places for New year celebration in Nepal will be a rewarding experience for you in the new year. You will walk away with a rejuvenated self.

And as a city dweller or a person from the rich nations, you will enjoy the simplicity of life here. People are warm and always welcoming. You will get a new perspective on life and this will be a lesson for you. What a way to start the new year, isn’t it?

So these are the best places for New Year Celebration in Nepal.

Article by – Ankur Pradhan, Asmita Sharma


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