14 Study Tips to Score High Marks an A : Best Ideas for Students

The brain is the center of the nervous system. Let us not go the part what it does and how it works because we did that long time ago. It controls us and our learning procedures. Our brain can potentially memorize 2.5 petabytes of information which are equal to 3 million hours of any videos you find on networking sites likes YouTube. In order to use some of that staggering capacity a little more effectively when you learn, here are some tips that are based on widely accepted research by neuron scientists and learning experts.

These 14 tips will be crucial for those who are having a hard time figuring out the schedule to study and understand the learning material. People will have hard times to score and get great marks, but once you master the base, you race in everything. Feel free to comment and leave a feedback for better results. Have fun studying and scoring the great grade and making everybody proud.

14 Study Tips to Score High Marks an A: Best Ideas for Students

1. Spaced repetitions:

Now here is what we are all familiar with. The two plans we make before we study. Before the examination, we often make plans to study the whole syllabus and revise it on time. But we have our old habits that do not die so young. We don’t study at all until the exam date is near. So what we do is we opt for the second plan – plan B. plan B basically studies the important chapters only. But we are not that lucky to get what we want. The exam questions come from the part you did not study at all. And you will have to go through all the melodramas in life. The lectures from the teachers and the parents, the humiliation you face among your friends and what more?

Thus what you need to do is repeat what you learn. Learn short but often. Neuron scientist proved that synapses, the million billion connections in your brain that makes you remember and understand stuff grow mainly at night when you are asleep. This means that it is more productive to study regularly with sleeping breaks in between. Try it! Go ahead and practice something for 15 to 20 minutes every day and you will be surprised by the progress you see within just a few weeks.


2. Find your own style:

People are different in terms of the physical and mental structure. Two different brains put together can never be the same and it will never be the same. People have different styles to study and learning new things. While the teacher is teaching, one of the friends might imagine it in his mind which helps him to remember things easily because of the visual learning capability. While another friend might just repeat what the teacher has spoken which helps the new facts to enter into the short-term memory through continuous repetition.

Yes, there are people who like to watch TV while they learn a book, some like to study it with friends and some like it with total silence and books around them. Everybody is different so you need to find your style through which you can learn better and easier. If you like silence when you study, do not conform with friends who like to do a group study. This will only waste your time and energy and even disgrace your motivation level.

Find your own style studing learning group students girls boys library

students are studying in a group in the library

3. Good night sleep:

Sleep and dreams are vital to processing and storing new information. A Harvard study showed that students who had a good night sleep tend to remember their study material 35% more than those students who learned things in the morning for their test in the evening. When you sleep, your body regenerates through the stressful schedule of the entire day. When you are asleep, you tend to relax the cells of the body and the mind as well, even though your brain is working constantly. The one who did not sleep through the night will have hard times not remembering the stuff taught. They will become more anxious and their mind won’t cooperate through the daily tasks.

good night sleep - a female is sleeping and dreaming

Good night sleep

4. Focus:

If you tend to procrastinate to learn something easy than something hard like maths and involve in avoiding them by surfing the web or clicking picture which is obviously a waste of time, then all you got to do is protect yourself from distractions. To do so, you can do is focus on the goals you have set and not distract yourself from the temporary stuff. Go to a quiet place and indulge yourself in studying which needs lots of concentration and focus. You can choose the library or your room instead and yes the main part- don’t forget to switch off your phones.



5. Pomodoro technique:

Set a timer for half an hour and the start to study. When the time is over, take a break for 10 minutes or even take a power nap. Start the procedure all over again. When you do this you tend to remember the things you have recently studied. You will not be pressurized when you take rest and study. The breaks you take are relaxing and motivating as well.

6. The hard stuff first :

Yes, we are like most of the people and we tend to do the easy stuff first because we want our “chapters list” checked or done. It will become a sense of relief for us to minimize the load before we do the hard stuff. Like most of us, the willpower is more in the morning to start doing the hard stuff first in the morning. When you complete the hard stuff, in the beginning, you tend to get motivated and relaxed throughout the day and this will help you learn the simple things easily. So don’t be lazy and start up with the easy thing because that won’t is beneficial in the long run. When you do the easy one, you feel a sense of completion but not a sense of winning.

a woman lady girl is studing in library

a lady is studing in library

7. Exercise, meditate and converse:

Exercising your body and mental health is never a bad option. When you exercise and meditate, you will have relieved body and mind. Daily exercise can actually loosen up your stress by 50%. When you are not in the hangover of the stressed mind, you can easily memorize the things that you have learned in the peaceful mental state.

a little kid boy is doing exercise

a little boy is doing exercise

Also having a good conversation with your friends and families can be effective. It can help to build up creativity in the neurons which makes grow bigger than their potentials. When you have better and daily exercise along with relaxing meditation and good talks with the most important people, you will feel relieved and stress will be gone. When stress goes out of your mind, you will have time and space for better things to learn and experience.

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