50 Tips for Parents – What To Do & What Not To Do With Bored Teenagers

50 Tips for Parents – What To Do & What Not To Do With Bored Teenagers

Tips for Parents – What To Do & What Not To Do With Bored Teenagers: – Youth are the icons of the nation and they hold the strength to convert any stones into cotton by their effective effort. But it has nowadays become the major problems that have deactivated the youth. Most of the today youth does not have such strength and stamina to even fight the obstacles and challenges of life. They are externally fair and handsome but internally lacks the power and strong desires to tackle and handle all the unexpected situation. In the worlds, there are many youths who have shown his effort at very teenage by their achievement and invention.

Their achievement and invention have shaken the world and the great scientist as well as inventor. At very teenage, they have developed some software programs while some have developed any machinery tools and some have developed or invented some technology. They have shown they the real mind and ideals also lies in the mind of youth and teenagers. There still exist the beliefs that people become more. Talent by their experiences and they deserve it at old age.

But their beliefs has now started proving wrong because of miracle invention is done by teenagers at very low age. They do not have such experiences and have also not faced the ups and downs of the old people has tackled with the change of time and situation. Despite all these invention, miracle and conquering, also, has not touched the feelings and mentality of most of the teenagers. Their thoughts and views have even not gotten the neatly backup and storage. Their thoughts are even now infected and infecting daily in more levels. The parent who has given them birth also become the psychotic. Parents are also responsible for happening in such situation. Young does not have such management and environment where he or she can stretch their mind and develops the new ideas.

In many families, there lies the old thought and they do not want to accept the changes and challenges. If the p person does not accept the changes that happen according to changes of time, will not upload the new ideas and even lacks the ideas and knowledge as well as lessons to fight with such evidence and calamities. In today’s, time, there is available for each and every sources and technology which we need to solve and fight the problems.

Although, the people who are not connected with changes and technology are still living the old and ancient life. The consequences that have now happened with youth who have become bored in teenage are also beyond the touch of technology and invention. They are not seeing and watching the world through their eyes nearly what is exactly happening in the world. Youth should keep the efficiency to take more challenge that any old person to reduce the pressure form them.

But it is just opposite and they are becoming behind while the problem touches their feet. Many of the youth have also suffered from the addiction of drugs and wine which has destroyed their strength and curiosity. Their desires and wish of doing something have been killed by its effect. The fluxion and entry of drugs have ruined their cells and positive thinking power.

Mother and daughter having an argument
Mother and daughter having an argument

That is why they are internally weak suicide soon when they feel weak to tackle any problems. In that situation, the offender even becomes their parents and they are taken into custody for next investigation. It also becomes a headache for their parent without doing something wrong with them. But for doing and making them obliged to do also grasp the hands of their parents. The parent’s responsibility is not only to give birth but also feed them and care them. They have to keep them in their eyes so that he or she will head towards any illegal activity.

Now the question comes in the mode of what to do and what not to do with bored teenagers. When the teenagers are ready to fight with the problems and challenges that come in front of them, then it becomes easy to pick out them from such damaging situation. It cannot be possible without the help of their parents. If their parent helps the expedition to freed them form the victims and affected problem, then it will not take time to get out into a better life.

Jungle cannot be formed by a person at a time but he can form the jungle in the parts of time by planting the tree. The youth should also be given some contribution. The change can be only possible if we want to change self first. The country or society can only change when the changes are done in self. So all these are the major problem which should get solution only when the parent also tries to take the responsibility on their arms to straight up their children. To make their children confident and strong from internally the following things should be done with teenagers who are bored:

50 Tips for Parents – What To Do & What Not To Do With Bored Teenagers

1. Be close to them:

As it is seen that there exist the large gap between the parents and children. usually, it is seen that children are more close to their mother. But mother does not want to share some mistakes that they have done with the father. Children get fear from their father and would not reveal all the things, pains, troubles with them which slowly makes them depressed. Then after, they become the victims who only want the death at last and some even suicide. When the father or mother both are close then children even not cheat and hide the exact thing from them. Parents should also behave them life best friends. This is also the most important tips for a parent to save their children to damage the liver in teenage.

2. Share the things:

There are many things and many events or activities which we do not want to expose in front of children. children are also incurious about the evidence to know but are hidden in the black room. Parents should also share the things to make them also share their things and views. In some case, children do not want to reveal the right or actual things. In that case, the parent has to also show the love and affection to know the real views and feeling of the children. And when the teenagers show their life bored, then parents should start the conversation with love and affection instead of hatred and beatings.

3. Take them to the zoo:

This is also the important way to cut off their boring at teenage. They should take to saw the zoo and show him or her the murmuring action of birds, playing of different birds. And make motivating through the examples of bird life, animals life and their obligation, struggle, and lifestyles etc. They should have to know that human life is only one and it comes after long corridor. So it should not be spent with tension and demotivated. The small action to big action should make observe and make them know about the struggling life. Teach them about the freedom and imprisonment, pain and happiness, success and struggle etc. for changing their mind.

4. Inspire them to watch motivational videos:

Motivation videos are also encouraging videos which will make them active and enthusiastic about doing something. It may not works at once but repeatedly watching will surely wash his or her mind. They will also rope to do something when he knows about the life and its facets. Motivation videos inject the strength, confidences, ideas, manliness, enthusiastic to head to goal. Also, will inspire him or her to do new things instead of doing nothing and only taking the tension. And, motivation videos have such power to makes any passive human to active. They will know that doing something is better than shaking hands in alone.

5. Timely fooding:

This is also the important things that the parent should provide them. There is saying that timely food is the best way to keep a person healthy. Fooding in time will make the person mind properly activate and talent. When he or she gets food in time, then he started to maintain their time and used it in proper works. Food in time provides the special energy and strength to fight with any kinds of problem. When they get food at times, his or her mental condition will also stand in a better mode. He or she will not get more infection from the scare of foods. Un-routine fooding mismanage the works and destroys the energy.

50 Tips for Parents – What To Do & What Not To Do With Bored Teenagers

6. Visit them new places:

It will also work as medicinal herbs in their life and will very soon come out form the boring at ten age. When he or she visits the new places, then he gets chance to observe, see, and learn something new. The new thing makes any person influenced very soon. New places will attract them and motivate them to do new things to burn and shine them. New places make people active and courageous and energy full too. The boredom automatically gets its way from the youth after doing it. New places captivate the feeling and emotion of the visitors because of their novelty and raves.

7. Make them visit the temple every day:

This is also the religious way to make you children teenagers full of energy, passion, happiness and strengthful. Temple is the places where every painful person comes to takes the rest. It is such religious places where a person gets his hearts connection with God even for while and feel the peach and happy. The person forgets all the trouble and trauma of life when they come on its surrounding. So when he visits temple he will be inhaled with positive energy, positive thought, and daring mentality. Temple will make their mind active and free from negativity. His negative thought will be erased and boring will also cut off.

8. Daily bathing:

A person can even eat more food or any nutritious food if he or she will not bath in time or daily manners, he will also become the victims of boredom. Bathing is the refreshment works which we can only gain after doing it. Daily bathing provides the energy and power to stay cool, motivated, healthy and happy. There is one saying, you should eat on time leaving 100 works and must bath on time leaving 1000 works to maintaining the hygienic life. Healthy life and positive achievement can be only done when we are fit and able to tackle any kinds of problem. Therefore, parents should convince them to take a bath that may be with cold water or hot water whatever he or she prefers. It will also be effective to slap up the boredom at teenage.

9. Morning meditation:

This is the also the major tips that the parents should refer to their children who are suffering from boring. Meditation has such power and value that it can revert any of the people in order form dis-function to function. Meditation mostly makes the hearts and our thought concentrated and focused. A person cannot lose themselves in the jingle of words, dreams, and suspension. Meditation in morning even reduces the stress and strain that mind has been infected with. It will prevent them from the assault of negative thought and bad ideas as well as rid off fear etc. When a person does meditation in the morning, his entire day will spend in the active and happy mood. He will not feel the tiredness and mental burden by doing any kinds of works.

10. Saw them favorite movies:

This will also make some change in the teenager’s boring life. Most of the present teenage have also the addiction of watching their favorite actors even in any situation. They do not want to miss the movies to see. For this even sometimes they planned specially or even speak lie in the home to gets make participate in watching movies. Movies have also the impressive effect of changing the metal thought if the movies are based on related topics. Youth seems crazier to watch the movies in present times. So it would be better to keep proposal of watching favorite movies that will light their emotion and become mentally free.

50 Tips for Parents – What To Do & What Not To Do With Bored Teenagers

11. Make them part of the function:

This will also rotate their mind and thought when he gets chance to see the group of people and their engagement in different works for specific purposes. The function is also the places when the people share their good and bad with their own for better consequences and gaining. If the function is religious, then it will affect him or her much. They get a chance to become near with people and know about the real world. Bored teenagers do not want to live in a group. They like alone to live that becoming the part of any group. So you have to convince them by saying some other things and make them part, it will impact on them positively after cooperating with other people.

12. Gift them according to their desire:

The gift also impresses the person. The gift also has the efficiency to move the mind and conception about any specific matters. In any occasion of function, which is more important for them than you, is the special time to gift them. Teenagers also have the desire to have a gift life according to their wants. Being parents, you have to know the desires of your children. Sometimes, they may even become angry and become bored if their wishes could not fulfill. In that condition, you should gift them specific and demandable things.

13. Celebrate their birthday:

This is also the most effective things to do with their bored teenagers. Every person has the desire to celebrate their birthday with great movement and great enjoyment. This types of the function will also save them, for boring and get out from such depression movement. You can also buy them new clothes and gift according to their choices. These kinds of action will make him think and surely return to it revert stage.

14. Increase his smartness:

When any youth are dominated by their friends and or jested by any girls because of smartness and handsome, then this types of emotional attack also makes the teenage bore. They take it seriously and started to think that actually, I am not smart and handsome. At that time, he needs someone’s support. Being parents you have to support them and praise them that you are handsome and smart with positive principles. By saying that man is not handsome by its face but by its heart. This will make them realize about the virtual and stands again in confident mode.

15. Fulfill all his possible desires:

Most of the today youth become bored in teenage because of not getting the actual achievement according to their hard work. You have the long catalog of a dream than other age groups have. In such case, if he does not make fulfill their dream, then become frustrated and start to cry. This types of consequences slowly convert them into depression and dry. Parents have to stands by taking his hands and motivating them, supporting them. Parents should also become the part of their journey of fulfilling their personal dreams and desires. If it is possible to fulfill some of the desires of parents, then he should also fulfill it for the betterment of their children.

50 Tips for Parents – What To Do & What Not To Do With Bored Teenagers

16. Morning walk with parents:

Morning walk is the most effective measure to keep the body fit and metal fit. Making only the body fit will also not makes you happy and glad. The man should be fit mentally, physically and emotionally and spiritually. And for established self in such stage, there is need of morning walk. A parent should take their bored children with self in the morning to run. When he runs in the morning in calm weather and pure oxygen will be freed up their junks that lie in the mind. So parents have to take it seriously for some period until he comes in an earlier stage.


17. Encourage them to play sports:

As we saw that, when a person was in children stage, they were very curious for playing. But later on, with growing, the desire and other things absolutely change our mentality thought and time. People diminished their interest with their growing to play the sports. Sport is the major part of the personal life to stay in healthy mode. Sports makes the person energetic and strong. so, you should push up you bored teenage child to play the sports. He should give time to play sports which will provide entertainment and fun too. The moment of the game will make them forget of all the pains boring components. Sports playing in the morning or evening will refresh his mind and body will also not suffered from any kinds of pain.

18. Let them have dry fruits:

Dry fruits mostly contain cashew, Kismiss, Pista, Nuts etc. and other highly nutritious fruits in dry. These fruits are expensive because of its expensive characters. This fruits also hold the capacity of burning the stress and boredom of people. It contains highs contains calorie, protein, and vitamin which is essential for mental strength and energy. When the teenager’s mind is active and energetic, then he or she will not become the victim of any kinds of disease. Dry fruits will make their mind active, and polluted free. All the toxin in the body will be swept out by its entry. So provide them dry fruits for breakfast to keep their mental situation in order.

19. Show them to expert or consultants:

Any problems hos be fade at an earlier stage to destroy their impact. When the disease of problems takes big form then it becomes difficulties to defeat them. If the teenager is suffered from boring, then he should allow him to visit the doctor or any consultant to know any specific help for a cure. The consultant would show the trick and gives ideas to live for betterment. That should be followed by them and this duty should be superintendent by parents.

20. Patch up him with his friend:

Friends are the nearest man of anybody even than wife if we see it clearly. A person becomes free and they will confide out all the secret and act fearlessly in front of friends. They do not hide any major secrets from friends. So friends are the closest relation that any other relational bonds. When the children started to feel the boring in teenage, then they should patch up them with friends who you know. It will be better to make your children understand through his best friend. His best friend will make him clear and share his all pains to stay again happy.


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