46 Good Tips on How To Maintain A Healthy & Safe Lesbian Relationship


16. Review your expectations

Do one see your partner as an individual, with each winning qualities and flaws, or as somebody, you expect to be perfect? If your expectations square measure thus astronomical that nobody might live up to the 100 percent of the time, you are fitting your relationship for failure. Learn to embrace their variations. you’ll be able to learn lots from them.

Everybody tends to have expectations from life and also from relationships and their partners too. But, expectations, if they are more than the other person can take, it turns bad. That is why expectations should be checked at all times. Expecting much more than what can be delivered makes for a very bad relationship.

17. Listen to your partner

Sometimes, all of your partner desires is for you to lend AN ear and be sympathetic concerning one in all their issues. different times, your partner desires you to actively provide them a recommendation. grasp that one your partner is probing for, and take a look at to present them what they require. Being a decent observer is all concerning taking note of what they are speaking and not processing it off.

The art of listening to the other person in the relationship is often ignored. The partner who listens and is sympathetic and understanding will create a better ground for a healthy relationship to flourish. Listen to your partner when she is talking and give genuine ideas or advice. You can continually raise “Are you probing for the recommendation, or does one simply wish to vent?”

Listening to your partner can enhance your relationship in many ways. it’ll assist you to resolve variations while not arguing; allow you to explore every other’s temperament additional deeply, and even assist you to become aware of an awful present. There are not any downsides to listening.

18. Show your heart in no matter method you’ll be able to

There is a distinction between knowing that you are favorite and feeling that you are favorite. Sometimes, we have a tendency to bank on the actual fact that our partners ought to grasp that we have a tendency to love them even once we do not show it. do not suppose this an excessive amount of. the most effective relationships use the heart to indicate love.

Always show your real feelings and express them genuinely. Most of the times, relationships are broken because expressions are not given in a genuine manner. Genuine feelings will be communicated no matter what and it shows at all times. So, always opt for genuinely in the expression of feelings at all times.

19. Do one thing for your partner that they’ll actually appreciate

You do not have to do a whole lot of things on a daily basis. You can just do things one at a time. At one time, do a thing that you know your partner will enjoy and love. You need not to be very grandiose about it. It could be little things. Whether or not it means that obtaining up early to mow the field, taking the children to martial art, or baking that Nutella baking-powder biscuit, it’s usually the insufficient favors that say the foremost.
Don’t be afraid to indicate physical heart each once during a whereas. infatuated relationships feed off of the insufficient kisses, hugs, and back-rubs that square measure mainstays of heart.

20. Accept that conflict happens

If you expect to be during a long-run relationship, you are absolute to have the occasional disagreement. bear in mind that one argument is not the finish of everything, and there is not a soul on earth that you’d accept as true with all the time. Conflicts are parts of relationships and they happen all the time, whether you like it or not. So, do not be disheartened about the relationship if you face a bump, rather, take it constructively and make sure you learn what drawbacks you have. And then work on those problems at your own time. No need to be disheartened by conflicts.

21. Always ask yourself whether or not you are comfortable within the relationship than out of it

If you do not assume you are comfortable within the relationship, then you most likely ought to have a heavy discussion together with your partner. during an infatuated relationship, this question nearly always gets an easy “Yes.” One should be in a relationship only if she likes the feeling and still wants to be in it and work for it. If you are not happy at all, then think about it. Try to solve problems first but if that is not possible, then decide whether you want to be in the relationship anymore or not.

22. Make surprises

It’s one issue to kiss your partner once you get across from work; it’s another issue to kiss your better half whereas you jump, falling 10,000 feet (3,048.0 m) from a plane. it is the thought that counts, this place a little effort into it for Brobdingnagian returns. Surprises add romance to the relationship be it a few years down the line. So, make sure you give some kind of surprises so that the romance never dies out.

23. You should be ready to discuss your sexual history

it’s AN obligation before you opt to be sexually involved your partner. however you ought to create them feel safe and free from judgment, and you ought to expect an equivalent from your partner. Do not hide things about your past or your relationships and sexual history. Early on in the relationship, it is good to communicate all these things. Otherwise, later you might have to pay a big price for your past indulgences that would ruin this relationship for you.

24. Give them some space

Everybody desires their own privacy and a few freedom, thus do not perpetually watch everything they are doing. everybody hates to be watched, smothered and controlled. So, better give them some space. Even if you suspect anything, do not be too obsessed about it to stalk or try to control them.

Talks will suffice in solving issues like this. So, try to talk things out rather than trying to spy. It only makes the other person feel like the trust is lost in the relation. Do not ever spy on your partner (reading their phone, stalking them on social networks, following them around). If they’re cheating on you, you’ll conclude. this stuff cannot be an unbroken secret for terribly long. however, if you spy on them and that they square measure innocent, you’ll lose their trust and respect forever.

25. Express your feelings towards them

Continually cue your partner of what proportion they mean to you, and what they represent to you. girls aren’t the sole ones WHO want expressions of affection and care, men want that too. Expressing your feelings at all time is assuring to the partner that she is loved and cared for. If you have feelings, freely express it.

Do not bottle up any kind of feelings, be it of love or resentment or anger. Let it out and you will notice that it helps for the relationship as well as yourself in the long run. If you’ve got a drag, you would like to allow them to know—preferably during a clear and calm manner with none yelling or blaming. If your partner says `Are you OK?` and you answer affirmative, don’t expect them to know that you simply very meant no. Be honest and open.

26. Let them understand it is safe to open up to you concerning what they’re feeling. Reward their trust in you by sympathizing with them. You don`t ought to say abundant, simply listen. Be the one person that she can totally count on no matter the circumstances. So, be there to hear her out, no matter what and always try to understand her point of view. Rather than trying to create tension, try to help her by assuring her that it is ok to open up and talk to you.


27. Be loyal.

Make certain they grasp that you simply can continually be there for them. place them initially in your life the maximum amount as you most likely will. Not that you simply need to solely see them ever, or ne’er discuss with anyone else, however they ought to grasp that they will continually judge you. Also, expect an equivalent loyalty from them.

You need to feel prized within the relationship even as very much like them. Cheating is the worst and most painful way to end a relationship. So, at all times, be loyal to the person you are committed to. Loyalty means a lot in a relationship and it should always be maintained by both the parties no matter what. If at one point the loyalty is broken or tarnished, it stays in the relationship for the long run and ruins things for both of you as well as the relationship. So, be loyal.

28. Do not ever hide something from your partner.

Particularly your feelings concerning them and your relationship—whether sensible or bad! this manner you’ll be ready to overcome all the difficulties and challenges along. If one thing unhealthy happened in your past that also affects you within the gift, they have to grasp concerning it. It is again about being loyal also. When you commit and promise to be together at all times, make sure you mean it. Never try to hide anything from the person you love. When two persons are together and are hiding things from each other, it reflects badly on the relationship. Sooner or later the issue would come up and it would only ruin what you have constructed over time.

29. Don’t let the worry of losing them stop you from expressing your feelings, or pay each minute fearing the large pain which may cause you. fancy every marvelous moment because it happens, and notice that there’ll ne’er be another one a bit like it. Live in the moment and express your love. Do not be fearful of losing the person. If you are constantly in that fear that you would lose the person, you cannot be present in the relationship now. So, try to be open and give your 100 percent at all times.

30. A solid relationship ought to be supported mutual respect; if you’re perpetually attempting to drag them down with you, this implies you don`t respect them enough to require them happy. If you are having serious problems with depression, self-worth, or psychological state, begin seeing a counselor. Respecting each other is the foundation. If you respect each other, then staying together becomes a good thing and the relationship also is healthy. But if respect is not there, the relationship suffers immensely under the pressure of such an unhealthy relationship. Be careful!

31. Never be something apart from yourself around them. If you do not show all of them of you, they can not love all of you. Honesty is the best policy here. Be what you are, and do what you feel from the heart. Faking does not take any relationship further. It only cuts the time short. You cannot possibly fake all the time for the rest of your life. So, it is better to cultivate the habit of honesty from the first.

32. Avoid flirtation with others, particularly previous partners. Doing, therefore, might spur romantic feelings for an additional. Being in a relationship, your partner is doing her part of the share. So, be respectful and do not indulge in any other flirtations or anything. It will deeply hurt the partner and relationship will suffer. So, avoid any kind of flirtations with other persons when you have already committed to the relationship.

33. Allow your partner to require to like you. Do not put pressure of any sort. Pressure never works in a relationship. do not pressure them into shopping for this which, necking you at this point etc Your partner needs to need to try to these items. It makes things a lot of real and fewer of you feeling like you are forcing them to like you. Make sure to examine and perceive their purpose of relationship albeit you do not believe it.

34. Know once to mention no, and apprehend once time and house are literally constructive tools.

All sensible relationships are primarily based upon mutual respect. If you are doing not feel respect for your partner, or believe your partner is losing respect for you, then contemplate ways in which of reconstruction it instantly. Respect is the key. If you’ve got true respect for each other, then nothing will get it wrong. you’ve got to be told respect, generally it will take a moment to attain this, however, if they love you it’ll return.

35. Never Cheat

Never cheat, if you’re in a very future relationship with somebody you’re keen on, it’s ne’er worthwhile to cheat. If you cheat thinking nobody would know, there is always a tendency that with time these items can resurface. And then, because of your one mistake, you might lose the one person you loved all your life. So, never cheat in a relationship. It is never worth it.

36. Take care of yourself.

Treating yourself with respect and love is as necessary as respecting and smitten your partner. In order to treat others with respect and love, it is necessary that you first and foremost love yourself. If you are yourself not confident enough with yourself, you cannot expect to give other the love and respect that she deserves. And it is good to take care of yourself for the other person too. If something happens to you, your partner will also suffer. So this is also a favorite on the person that you love.

37. Trying to regulate the state of affairs or person can solely leave you feeling out of control. Relax and let things happen organically. Do not pressure anything to happen or try to be too controlling towards the relationship or the other person. Rather, let things happen on its own in an organic way. That way, the relation would be more natural and in harmony.

38. Don’t advert the past, particularly once it’s one thing that has been resolved. It ought to keep buried and may not have to be compelled to surface once more. Delving too much into the past can bring out resentments and feelings that you both do not want to surface. In such condition, it will be really awkward and the relationship will suffer under such circumstances. So, as much as possible, do not bring up past issues into the present state of affairs. Solve issues in the present. Past is gone and it does not matter. What you must do is better your present time so that your future will be secured as well.

39. Trust is extremely important; if you do not trust someone there is not any purpose of being with them. provide them a house, and assume the most effective. Trusting each other is the basis of any relationship. Trust matters a lot. If you do not have mutual trust, the relationship will suffer. So making an environment where mutual trust can be established is very important. Trust should be maintained and earned too. Maintain the trust you have towards your partner and at the same time earn respect from your partner too.

40. Don’t modification for them after you enter a relationship. They liked you for what you were then—don’t feel you’ve got to act dramatically completely different. simply be comfy. Do not change for anything or anyone. If you change or your partner changes after the relationship starts, it will be a really bad instance for both of you and the relationship too. Therefore, be sure to stay the same as it is, without any changing and modifications.

41. Ask queries, clarify, and do not assume. don’t speak if your mind isn’t clear or is choked with anger. after you feel hurt, don’t say “it’s your fault / you ne’er white-haired me” or “let’s break up” or “when does one need to interrupt up?”. you would possibly well regret it in some unspecified time in the future. Tell them you’re feeling hurt, and invite clarification initial. If you do not work along and simply blame, it will solely do hurt.

42. If there are trust problems within the relationship, keep honest and tactful communication between each of you. while not having the ability to effectively communicate, this keeps trust a problem. Communication is the key to any relationship. Good communication between and among people will make things very good between the partners. No matter what issue there is, if communication is good between people, everything can be solved at the end of the day. But if communication is not there, little things can create misunderstandings. So, make sure you create an open communication platform between everyone.

43. Never take your anger out on your partner. albeit they’re the explanation of this mood. it’ll solely build things worse, and each of you’ll feel awful. Anger has no place in a relationship. Being angry can never be good for the relationship. In anger, you might tend to do or say things that you do not intend to. You should not do that. Take control of your temper and only say things that you mean and not the things you do not mean.

44. Never lie, it continuously comes back and hurts you one day! Honesty can continuously build true happier within the finish. Living can never make a relation good. Do not lie at all under any circumstances. If there are any issues, you should sit together and try to sort it out. If you lied, the things will come back or resurface later in life. So, do not take such chances if you want to commit to the person. Better not to lie in the first place itself.

45. Make sure you’re each happy, healthy and feel necessary. If you do not, tell your partner. Always tell your partner after you have a haul, therefore, you’ll be able to run through it as a team. Never rush your spouse into things that they don’t seem to be prepared for.

Rushing the other person into things they are not ready for will backfire in the relationship. Let things happen on their own without any kind of rushing or forceful behavior. Better to let things happen on its own without rushing anything. Rushing will get you the desired outcome for a while but it will be temporary. If you want permanent solutions to things, let things follow their own course in time. Don’t force or pressure!

46. Communicate logically, do not get swept away by emotions all the time. Communication is the key to think about any relationship. while not it there is extremely nothing. Its necessary to be ready to voice your needs, needs, and issues. Communicate in a very mannered and logical way. Getting too emotional al the time might also destroy a relationship.

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