14 Tihar Songs – After Listening to These Songs You’ll Be Super Festive

Tihar Songs – These 14 Tihar Songs Are Enough to Make Your Mood Very Festive

It has become a lasting trend for singers and celebrities and even some organization to produce songs and their startups and movies at the festive time of the Tihar. Singers mainly can easily utilize this opportunity to make a Tihar friendly relating to the various aspects of life.

This not only helps singers to have a quick and efficient effect on the market but also help to connect to the audience through a festive link. The singers target various aspects that come along the festival of Tihar in various communities, various relations and even various classes of people.

Mainly singers try to sing Tihar songs reflecting on the religious and cultural value and mythological stories of the festival. Some singers try to use their song to connect with the people who have low income and are unable to celebrate Tihar due to poverty, while others try to explain the deep relation of brothers and sisters.

There are also some who try to advocate the negative and positives impact of a festival like these that have affected people and cause a segregated environment among the different people belonging to separate classes and also the misconducts in the name of Deusi Bhailo and alcoholism and other social misfortunes.

Here are some of the songs that are popular and must listen to at the festive season of Tihar:

Famous Tihar Songs

  1. Nidharma lagayera Saptaramgi Tika

This is one of the most popular songs and a classic one. This song is from the Nepali movie called Bijaya Parajaya. This movie was made in 1991.  This is sung by Hemlata and music is given by famous musician of Nepal Shumbhujeet Baskota.

This song distinctly describes the Bhai  Tika day of the Tihar festival. The social value and the prayers and wishes that a sister makes for her brother is clearly described in the song. Also, the rituals and their meaning are interpreted in the form of prayers of the sisters. The song also reflects the beautiful bond of brothers and sisters in a very classic way.

  1. Diyo Bali Sajhako

This is one of the most sung songs of Tihar which is sung in every household while celebrating the festival. It is from the movie Chino. This song tries to uncover the beautiful festival in terms of religious aspect.

It is almost a bhajan or prayer that is made to call out gods and sing about the great deeds that Goddess Laxmi and other goddesses are capable of doing. Also, the activities like decorating and putting Diyos etc are also described in the song.

  1. Bhilini Aye Aagana

This is the highly popular song from the movie Sworga which means heaven. This song is danced to in every Tihar special programme and also sung by many artists in many stages. This song is in every Nepali lip whenever Tihar is mentioned.

This song reflects on the ambiance of the Tihar, the lights and the brightening of the house due to diyo and other forms of lights. This song depicts the religious Deusi and Bhailo tradition of Nepali culture.

It shows the classical way of playing Deusi Bhailo with a little bit of folk and film music. Talking about foreign employment the song also tries to discuss the social aspect of the country and trend in its youth trying to encourage them to stay in the country.

  1. Resham Sapkota Tihar song

It is one of the best Tihar songs. It is sung in the folk way with the hint of Deusi and Bhailo. In this long song, the singer in his way tries to describe all the rites and rituals of the festival of Tihar.

To add to that the singer is also trying to show the religious and cultural value that the festival holds. This song will give its audience a full knowledge of how the festival of Tihar came to life and why it is celebrated. It also joins in the social and ethnic value to the culture of  Dashain and Tihar. It is the classic example of what Deusi and Bhailo should be like.

  1. Deusi and Bhailo

This is a song from recent movie Kohinoor. It talks about the traditional Deusi and Bhailo with a touch of modern music and modern setting of Deusi Bhailo.

It talks about making the celebration more interesting and more exciting. It also talks about the Goddess Laxmi and her coming to live in the people house and that the sister and brothers are expected to meet in this holy festival.

  1. Song from Nepali Kanchi

This is the song truly reflecting the brother and sister relationship in Tihar which is celebrated in the time of Bhai Tika. The song describes the things that each ritual means that the efforts that sister put into making the ritual much pleasing.

Also, the song shows the admiration of the brothers towards the effort of his sister and then they try to tease their sister and express their love and respect towards each other. It is the clear visual description of what a classic brother sister relation looks like.

  1. Dasai Dikpal

This is a song from the movie Bhandaki where the song is shown in a reflection of Gurung dressup and culture. This shows the beautiful stories of various Gods and creates a scenario of the love story.  The song is sung by great singer Rajesh Payal Rai.

  1. Adhar ma Aja unkai cha geet

This is a classic song that is from an old movie. It shows the ambiance of the Tihar festival and the artist is seen performing rituals of the Tihar and Deepawali festival.

  1. Bhai Tika ma Aaunu

This song is a sad song which is performed by Raju Lama. This song tries to show the brother-sister relationship in a different way. It depicts a sister getting married and the brother trying to convince her sister that he will meet his sister in Tihar during Bhai Tika.

The tradition of Nepal for girls to leave their house after marriage and how it creates distance is shown in the song. It also tries to show that festival like Tihar and Bhai Tika once a year tries to change the distance and bring them together for a time to celebrate their love and wishes and prayers they hold for each other. It is a pretty emotional song.

  1. Dashain Tihar by Sugam Pokharel

This is a beautiful song performed by one of the greatest artist of Nepal, Sugam Pokharel. In this song, it is discussed that the festival of Dashain and Tihar creates a beautiful environment of people and family and friends together.

It also describes the sorrows of Nepali living in a foreign land who could not celebrate this beautiful festival with their loved one’s family friends and sisters. The song also shows the extent that brother and sister take to get joy and celebrate this beautiful festival.

  1. Tihar song by Axata Nawaj Roland Almoda

This is the song that shows traditional deusi bhailo played by a group of singers with modern fashion.


This song tries to connect with the youth and Nepali celebration and modern Deusi  Bhailo system including traditional carol and chorus with the modern inclusion of rap and hip-hop beats. Nima Rumba and other artist featured in the video.

  1. Tihar song by millennium productions

This is a new song just brought in by Millennium productions for this Tihar. It includes traditional instruments and tries to use the traditional Tihar music with the inclusion of new lyrics.

The song tries to show the necessity of families trying to be together in the festival like Tihar and how much the people who cannot together feel the void and distance that they are unable to fill. The song is also a call for celebration for the joy despite distance because of at least family is being healthy and happy.

  1. Dashain Ayo from Muglan

It is the song singing the festive environment of the festival at the time of Dashain and Tihar. It tries to show the countryside feel of the Dashain and Tihar. With a little bit of flirtation, the song is very interesting making it one of the most appropriate and liked the song in the history of Nepali music industry.

  1. APF Dashain and Tihar Song

This is the song that is produced by Armed Police Force of Nepal using their police personnel in their song. This song shows the struggle of a police dedicate towards serving a nation who do not get to celebrate Dashain and Tihar with his or her family.

The police together show despite the distance from families try to convince each other that they are trying to serve a better cause and that their sacrifice will make a lot of other brothers and6 sisters will have a happy and safe Dashain and Tihar.

Whatever the song was or will be in the future, the vibe of Tihar is never gone. It gives you a feeling of relief and enthusiasm. I am sure you might have heard at least one of the above song.

Well, if you have not then there is always a chance. We should support all kinds of music in our Nepali Industry. If you have liked this article then please make sure you leave a comment in our comment section. You can also like us on our Facebook page. Do not forget to share ideas and love.

Happy tihar 2019.