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Top 214 Tihar SMS in Nepali Language – Deepawali Message Wishes

111. Happy Tihar wishes for your family Members

Yo maa laai vijayadashami ko sauvaagaya pathaaundai 6u kee tapai ko jindagi maa raamro vaagaya, sammbriddhee ra safalta miloss. Aaj devi Lakshami Aaj ko dinma suva asis diyun. Tihar ko mengalmay suvkaamanaa 6a

112. Happy Tihar wishes for your family Members

utasaw haroo ko aanand
tapaain ra tapaain ka aafant haroo vetagha6a
vijayadashami 2076 maa
dherraii khooshee hoss

The sweet smell of the blossoms, the variety of the hues, fireworks heard, and candles lit, youngsters play, presents given, individuals supplicate, and Diwali is here! Cheerful Diwali!

my most noteworthy universe; mother and father. I wish you upbeat Dipawali.

The undying unending affection will be there soon with the gift of goddess Laxmi. Cheerful Tihar.

Each one of those recollections from years back are on movement. What’s more, I’ll by and by miss the joy of Tihar.

My family is my life to come. Wishing all of you upbeat Dipawali.

113. Happy Tihar wishes for your family Members

yo vijayadashami ujawal hoss.
Tapaain laai khooshee, swaasthya ra dhansampati lyaos.
Tihar ko mengalmay suvkaamanaa 6a

114. Happy Tihar wishes for your family Members

khaalee thaaunma merro choopchaap praarthanaa thiyo,
jo kee timee pni garr6aau ra
jahan pni timee hoona6aaum,
ma timee laai suvkaamanaa din chaahan6u!
Tihar ko mengalmay suvkaamanaa 6a

I have this mind-boggling pity that I won’t make it home on this Tihar. In spite of the fact that I wish my family to be honored with light from paradise above.

Gotten up to speed without giving it much thought. I’m grateful towards my family to give me this life to cheer.

Wherever I go, my heart is their where my family abides. Cheerful Tihar.

My backslide is upheld by your help. I wish you cheerful Tihar mother and father.

Wishing you cheerful Dipawali. Expectation my family to be erring on the side of caution.

Tihar is the fresh out of the box new reality where our fellowship meets up.

Minutes and recollections that rest in me are new. I’ll recall you mother and father, wish you glad Dipawali 2076.

The rapture of Tihar had gone to our entryways. I would like to welcome it together with my family.

The piece of our fantasy dwells where the enjoyment of Tihar lights. Glad family, Joyful Tihar.

My heart is going to overflow with happiness. Appreciative for each minute. Glad Dipawali.

Pushes confuses separated. I wish to share my family the joy of Dipawali.

We jump for euphoria and we sob together. This is the way the life of Tihar has come to. Cheerful Tihar.

My subliminal piece of Tihar is the felicity of my family. Cheerful Tihar.

My dad considers a spade a spade. So I consider Tihar the home for happiness and distress.

Through various challenges, high and low you remained by me. I’m happy to commend this Tihar together with you my mother.

My father spreads his bliss all around our souls. I wish this Tihar to give you all that you merit.

Tihar is stands upright and we ecstatically treasure its esteem. Cheerful Tihar to my family.

Tanked off your affection I wish you glad Dipawali.

The goads of the adoration were tough climb. Also, I wish you Happy Dipawali for making it up until this point.

I think I saw you free night sky. Will miss you this Tihar.

For the revelation of our affection. I had stricken you with the all the best of Tihar.

With no affection lost between. This Tihar we will stroll into the following section of our bliss.

I trust my reality was as you anticipated. Cheerful Tihar.

Each time I close my eyes, you’re the photo of my heaven. Cheerful Dipawali.

Each time you cry I believe it’s a wonderful course. My Tihar will be in the same class as you are.

I let you stroll into the dead zone just to make you’re Tihar excellent as you seem to be.

Would i be able to send you’re start to strike you’re heart? Wishing you glad Dipawali.

Will miss you in each and every inhale I take. Upbeat Dipawali.

The match made by divine himself is indivisible. Wish you cheerful Tihar.

You are my solace for my agony. Expectation my wants to ride with you. Upbeat Tihar.

The other half may be away with her family on the event of Tihar. Be that as it may, our adoration perpetually waits on our heart.

I have outlines to happiness. I’ll be imparting it to just you. Upbeat Tihar.

What you need is I ache for, what you sob is I sob. Cheerful Tihar to my beginning and end.

Mystery to everlasting status is love. So you make me interminable. Cheerful Dipawali to our eternality.

Such a significant number of endearing wish at my entryways yet yours is my top pick .Happy Dipawali.

The light, oil light in Tihar will be our spreading love. Wish all of you hail Dipawali.

You are my blessing from heaven, and the truth that will live on. Wish you glad Tihar.

Without you all Tihar is something, with you all Tihar is everything. Glad Tihar to every one of my companions.

Expectation the lights will gleam ever, the unturned card to yet be known. Upbeat Tihar companion yet this time I’ll be spending only it.


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