Bhaileni Songs of Tihar Festival of Nepal

Tihar is 2nd greatest festival of Nepal. It is celebrating a 5 days long duration. Tihar is also known as Deepawali in Nepal and Diwali or Deepawali in India.


Tihar is the national religious festival of Nepal. It is the most auspicious festival in the Nepali annual Calendar.

It is celebrated by Hindus of all castes and peoples of Nepal, even they are in abroad.

Bhaileni Aye Aagana Tihar Songs, Nepali

Bhaileni Aye Aagana – Nepali Tihar Songs

Tihar is the one of major festival celebrated by Hindu in Nepal. According to Nepali Calendar, Tihar festival falls around the month of Kartik – Mangsir or say, October – November.

Tihar is expecially for Goddess Laxmi and Brother sister relationship. It is also known as Bhai tika and Laxmi Pooja festival.

Tihar  2076: Bhaileni Song of Tihar Festival of Nepal

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