15 Mind-Blowing Tihar Special Activities Ideas For Husband & Wife

Tihar activities for Husband and Wife: – When Tihar is just around the corner, the air is full of festivities. It is that time of the year again when the festivities occupy a central place in everyone’s life. The festive atmosphere can literally encourage you with many purchases, festive makeover at home and many parties.

People have started exchanging gifts, cleaning every inch of their home, putting on lights, eating sweets and making plans for this special day. Tihar is also the perfect time to join the special people in your life, including that person who means the world to you.

In addition to lighting lamps and offering prayers to the deities on the occasion, here are some other things you can do with your partner at this festival.

16 Mind Blowing Tihar Special Activities Ideas For Husband & Wife Couple

  1. Create personalized gifts:

This weekend, leave the mall and spend some time with your husband/wife inside your home creating beautiful DIY gifts for your friends and family. Instead of investing in expensive gifts, invent custom items with the help of your partner.

By just spending time brainstorming ideas for Tihar gifts together, you will realize that your relationship has reached a level you have always wanted to reach.

Tips for homemade or personalized gifts;

– Homemade candles

Candles add warmth, light and comfort to each space. They are an excellent gift for almost anyone! When you make them yourself, you can not only customize the color, aroma and appearance, but the added gesture makes the gift twice as unique.

Homemade candle for tihar diwali

Homemade candle

– Embroidered leather card holder

If you are going to give gift cards for friends and co-workers this year, make the gift feel more unique and personalized with the embroidered leather case.

leather card holder wallets

leather card holder wallets

– DIY tablet holder

It would be difficult to find someone today who does not use their phone or tablets. The problem with that is that you often end up with a wet and sticky screen.

DIY tablet holder

DIY tablet holder

The easy 3-material DIY helps hold the iPad while cutting, boiling and stirring, so your loved ones can cook without fear of ruining their tablet. Think what a great gift this will do!

– Bath bombs

Skip the expensive visit to a modern soap shop and learn how to make your bath bombs with gas at home. These soaps are quite popular and are an exciting but simple gift.

Bath Bomb

Bath Bomb

These would be especially great for your loved ones along with a bottle of wine.

– Embroidered headphones

The headphones break all the time and, unless you distribute a lot of change for a pair of quality, you must constantly replace them.

Embroidered Earbuds headphones

Embroidered headphones

Keep cables safe from everyday use (and make them look pretty!) With the DIY embroidery, give a couple of these to someone you know in this Tihar and would appreciate these for their daily use.

– Bouquet of embroidery ribbons

A traditional bouquet is an ideal gift, but imagine the expression of delight on someone’s face when you receive this beautiful embroidered bouquet. This embroidery project is extra special because it uses tape instead of a rope.

embroidery ribbons

Embroidery ribbons

  1. Organize a party at home:

A party at home during Tihar is a great idea. So, if you two have wanted to launch one for longer, then this is the perfect opportunity. Delegate specific tasks to each other; For example, you can prepare the food menu while he can take care of the guest list. You will notice that working as a couple makes the whole process very easy!

Party At Home

Party At Home

If you have invited guests to your home, use biodegradable dishes. If you are ordering food from outside, ask the seller not to send spoons and plastic people.

Yes, you must dance, play music, but make sure you don’t cause noise pollution. Speaking of gifts, encourage everyone to use hand-painted wallpaper to wrap gifts and use their resources wisely.

Things to do before organizing a party at home;

  • Set a budget; It is very easy to get carried away while hosting a Tihar party. You can see something beautiful and simply buy it using your Tihar party as an excuse. Therefore, you must set a budget in advance. Allocate a certain amount of money for drinks, food, decoration and other essentials, and fulfill it no matter what.
  • Decide on a topic; Tihar parties do not need to follow the same script every year. You can animate the Tihar party with an interesting theme of your choice. A Bollywood themed party, where your friends can appear dressed as their favorite characters, or a color-coded theme, where everyone has to dress according to color, can really electrify the entire atmosphere. Then, use your creativity and create an interesting theme.
  • Food; Food is undoubtedly the most important aspect of any party. You need to keep small snacks and appetizers circulating until dinner time. As you are the host, you will not want to run in and out of the kitchen to check if the food is ready. Therefore, it is better to enjoy a little and hire catering services. Prepare a three-course menu for your guests and make sure snacks such as mini tacos, pizza slices, kebabs, etc. are available throughout the party.
  • Music; Wonderful music with old remixes and today’s popular songs are essential. Remember to clear some space in your living room so that people can feel free to shake a leg.
  • Mock tail and juice; If you want the conversation to flow smoothly and make sure there is no painful silence between conversations, you should have a good selection of non-alcoholic cocktails and juices available.
  • Games; Keep some decks of cards on hand, as Tihar has to do with the game and bring some Laxmi to your home. Play Rummy, blackjack and other interesting games with your guests. And don’t forget to reward the winner with an interesting gift.
  • Firecrackers; No, we are not referring to those noisy, loud and polluting crackers. Instead, in this Tihar illuminate your surrounding with phooljhadis, fountains and chakras, which will remember your childhood. And don’t forget to have a first aid box handy.
  1. Decorate the home together:

Add that special touch to your space by decorating the house together. Go shopping for bright decorations like colorful diyas, traditional lanterns, festive home accessories and more this Tihar.

Nepalese woman Decorating Door Home

Nepalese woman is Decorating Door

But don’t forget to mess up the space and clean it before you bring them. Enter the festivities by entering the festive atmosphere, starting with your home.

Here are the ideas for couples to decorate the home together;

– You can make decorative candles and diyas at home. Use waste cans to make candlesticks, wrap the can with colored paper and place the candles in it. Place candles in your living room, on the outer wall.

– Place garlands of beautiful flowers near the feet of the idols, along with the pooja thali. Instead of using a simple thali, decorate the pooja thali to give it a traditional and beautiful appearance.

– You can decorate your home with decorative lights; Decorate exterior walls with string lights. If you have a garden, decorate with decorative lights; Cover the big trees with string lights.

– Flowers are great for decorating your home. Take some flowers and make a wreath. Decorate the garland on stair rails, stair handles and at the entrance of the house. Attach string lights with this floral wreath to add beauty to your home decoration.

– Put a brightly colored paint on one of the walls of the room. The new cushions and curtains will definitely add a festive look to your home.

– Tihar torans or wall-hangings are not only decorative pieces but also elements conducive to the season. You can use Ganesha tapestries or make torans from recycled items and create that authentic Tihar charm.


Renew your wardrobe:

Tihar is not complete until you gave your wardrobe that much needed renovation. In this Tihar season, make an extra effort to look good as a couple. Keep the romance alive by dressing simply. The recipe for being a rocker couple is easy, isn’t it?

Invest as a couple:

The five-day festival of lights is an annual phenomenon, and it is a time when most couples expect to make big investment decisions. It can be anything: buy a house, a car or even gold. Tihar is seen by many as an auspicious occasion. Small or large, this is your chance to make a joint financial decision.

Making Rangoli together

Rangoli is the art of drawing images and figures on the floor with chalk, colorful sawdust and grain of flour to welcome Goddess Lakshmi.

The common themes of rangoli for Tihar are sacred symbols such as mangal kalash, the steps of the Goddess Laxmi at the entrance of the house, Om, swastika, illuminated Deepak, shree, etc.

It is believed that Rangoli brings peace, prosperity and serently within the home. Design a Rangoli as a couple and let the colors of the rangoli spread joy, happiness and joy.

To enhance the beauty of your rangoli, place an illuminated diya in the center of the rangoli. You can also use petals and flower leaves to enhance the beauty of the Rangoli. Add some golden and silver glitter on the top of your rangoli to add a sparkle to your Tihar.

Rangoli can be a hectic task if done alone. Then, help with husband/wife help you to make a beautiful Rangoli. You can also divide tasks between you two and do more than one Rangoli. Once this is done, help your family decorate it with diyas (ground lamps) and flower petals.

  1. Family get together

As, for the newly married couple, Tihar is the perfect occasion for a gathering of families of both husband and wife. You can plan a family reunion and make it a big deal. The night can be an event full of fun with snacks, drinks, card games, sweets, talks and laughs.

Dashain Vijayadashami Photos Family

Dashain Family Photos

In addition, it would be a great idea if you ask each family member (especially the bride’s side) not to be involved in the formality of the gifts, and your blessings are all that is needed. Organize an ecological party and avoid using plastic cutlery. Play card games, organize a diya painting contest and wrap gifts in hand-painted papers.

  1. Exchanging gifts

While dealing with exchanging gifts with loved ones, do not forget to also buy something for your spouse. It could be his/her framed photography, clothes, a smart watch, books, gadgets, something your partner has been trying to buy for months or something naughty. The gift should make them smile and brighten their day!

gift present to girlfriend boyfriend

Gifting to a girlfriend from boyfriend

Below are the types of gifts that the husband and wife can give each other;

  • Candles Scented candles and baskets of essential oils are a good option.
  • Handmade or DIY gifts are special because they are unique, sincere and attentive. There are many simple but unique DIY gift ideas available on the Internet. You do not need to be artistic or expert to make these items.
  • Give her something cute and pretty like a storage box to store all her funky jewelry and trinkets. You could get her a pair of earrings or a pretty necklace.
  • If you plan to get ready-to-use candles, you can get a simple cane basket and dress it with bubbles, ribbons and glitter to give as a gift from Tihar!
  • You can even give bonsai, dress the plant with decorations if you want to design your plant in style before giving it away. To add a Tihar factor, you can keep two candles or diyas on the floor. There are many decorative plants available in the market that are excellent gifts.
  • Candied fruits are a healthier option than chocolate and cookies and will also satisfy your girlfriend’s sweet tooth as well.
  • If your girlfriend likes to wear jewelry, look for something she loves.
  • Perfumes and fragrances make every girl feel loved and pampered. So giving away your fragrance for Tihar would be a great idea.
  • Do you want to give your girl a box full of surprises? So the mystery box is a big bet.
  1. Think about under-privileged

You are blessed enough to celebrate the occasion in an extravagant way, but let’s not forget that there are probably millions who are not so lucky. You can make this festival a special occasion for the less privileged and spread happiness.

Therefore, couples can spend a few hours, draw up a plan and organize a party for the under privileged people. Couples can visit a poor neighborhood and distribute stationery and food items to children, or simply go to a nursing home and give them their time.

Trust us, the smile on their face will take your festivities and happiness to the next level. In this Tihar occasion, save a few hours of your schedule and visit an NGO.

If not, distribute books, stationery to children, feed stray animals, help an old man, donate for a cause or anything that makes him contribute to society.

  1. Cooking food together

Organizing a get-together, managing household chores and making other preparations can be a bit hectic, but that does not mean you miss the opportunity to have fun on the occasion.

Both husband and wife can together cook each and every one themselves and both husband and wife can spend a quality time cooking dishes and can create countless memories.

If you place an order from outside, then you donot need to cook and you can spend quality time and eat the delicious food together. As, cooking food together can add a personal touch to the feast and you won’t end up spending all your time in the kitchen.

Here are the sweets that couples can make together in this Tihar;

  • Pista Burfi

Surprise your in-laws in this Tihar with a traditional pista burfi. Sweet made at home are more delicious than bought from shop.

  • Peda

This is one of the best and easiest desserts that a wife can taste and impress her husband.

  • Coconut Ladoo

Coconut ladoo is a sweet Tihar favorite of all time. The natural sweetness of coconut when it meets the goodness of milk creates a heavenly combination. You can make this sweets in less than 10 minutes.

  • Various Rotis
  1. Lighten up the right way

Instead of placing rows of lights outside your home, look only for natural sources to brighten up your home. Use terracotta diyas, earthen lamps and lanterns and, in fact, you and your partner can even paint them together.