300 Thinking Of You Messages, Quotes & Images To My Dear Love, Friends & Family

Thinking of you messages: – To be able to relive unique moments we must make memory. Each of these memories are impregnated with a great emotional charge that makes us feel as if we were immersed in the past scenario.

Through these memories we remember and miss those whom we love very much. It’s sometimes necessary to convey what you think and how much you miss and remember them so to bring them more closer.

The following sweet messages for your loved ones( father, mother, friends, partner, teacher etc.) Can be useful to show them how much you’re remembering them and missing them.

300 Thinking Of You Messages, Quotes & Images To My Dear Friends & Family

1.    I look at your picture on my bedside table and I think of you, who knows where you will be my love. I am here looking for you among my thoughts, among my memories spent with you, and I imagine your face, your eyes … and dream your return.

2.    Love, our distance makes me understand, day after day, how important you are to me!

3.    An unmistakable smell of sea inebriates my sense of smell and my mind returns to you, to us, to the last summer … to our sweet story!

4.    Well love, you know, since you left me I do not know how to explain how much I miss you, and you know I’m not used to your absence.


5.    Your look, your lips, your caresses, all of you is my bread of life. Come back my love, without you I do not live! I love you.

6.    I love you so much and I can not wait to see you and hold you in my arms while the delicate rays of the moon caress us.

Thinking Of You Messages

7.    I try but I can not, you’re a hat from which I do not go out. I love you too much to be able to forget you!

8.    I’m lying on the bed and I think of you my love, but you’ll probably sleep at this hour. I wish you were here with me to cuddle and kiss me as you usually do … I miss you every second longer!

9.    You loved me and I played with your love. Only now that I lost you I understood that you were my world, and I miss you so much!

10.    I will hold you by the hand and walk with you until you solve your problems. And then I will go ahead so I can defend you from those who will come!

11.    It’s the others that make you better, and you, my friend, have done a great job over the years.

12.    The best nostalgia is the one that kills itself! Nostalgia is sometimes a better companion than disappointment.

13.    The dawn is the time that the longing likes to visit. Longing and remembering is like the flu: at night it gets worse. The best friend of remembering is the hug.

Thinking Of You Messages

14.    May he have I have of the Aurora of my life, of my childhood honey that the years do not bring it! We miss certain moments of our lives are certain people who have passed through it.

15.    Why do I miss you? Why this longing? I do not see you, but I can imagine your expressions, your voice, your scent …

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Thinking Of You Messages

16.    If the distance spoke, only she could tell how much it hurts longing. There are days when the remembrance is greater than the need to forget. Travels are over. Memories remain and arouse longing.

17.    Good memory is only the same, a smile at the beginning and a tear of longing at the end. To be special is not to arrive and to destroy, but to leave and to miss.

18.    May your embrace remain in me when you are far away and all longing. Distance brings longing, but never forgetfulness. What is time but a way to give precision to remembering.

19.    I take every moment by your side, because when you leave, longing returns …Waiting for a visit from you, a cafuné, a very tight hug. I’m waiting for you to take away all this nasty nostalgia.

Thinking Of You Messages

20.    In a life well lived, every second that passes is a longing that stays. And it’s only you who have the cure of my addiction to insist on this longing that I feel everything I have not yet seen.

21.    Fate unites and separates. But no force is greater enough to make people forget that for some reason one day made us happy.

22.    Remembrance is the price you pay for living unforgettable moments. If I could make an appeal, I wish I could have you here with me. Those who think that distance makes them forget, forget that remembering reminds them.


23.    No matter the separation that separates us, if there is a sky that unites us. And a heart full of remembrance. When you’re going to show up here out of nowhere, with no motives and talk that you just missed me, you need a hug from me?

24.    I miss people who can not even imagine the size of the lack of me. You, who could be so much, preferred to be nostalgic. Whoever invented distance never suffered the pain of longing.

25.    Distance means nothing when someone means everything. Right people live in the wrong places. Distance teaches us to value who we love!

26.    Though you’re far from my eyes, you’re never far from my thoughts. And at night, instead of sleep, those who arrive are the memories. I take every moment by your side, because when you leave, longing returns …

27.    Remembering is such a cliché thing. The more you try to keep away from, the more it dwells in you. May all this longing and remembering end in a smile. Remembering is a feeling that when it does not fit in the heart, it flows through the eyes.

Thinking Of You Messages

28.    When I think of you, I close my eyes missing you. When it is true, no matter how much the longing insists, distance does not separate, time does not weaken and no one replaces.

29.    Remembrance has face, name and surname. It has smells, it tastes. Longing is the will that does not pass. It is the absence that bothers. It is the proof of love …

30.    I wished to be with you now, holding your hand and looking at your smile. While you’re away from here, think of me. And I’ll be thinking of you. Take care of yourself there and remember there’s someone here who loves you and misses you more than anything.

31.    Remembering his gaze, he caught me crying. I catch myself thinking of you, unintentionally … When I see you have already mastered my thoughts and heart again. When you left, you asked me to be happy, but I found myself unhappy, but I soon answered your request, without meaning to …I do not want to do what you ask me to do, but I already did it …

32.    When I see myself happy having this great wound in my heart I think of how I can still survive without you … I do not know.

33.    And sometimes I catch myself thinking, dreaming, remembering you. I see how much love is ruthless. After all, because to think of someone who does not want to be mine, who throws me out, who ignores me and so sordidly makes me cry.

Thinking Of You Messages

34.    Sometimes I find myself smiling, remembering you … So I cry. For everything is mere memories …


36.    Follow quietly between the haste and the restlessness, remembering that there is always peace in the silence. As much as possible, without humiliating yourself, maintain good relations with all people.

37.    And how many times have I smiled to remember you, how many times did I cry remembering that little idiocy of yours. And today I am here not only remembering you but having the pleasure and honor to have you, and if I cried before I was happy, You it is my happiness.

38.    It’s all uncertain, but I’m still here, thinking and remembering, suffering and wanting. Always the same, the same old and defective, insane love. Our love.

Thinking Of You Messages

39.    Loneliness is all I was feeling at that moment, reminding myself of his presence, seeing his loving gaze in my mind and wanting to feel his kiss again.

40.    This sadness that prevails in my eyes, makes me want of you. I wonder if you would be thinking of me too, would you?

41.    I see the moon and it reminds me of the promise we made in fiction. But that brings me so much reality, of softening our hearts of stone and putting in its place. One of flesh, who loves too much and wants too much, without ending, because what is beautiful never ends. How I love you, so much.

42.    It’s getting harder and harder to bear this pain of your nonexistence, you’re far from me, my love. But you’re still my baby, my everything, the one that makes me laugh just to remember your smile.

43.    I am sad, I speak to the moon every day. I connect with her and ask that you are connecting with me through her, kissing me through her clarity, I kiss you, I love you.

Thinking Of You Messages

44.    Awake love, awake, in my soul I beg you, I listen to you, I long for you. I hear your voice telling me I love you, very much.

45.    Moon brings him to me, I can not stand his absence, I’m painting, I can not hide anymore. I need to cheer myself up, I need this boy, man, my angel, my prince.Then I swallow my cry and say to myself: I need you.

46.    You will still smile remembering my way and you will miss my company, my faults.

47.    And every time I see you, it’s like this. I get lonely smiling like a fool, remembering everything that has rolled.I wish I could see you and once again I can say that I have not forgotten you and that I cry remembering us.

48.    Here I am again, crying in sorrows and disappointments, remembering all the moments together, the adventures, the looks, the feelings! It came out of nowhere, and turned into everything ..

49.    My only reason for being so, is to have made the same mistake again. Loving you is a mistake, but it’s a pleasure. It’s a cry, but it’s also a smile. It’s anger, but it’s also nostalgia.

Thinking Of You Messages

50.    And here I go, to dream once again with you, to have that encounter with you in my dreams, and to pretend that everything is well !!