50 Lovely Things to Do On Valentines Day With Your Boyfriend


Things to Do On Valentines Day With Your Boyfriend: – Valentine’s Day has now become a day for lovers. It is the most romantic day of the year for those who celebrate it.

Every lover expects a treat and romance on this day of the year. Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year… until you turn out to be essentially sitting within the circle of couples subsequent to you at a crazy costly Valentine’s Day dinner, questioning if the gift you bought your boyfriend will be liked or not.

We’ve got all fallen prey to Valentine’s Day mishaps, from date mishaps to dining screw ups. To save you from such mishaps, we’ve compiled 17 ways you can plan or things you can do with your boyfriend to make the day your ~special day~.

What are the most specific and romantic methods to rejoice? What does your boyfriend really need? How will you boost the day without stressing out? We have you ever protected.

The increasing commercialization has also made this day even more special. Many restaurants, places, gift shops and cinema halls or any of commercial places bring out their best offers for this day.

So many programs are organized for the sake of the couples who want to spend time with each other and make the most of this day. Therefore, there are so many things one can do on this day.

Planning ahead of time is undoubtedly the best way of making sure that you have a very good and romantic day. If you are also looking for things to do on this day for your boyfriend, here we have 45 different things you can do to make valentine’s day the best day for the one you love.


You can make the best of the day following any of the below-mentioned things to do. The list contains ways to celebrate valentine’s day with your loved ones in the way you think would fit your boyfriend’s likes and personality. Go through the list and find the one that best suits your plan:

50 Lovely Things to Do On Valentines Day With Your Boyfriend

  1. Plan a Full-Day Date

Dating is not just about having lunches or dinners together, it is about spending time together too. So, on valentines day the best thing you can do is commit your full day to your boyfriend. Make an elaborate plan on what to do throughout the day.

Take him out early in the morning and pre-arrange everything that you will be doing for the day. Make the day count and enjoy every moment of it. It will not take that much amount of time or money to arrange everything either. Just make sure you find best spots to enjoy and talk and enjoy the company. It is best valentine’s day ideas for boyfriend.

  1. Get Dressed Especially for Him

The very best way to spread Valentine’s cheer is to wear beautiful dresses as per the preferences of your boyfriend. Colors of purple and crimson very much go with the theme of love day. Meet your boyfriend for an afternoon date in thin denim and a purple pinnacle or sport a purple mini get dressed for your night time together.

Also, you can get a cute red dress and wear it throughout the day or for evening dinner. By dressing up right as per his preferences, you will make him feel good. He will also realize that you care about his preferences and know how to look special for him. Getting dressed for him is another best valentine’s day ideas for boyfriend.

  1. Get a Thoughtful Gift

As we looked for the precise gift for our boyfriends’ ultimate Love’s Day, we knew that guys love things: beer and plenty of beer. It was with this information that we stumbled upon excellent clubs. wonderful clubs is a website that lets you ship a 12-% of gourmand beer to your boyfriend every month for as many months as you pick out.

If beer is simply too steeply-priced, you may also order an espresso, BBQ sauce or ice cream. Gift is creative valentine’s day ideas for boyfriend.

chocolate gift
  1. Watch Sunrises and Sunsets

Go to a nearby hill, up the top, be it hiking or a long drive. And then, sit quietly at the top while watching the sunset or the sunrises or the both. The moment will be very romantic and you can also enjoy the rides while you are at it. There is something magical about such moments.

So, make use of it to rekindle the romance in your relationship. Watching sunrises and sunsets with your lover is cute free valentines day ideas for boyfriend.

  1. Go ice skating

It is winter at the time of valentines day. You can make the best of such weather by going out in the snow. Go to any of the hilltops or mountainous regions in Nepal and take part in ice skating.The number one recommendation for a really perfect Love’s date is ice-skating.

If romantic comedies have taught us something, it’s far that skating rinks breed romance. So move has you a Serendipity moment and spend the day ice-skating along with your BF—don’t forget about the cocoa! Going on ice skating with your lover is awesome valentines day ideas for boyfriend.

  1. Go to a Long Drive

Drives can be really romantic. This Lovely day, make it a point to go to someplace very romantic by driving. In a place that is not that traffic congested, go with your boyfriend on a long drive. Stop few times for lunch and tea/coffee and again resume the drives.

Reach a destination that is really beautiful and full of natural beauty. This will rejuvenate your energy and rekindle the romance in your relationship. Also, traveling together will be a good alternative to meeting at a restaurant or parks. Going to a long drive with your bf is unique valentines day ideas for him.

  1. Go Swimming

If ice-skating is too tame and your faculty is in a sunny region, go for a swim. There are so many swimming pools in the city. You can easily find one that has been decorated for the sake of swimming. You can go for a swim in the evening time and make it romantic.

Additionally, to make it more personal, you can book the pool for the evening and set up a beautiful dinner by the pool and after taking a dip in the water, you can have the dinner, only the two of you together under the sky. It would be a great time to talk to each other, to talk about the relationship or whatever you want to talk about.

Make it sweet and romantic. It would be a moment to remember for years and years to come. Your boyfriend will definitely appreciate this gesture and will remember you for it. Going swimming with your beloved one is hot things to do for your boyfriend on valentine’s day.

  1. Spend the Day in Service of the Needy

If your boyfriend is the thoughtful kind who hates all the show-offs of valentines day and instead likes to serve the needy, do plan for the same. Make some arrangements to visit an orphanage or an old age home. Prepare lunches for them and set out to spend the day with them.

It is not necessary to spend the day romantically all the time, you can do something worthwhile also while you are celebrating valentine’s day. Be thoughtful and spend the day in service to the needy. Spending the day with your beloved one in the service of the needy is thoughtful things to do for your boyfriend on valentine’s day.


  1. Buy him a nice shirt

Sometimes it is nice to dress up your boyfriend according to your likes. Buy a nice shirt for your boyfriend. You can personally go to any malls and shops to find nice shirts or you can order them online.

But, before that, make sure you know what color suits him and what are his likes and dislikes. Also, don’t forget to note his size before buying the shirt for him. And then, on the day of valentine’s day, surprise him with a gift that would be his shirt. Buying a nice shirt for hime is one of the cute cheap things to do for your boyfriend on valentine’s day.

Readymade t shirts

  1. Purchase him tickets for a recreation

If you need all of his friends to be saying, “You have the nicest girlfriend ever, ” tickets to his favorite sporting occasion are the way to go. now not simplest will you’re making his night time and show which you’re into his interests, but you’ll also get to percentage something unique to him collectively, and what’s better than that? Purchasing a tickets for a recreation is another romantic things to do for him on valentine day.

  1. Have dinner in bed

Going out for Valentine’s Day dinner is a subculture that desires to move. Unless you’re Posh, the restaurants are certain to be horribly crowded, the menu constrained and the fees steep. Instead, strive to order in from a favorite restaurant and eating the meal in the mattress.

Spend the night enjoyable over precise meals and comfy agency instead of cramped with strangers. Having dinner in bed with your special one is really special things to do for him on valentine’s day.

  1. Have an indoor picnic

For those who don’t want to go out or to order food from outside, it is better to cook something yourself. Make dishes according to what your boyfriend likes and organize an indoor picnic.

To decorate your area, string white Christmas lights across the room, buy a few picnic-y snacks, pop the champagne and set up a blanket and pillows for you and your boy to take a seat on. Oh, and don’t forget to invite your roommates for a few by myself time! Having an indoor picnic with your special mane is really special things to do for him on valentine’s day.

  1. Cook Him a Meal

Cooking a meal with him is simple things to do for your boyfriend on valentine’s day. Nothing will make your man swoon over you than a scrumptious Valentine’s meal. in case you’re feeling bold, cooking dinner in your boyfriend is the manner to go.


in case you’re an all-celebrity within the kitchen, check out meals community’s Valentine’s Day food and dessert recipes. however, if you’re like maximum folks and cooking a complete gourmand meal is not a possibility, examine simple recipes, like old-fashioned pizza. additionally, in case your boyfriend is up for it, cook dinner together—it’ll be extraordinarily glamorous to peer your guy move across the kitchen.

  1. Set a budget to enjoy and have fun achieving it

let’s face it: Valentine’s Day can get costly. instead of stressing approximately buying a steeply-priced present, set a budget together with your guy and get creative. Together get creative and make a plan that you can carry out in lowest of the budgets.

Make it a project and work together on it. It will be a good experience for you too and in the end of it, you will feel really good about it too. So, setting a budget to enjoy and having fun achieving them is really thoughtful things to do for your boyfriend on valentine’s day.

Affordable charges money girl showing cash
girl showing cash
  1. Take him down memory lane

Even though Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating the moment, there’s no better day to mirror on what makes you so satisfied together with your guy in the first place.

A wonderful manner to have a good time your courting is to make a scrapbook—leaf through vintage pictures, find cute stickers and paper and then channel your internal Warhol. If creating a full scrapbook is too time-eating, make a university card or mini scrapbook. Taking your bf down memory lane is really romantic things to do for your boyfriend on valentine’s day.

  1. Splurge on a resort room

In case you are willing to splurge on a gift, why now not escape from roommates and sharing twin beds (irrespective of how an awful lot you adore drowsing right next to your boyfriend!).

once in a while, the nice way to get in the mood is to spend money on a change of area. Spend the night time ordering room carrier, cuddling in a huge bed and taking bubble baths…what could be better than that? Splurging on a resort room is one of the cute things to do for your boyfriend on valentine’s day.

  1. Make an e-card

Rather than buying a card that has been made already, you can choose to prepare your own beautiful e-card. E-cards can be made very easily and the best thing about it is you can make it the way you want it without worrying about finding the best message in it.

You can write your own message inside it and have a very nice music set with it. There are many websites which will help you make the prettiest e-card there is. making an ecard is another creative things to do for your boyfriend on valentine’s day.

  1. Whip up a few cocktails

We know that getting under the influence of alcohol on V-day is probably not the excellent idea, making Love Day-themed cocktails together with your boyfriend is a fun and festive manner to have a good time the day.

Make every other liquids post-dinner; after all, finishing Valentine’s Day with a homemade Be Mine Mojito doesn’t get a good deal higher. in case you’re beneath 21, take a look at out these remarkable mocktail recipes! Whipping up a few cocktails with your lover is cheesy things to do for your boyfriend on valentine’s day.

  1. Be appreciative

We recognize we will all get a touch carried away with a Valentine’s Day fantasy. however, even in the case, you spent the beyond three weeks dreaming of sailing on a yacht along with your boyfriend or opening Tiffany’s container, be appreciative if he offers you a teddy bear.

we’re not talking being understanding if he forgets the day altogether, however, V-J Day may be a little demanding for absolutely everyone, so make sure to well known the effort he makes—you’ll have more amusing, and he’ll be thankful to have such an appreciative female friend! Being appreciative is another cool things to do for your boyfriend on valentine’s day.

  1. Create a collage

Creating a collage is another special things to do with your boyfriend on this Love Day. A thoughtful way to do something special for your boyfriend is to create a collage. Find all the pictures of both of you together and then create a collage of it.

Make it look beautiful by writing down about special things about each of the photographs. Arrange these photos in a flattering way and make it look nice. It will be a great way of making your boyfriend feel good about the relationship that you two share.

  1. Prepare a Beautiful Bouquet

Flowers are not only for girls, they are also for boys. Of course, they would like some pampering too. For this, you can buy beautiful flowers for his office desk or his room. Throw in some chocolates too. Make it look very beautiful.

Flowers are beautiful and pure to look at so, presenting the flowers to your boyfriend will be a good way of making your boyfriend feel really good about each other. Preparing a beautiful bouquet is creative things to do for your boyfriend on valentine’s day.

  1. Watch a Romantic Movie Together

Together with your boyfriend, plan on watching a romantic movie. Buy advance tickets and find good seats in order to watch the movie. Movies can be a great way of expressing how you feel about your loved ones.

During the valentine’s day, there will always be romantic movies that will be playing in the cinemas near you, find out which movie is the best and watch it together with your love. Watching a romantic movie together with your beloved one is romantic things to do for your boyfriend on valentine’s day.

  1. Spend time with your group of friends along with your boyfriend

In case you do not want to spend the valentine’s day with your boyfriend only, you can plan it with the group of your friends too. It does not have to be just the two of you. Instead, you can plan for the whole gang which will be even more fun.

For that, get together with the friends in your gang and plan accordingly. It will be even more fun if there are more than just the two of you. So, spending time with your group of friends along with your bf is cutest things to do on valentine’s day with him.

  1. Propose him

If you two have not yet talked about marriage and have not proposed, this would be the right time and the day to do so if you feel ready for it. Gone are the days when only men were supposed to do the proposing, now as a girl you can also surprise your man by proposing him for marriage or getting engaged.

This will definitely be a pleasant surprise and he will feel really great about it. Make a beautiful arrangement and when you feel that the time is right, go ahead and propose him. You can make it as elaborate and beautiful as you desire. So, proposing him on this love day is best things to do for your boyfriend on valentine day.

  1. Plan a Holiday Together

For the day of Valentine’s, you two can also plan a day out. You can plan to go to a different destination than the one you are staying in. Take the day off and go somewhere far off to enjoy the day together. Either take a flight or drive and spend the whole day together.

You can also add on a few other days if you feel that one day is not enough for the holiday. You can plan to see some destination, go visit some places that you have always wanted to visit or go trekking/hiking or anything that you two might enjoy being away from the usual place that you stay in. So, planning a holiday together is exciting things to do on valentine’s day with him.

  1. Go camping together

On this day, you can also go camping together to some wilderness. Wilderness always rekindles the romance in relationships. Such time together in the wilderness will be a great time to understand and know each other better.

Camping together and being by yourselves for a day in some far away place will definitely help you two understand each other more and flourish the love that you two share. Going camping together is another romantic things to do for your partner on valentine’s day.

  1. Go Bungee Jumping

Adventure sports are always done best when you are there with your special person. On Valentine’s day confess your love to the significant other while you take part in an adventure sport together like bungee jumping.

This will make you realize how you love your man and how you enjoy being with each other all the time. It would be an amazing experience for you and of course, your boyfriend will also love it as much as you do. Going on Bungee jumping with your bf is adventurous things to do for your partner on valentine’s day.

  1. Go Paragliding

If you are not the bungee jumping type, you can always go paragliding. Nepal is such a beautiful place that we have so many paragliding places on hilltops in every corner of the city. You can book in advance for a paragliding experience and go together with your boyfriend.

It will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you and your boyfriend will definitely enjoy and will remember for years to come all throughout your lives. Going on paragliding jumping with your bf is adventurous things to do for your partner on valentine’s day.

  1. Go, Mountain Flight

Yet another option for the outdoorsy type of couples here is going on a mountain flight. Flying on top of the world over the highest peaks that we see from our country will be an amazing experience.

Make the Valentine ’s Day memorable by booking a mountain flight and going together with your boyfriend. You can enjoy the flight to and from and it will be amazing to see the snow capped mountains with your significant other. Going on mountain flight  with your bf is exciting things to do for your partner on valentine’s day.

  1. Help Him Tick off some of his Bucket List

If your boyfriend does have a bucket list of things that he wants to do in this lifetime, you can be his help for the same. Go through his bucket list and surprise him with one or two of such activities and do it together. If his wish is to visit someplace, you can arrange for the same.

If his wish is to go take part in some adventure sports, you can also help in those. Be attentive to what he shares throughout the year and while you prepare to surprise him on the valentine’s day, surprise him with the same activity that he has always wanted.

He will definitely remember the day all through his life and will thank you for it. So, helping him tick off some of his bucket list is another special things to do on valentines day for him.


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