Things to See in Kathmandu Nepal : Historical Video 1978

Find here a video that includes everything about Kathmandu city. There are many things to see in Kathmandu Nepal in the time of hippies. This is a tourist diary about Kathmandu, capital city of Nepal in the time of hippies in 1978 AD. This diary was written in 1978 AD. He has his thoughts but thoughts and perception about the Kathmandu Nepal was wonderful. These are amazing. You can watch the video of Kathmandu city, shooted in the 1978.

Things to See in Kathmandu Nepal : Historical Video 1978

There are somethings which you can’t believe now. It’s seems like amazing and this video is interesting, shooted with the 8 mm camera. According to him, this is his first trip to Nepal. And he made this video and published this video in May 21, 2013. After the long gap, he thought that things he saw in that time, clips he took in that time, want to share with us. Thank you my friend. He has filmed beautifully of beautiful Kathmandu Nepal. For your kind information, his name is EDKOOY ED VAN DER KOOY. 

history of Nepal kathmandu hippies

You can get the history of Kathmandu Nepal. How it is in that time. How the Nepalese people are there in that time. Lifestyle of Nepalese people you can watch on this video. You can watch views, temples, buildings, roads, dresses, markets, shoping markets,  hippies etc. All these are in this video of that time.

In this video, you can see not only Kathmandu city, but out of valley. some beautiful views of Himalayan regions.

If you are lover of Nepal and Nepali, it is the video to watch at least once.


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